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How to get from Santiago airport to City Center by Bus (The Cheapest way!)

Wondering how to get from How to get from Santiago airport to City Center by Bus the cheapest way possible? We scoped it out!

Getting to the airport can be an expensive feat in any capital city. However, this is not the case in Santiago Chile where an airport bus will only set you back around 1900 pesos per person (or $3 USD) to get to and from Santiago airport.

Santiago Airport to City Centre by Bus

The airport bus is a private bus, dedicated only to going to & from Santiago airport. It is only a short distance, 20 km between Santiago and the city centre so it doesn’t take that long on the bus.

What is also great about the service is that you don’t need to recharge your bus card as cash is accepted on board.

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Santiago Airport Bus

Travelling on the bus

The bus is clean and comfortable much like a private transfer.

There is an underneath storage compartment for all your big suitcases. The bus takes approximately 45 minutes to and from the airport. It takes approximately 25 minutes in a taxi if you are short on time.

Centropuerto Santiago to Airport

To catch the bus to the airport, go to Los Heroes, Santiago (otherwise known as Centropuerto Santiago) where the bus leaves every 10 minutes for the airport.

If you are not close by, you can catch an uber to this location.

Los Heroes Bus Terminal Santiago (Centropuerto Santiago)

Santiago Airport to City Centre by Uber or Taxi

We personally thought the public bus to the city centre was fine and more than adequate but if you want, you can catch an Uber or Taxi.

Taxis are available all day and night and the standard fare to reach the city centre is around $25 USD. It takes around 25 minutes in a Taxi or an Uber.

An Uber possibly will be cheaper than this but it depends if they are available or if the prices are surging at the time. There is free wifi at Arturo Merino Benítez Airport so you can check current rates and see if it is easier than getting the public bus when you land.

Transfer from Santiago Airport to City Centre

The other option is you can book a transfer from Santiago Airport to City Centre. This is the easiest and by far the most stress free option as someone will be there waiting for you with a sign when you arrive.

It costs around $35 pp for a private transfer which you can book here.

The big plus of a transfer or an uber is that it will drop you directly at your hotel, which the publiv bus of course won’t.

Santiago Airport Bus Ticket

Santiago Airport bus ticket (price has since increased)

Santiago Airport Flights

If you are flying with the budget carrier SkyAirlines – don’t miss our review of our Santiago to Calama flight!

Do you have any questions about how to get to Santiago Airport by bus? Let us know in the comments below.


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