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9 Incredible Instagram Travel Couples You Need to Follow in 2022

Looking for travel couple instagrams?

As a travel couple ourselves, we take note of our fellow comrades. There are some seriously great travel couples on Instagram in 2022.

If you aspire to be a travel couple, go check these accounts out and give them a follow – they are producing some seriously great content.

These accounts are travel couples we personally endorse (no assholes made it to this list)!

The other fantastic thing is that all these accounts bring something unique and different to the table. Do you want to be a nomadic travel couple, a fashion travel couple, a fitness travel couple, a fun couple or one that gives you the warm and fuzzies?

To get noticed on Instagram it’s essential to bring something different to the table in 2022. The Instagram market is flooded with beautiful accounts and if you aren’t bringing something unique – you simply won’t make it.

All these accounts have their own special twist that makes them distinctive and special.

We know many of these couples personally and we feel like they offer something worthy of following.

9 Incredible Travel Couples on Instagram you should be following in 2022

So with no further adieu, here are 9 of best travel couples on Instagram to watch in 2022

These couples are continually producing beautiful couple travel content on a daily basis.

They can help you to find the best place to travel on your next romantic getaway so check them out and give them a follow – you can thank me later!

Backpack Diariez 

Camille and Jean, from Belgium run Backpack Diariez.

Like us, they left their corporate careers to pursue a life of travel and adventure. They started with a 5 month backpacking trip across Latin America.

The couple’s photography skills are so off the chart that they recently went viral for a photo they took on a train in Sri Lanka.

Not only do they have a knack for great photography but they are a super sweet couple. They can’t do enough to help you. More of a reason to follow their journey – you get advice from a lovely down to earth couple who are a true inspiration.

In case you are wondering, this is the viral photo! Pretty cool right?!


Collette and Scott are the couple behind Roamaroo.

They cover luxurious and adventurous travel destinations. They are also fitness junkies and have even written an amazing book dedicated to it!

We relate to this couple as they are redefining the American Dream.

They also quit their corporate jobs to pursue a life of travel and adventure. They rented their house, quit their jobs and decided to redefine what is an ideal & successful life!

Follow this couple for amazing travel content and fitness tips! You’ll often find them living it up in business class so follow their feed for some serious travel envy.

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You light up my life ???? ••••• To us, it’s important to always choose courage > comfort. In life, in love, and in work, you’ll never know your true potential unless you dare greatly. With great risk comes great reward, but let’s not forget that it also can come with great heartbreak and great failure. But would you rather live your life in the safe zone, knowing what’s going to happen next? Or would you rather dare greatly, risk it all, and recognize your full potential? ???????? When Scott and I first met, I remember fearing love and vulnerability because it also meant that I was risking great heartbreak. A friend said to me, “so what?” “Have you ever died from heartbreak? So what if you get your heartbroken? Love is the greatest thing in the world. If it works out, you’ll be grateful for taking the risk. If it doesn’t, you’ll survive.” If you’re not risking enough, not showing your vulnerability, and not failing on a regular basis, you’re not trying hard enough. • • • • #cruiselovers #coupleslovetravel #couplestravelgoals #travelustcouples #travelsandchill #earthcouples #globecouples #travelcouplegoals #coupletravel #bealpha #cruiseaddict #cruisetravel #cruiseshiplife #fitcouples #caribbeanlife #caribbeanvibes #caribbeanisland #onecaribbeanfamily #islandvibes #islandliving #caribbeansea #caribbeantravel #bestintravel #puertoricolife #puertorico_world #placespr #hashtagpuertorico #puertoricogram #placespuertorico #whateverpuertorico

A post shared by TRAVEL COUPLE ✈️Scott+Collette (@roamaroo) on


Kelly & Kody are the couple behind Positravelty.

They are a lovely couple from America who show an upbeat positive side of life and travel.

They share motivational messages to their followers and are known for their fitness on the road and daring stunts.

We first interacted with this couple on Instagram when they were only 2k and in a matter of months they have been rewarded with thousands of followers due to their mind-blowing talent for amazing travel photos.

This couple not only have a flair for photography but creating engaging IG stories. Whether it’s staying in a blow up hotel or something as simple as Kody eating pizza alone in airport, there is something about their stories that you simply cannot look away from.

Check them out below. My eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw this photo. Amazing!

Disclaimer: Kelly & Kody will tell you there is a pool below so it is not as insane as it looks!

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???????? Our greatest strength in life, our most important principle, is discernment. Only you can know your body, feel the space around you and understand your capabilities. We would all do well to remember this, knowing that not every action, style or path we witness through others is or should be, replicated. At the end of the day we are to hold ourselves accountable for the decisions that we make. ※ ???????? La mejor fortaleza en la vida, el moral más importante, es discernimiento. Solo puedes entender tu cuerpo, sentir el espacio que te rodea y comprender tus capacidades. Haríamos bien en recorder este, sabiendo que no toda acción, estilo o camino que presenciamos por otros es o debe ser, replicado. Al final del dia, somos responsables de las decisiones que hacemos. ※ Thank you @kayonjungleresort for an unforgettable experience! ※ ※ #balitravel #couplesgoals #ilovetravel #bestplaces #baligasm #ubud #balitravel #novios #junglelife #viajeros #wetravel #travelinspo #adventurous #indonesiaparadise #speechlessplaces #infinitypool #welltraveled #earthpix #baliholiday

A post shared by KELLY + KODY (@positravelty) on

Couple Travel The World 

Our own account – Couple Travel The Worldshameless self promotion.

We left our corporate jobs to pursue a full time travel life back in 2016 and have never looked back. No longer caged rats – we were free and out exploring!

The reason we are sharing on Instagram is to inspire other couples to live their dream life, whether that be traveling the world or working their 9-5 job – life is too short to be doing something you don’t love!

We met at a high school dance when we were 16 years old and have pretty much been tied at the hip ever since.

Choosing to both study law and marketing at university, we got the nickname ‘Couple’ from our classmates. Hence our name, Couple Travel The World.


Mikey and Jana are the perfect boho beach couple behind the beautiful Instagram Onelove.ourlove.

I’m sure they really just wake up and look so perfect!

They are two vegan gypsy souls who empower other couples to travel and fall in love with the world and with each other!

They share beautiful messages of positivity and love with their followers. You can’t help but feel happy looking at their account.

This couple is also due for congratulations as they will soon become 3 when they welcome a baby boy into the world. We are excited to see how travel looks for their new family!

Traveling Newlyweds 

Alli & Bobby are the couple behind Traveling_newlyweds

This couple is so fun, we have known them for a while now on IG. We actually think of them as the fun couple.

Alli & Bobby are a married couple from California who literally spend their whole life laughing and having fun traveling the world.

Aside from their overseas adventures, they have covered a lot of places in the United States. So if you are looking for inspiration for US road trips – check out their page.

Interestingly, they also cover ‘dog travel’ as they frequently bring Sally, the cutest puppy alive, on their adventures. We are amazed how many dog friendly hotels there are out there!

We find their account very truthful and authentic, showing the lighter side of life and not taking themselves too seriously.

We share a mutual love of cruising and would love to take a cruise one day with this super fun couple!

I think this photo might perfectly sum up Alli & Bobby’s life together

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY SALLY!! ???????? . It’s crazy to think that our little fur baby is THREE. ???? She’s 21 in dog years, so we’ll celebrate with some shots later. ???? . We’ve had a blast these past two nights in Durham, NC at another amazing @21chotels property! We relaxed, we dined, we spent some time admiring their amazing exhibits (even Sally!), and we even had a chance to do some laundry! (Hallelujah ????????) We can’t say enough about 21C Hotels. This is the third one we’ve visited on our roadtrip, and it’s once again exceeded our expectations (our room is unreal – check out our story highlight for the tour). As we undoubtedly have more road trips in our future, we’ll definitely be making them our go-to stop. It’s not often you find a hotel chain that’s hip, affordable, reliable, and DOG FRIENDLY. ???? . We’re headed to a part of the US that neither of us have ever been, and we’ve heard it’s absolutely breathtaking. Lots of trees, lots of wineries and breweries, and lots of crisp mountain air. Any guesses? Winner gets a lick from Sally! ???? #thisis21c #tntraveler #21cpartner

A post shared by Alli & Bobby | Travel (@traveling_newlyweds) on

Happily Ever Adventures 

Lena and Bassam are @happilyeveradventures – a couple who will inspire you to find joy in everyday life.

There is something that has always drawn us to this couple. I feel like we can really relate to them (or maybe everyone can because Lena is just so loving and nice!)

We love the rawness and authenticity of Bassam and Lena’s account. They are willing to share not only moments of joy but heartbreak with their followers (such as their house being affected by the terrible wildfires in California).

That however, has not stopped them living their best life. In fact, it has motivated them to do so more.

Whether it is traveling or daily activities, this pair is very inspiring and provide great advice on both travel and relationships.

Lena is also the queen of IG stories – she makes very engaging daily IG stories which provide an insight to her life.

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Can you imagine a world where we all approached life with love? .. ❥ Before snapping at someone, we take a moment to breathe out with love then respond ❥ Before we judge someone, we recognize that different things will work for us all and we all have different paths to walk ❥ Before reacting in fear, we take a moment to recognize there’s no need to be afraid and respond in confidence that we are safe and can be vulnerable ❥Rather than judging ourselves and our performance, we know our value and that our worth doesn’t depend on anything external to us ❥ Our loved ones feel confident that they can come as they are and be as they are because we love them unconditionally ❥and the list goes on… .. Can you imagine what a world that would be? That’s why I love Valentine’s Day so much. Because for one day, love is the focus and the goal. Of course I wish every day could be like this, but for now I’ll take the one. And I’ll also take all the chocolate and heart shaped everything, please and thank you. .. Happy Valentine’s Day to you! We hope you are aware of all the love that exists in your life, ESPECIALLY the love within YOU ????✨ PS we have a little valentine gift for you in our stories today

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Travel in our Eyes 

Sue and Renesh are the couple behind Travelinoureyes

They live in Malaysia and have created a stunning Instagram feed that shows love extends beyond race and borders!

The couple galavant the world together in colour & style as they both have a great fashion sense!

Aside from traveling the world, they have created a men’s fashion clothing brand together – pretty cool stuff! We’re impressed guys!

Sue and Renesh created Travel in our Eyes to share their own experiences and insights about traveling. You will find a lot of helpful tips about different locations in their IG posts!

We feel like this couple demonstrate that the world is such a beautiful place worthy of exploring! Follow them to see a very positive, beautiful world.

Two Wandering Soles 

Katie and Ben are TwoWanderingSoles.

A married couple from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Katie and Ben travel full time, inspiring others to live outside the normal box of a 9-5!

They started their travel journey together on a trip to Colombia all the way back in 2014. Subsequently, they taught English for a year in South Korea and have been traveling ever since. There aren’t many places Katie and Ben haven’t been!

They are known for a passion for Van Life and living a digital nomad life in Chiang Mai.

We think of them as a very down to earth couple who provide honest and helpful advice about travel and life in general.

This is one couple we would like to meet in real life as we feel like we can relate to their full time travel life journey and feel we would get along with them.

So that’s it folks! Who do you guys most relate to out of the list? Maybe we should do a personality quiz, which IG travel couple are you? Let us know if you are interested and we will make it happen!

In the meantime, be sure to check out our other helpful IG tips including couple hash tag research to up your IG game!


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Dear Nadia and Mike, felt so inspired reading your blog along with the lives of 9 others who love to travel as a couple. I follow each of u on Instagram and I love every unique experience posted by each one of you when you go on an adventure as a couple. I am sure I am going to put this as my couple goal when I do get married. Thank you for your wonderful share.