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Simple Instagram Story Highlight Covers (in 2 minutes!)

So you are interested to create the perfect Instagram Story Highlights Covers. Follow our step by step guide on how to create the perfect Instagram Story Highlights Covers.

Instagram Story Highlights Covers

So you want to grow your Instagram? It is important that the aesthetic of your Instagram look amazing. This includes having beautiful Instagram Story Highlight Covers.

These are super easy to make!

Follow these simple steps to get your very own Instagram Story Highlight Covers just like ours!

Instagram Story Highlights Covers

Follow these very simple steps to get your own Instagram Story Highlight Covers.

Step 1: Create a Canva Account

The first thing you will need to is create a canva account. This is where you will design your story highlight covers.

You want to click on the big blue button ‘create a design’



Step 2: Use Custom dimensions

In the top right hand corner, click the button that says ‘Use Custom Dimensions’

The perfect dimensions for an Instagram story are 1080 x 1920. Type those dimensions in and hit enter!

Step 3: Create your design

To create story highlights that look just like ours, use the Playlist Script Font in Canva – it is a free font in canva.

We used size font 97.5 and it works perfectly for Story Highlights.

Write the topic of your highlight in the centre of the box.

We used a classic black & white theme but you can get fancy and use different colours if you wish.

Step 4: Upload your design to Instagram

Download your finished product and upload it to your Instagram stories. Unfortunately, the cover images need to be in your stories.

From there, place the story cover within the relevant highlight.

Secondly, edit the cover photo for the highlight. And BOOM, you have a beautiful new set of highlights ready to go!

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