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Best Couple Hashtags for killer reach (2023)

Are you a couple looking for hash tags? Look no further, we have you covered with the Best Couple Hashtags for Instagram in 2023.

And of course check out our Instagram for some travel couple inspiration. 

Another way to grow your instagram is by having engaging captions for your audience. If you can’t think of anything inspiring to say, you can borrow something inspiring from someone influential. Here are some great couple travel quotes that you could use.

Still need help? Check out these couples on Instagram who are seriously killin it.

Best Couple Hashtags for Instagram

With a lot of trial and error, we have found a way to work out what are the best hash tags to use for couples on Instagram.

Hashtags are a super useful way to grow your instagram account. This is one way we grew our account to over 100k followers. If you want help with hashtags, this book provides some assistance.

Why use Hashtags on Instagram?

Hash tags are important to use on Instagram because it means more eyes on your profile. More eyes on your profile mean more engagement and followers. More engagement and followers equals Instagram Superstar!

You are allowed to use up to 30 Hash Tags on Instagram based on Instagram’s policies.

There are various different ideas on strategies regarding how many hash tags to use.

Some people believe why only enter the lottery 10 times when you have 30 chances? Others believe over hash tagging can violate Instagram’s spam policy and lead you to become shadow banned.

And we are here to tell you shadow banning is not a myth. We have been shadow banned before and it is NOT fun having your post seen by nobody on Instagram.

If you are new to the term shadow ban basically it means not having your posts seen in hash tags.

Various things can get you shadow banned including using the same hash tag over and over.

For this reason, make sure you mix up your hash tags. Do not use the same hash tags every time or you will face the notorious and dreaded shadow ban!

Another tip to avoid getting shadow banned is to place your hash tag in the post description NOT your first comment. It may be nice to hide your hash tags in your comments but this is a method that will result in you being shadow banned.

To err on the side of caution (but still have lots of entries in the lottery) we use around 20 hash tags on our Instagram posts.

Relationship Hashtags for Instagram

There is no one size fits all or a cooker cutter answer.

There is a formula to this answer. We have developed two questions to help you determine which hash tags are best for you!

1. How Big are You?

In determining what hash tags to use, we firstly need to know how many followers you have. This will determine the size of hash tag we can go after:

  • 0 – 20,000 – Aim for hash tags less than 10,000 tags
  • 20,000 – 40,000 – Aim for hash tags less than 50,000 tags
  • 50,000 – 100,000 – Aim for hash tags less than 100,000 tags
  • 100,000 – 300,000 – Aim for hash tags less than 300,000 tags
  • 300,000 + – Hit them big tags up!

2. What is your engagement rate?

If you have 300,000 followers and an engagement rate of 0.01%, you are not going to appear in top of 300,000+ hash tag.


Whether you will appear at the top of a hash tag depends on your rate of engagement. Firstly, if your followers engage in your post and secondly, how fast your followers like and engage with your post.

If your engagement is a little sub-par aim for hash tags in one to two categories down from your follower count.

Remember the aim of the game is to appear at top of hash tags and gain more followers and likes!

0 – 20,000 Couple Hash Tags

The best hash tags in the 0 – 20,000 image category are as follows:

  • #coupletraveltheworld
  • #travellingcouples
  • #creativetravelcouple
  • #couplelovers
  • #couplelover
  • #coupleloves
  • #couplelovetravel
  • #clingygirlfriend
  • #girlfriendlove

20,000 – 40,000 Couple Hash Tags

The best hash tags in the 20,000 – 40,000 image category are as follows:

  • #travelustcouples
  • #beautifulcouples
  • #travelcouplelife
  • #earthcouples
  • #couplewhotravel
  • #inspiredtravelcouples
  • #boyfriendlove

50,000 – 100,000 Couple Hash Tags

The best hash tags in the 50,000 – 100,000 image category are as follows:

  • #globecouples
  • #couplestravel
  • #coupleshot
  • #couplesthattravel
  • #travelingcouples

100,000 – 300,000 Couple Hash Tags

The best hash tags in the 100,000 – 300,000 image category are as follows:

  • #travelingcouple
  • #couplevideos
  • #travelpassport
  • #couplestyle
  • #welovetravel
  • #armygirlfriend

300,000 + Couple Hash Tags

The best hash tags in the 300,000 + image category are as follows:

  • #couple
  • #couplegoals
  • #relationshipgoals
  • #couples
  • #couplesgoals
  • #cutecouple
  • #travelcouple
  • #instacouple
  • #couplelove
  • #coupletravel
  • #couplephotography
  • #couplegoal
  • #coupleswhotravel
  • #relationshipgoal
  • #boyfriend
  • #girlfriend
  • #gf
  • #bf
  • #lovehim
  • #loveher
  • #couplephotography

Travel Couple Hash Tags

The best travel couple hash tags are as follows:

  • #coupletraveltheworld
  • #travellingcouples
  • #coupleswhotravel
  • #travelcouple
  • #welovetravel
  • #globecouples
  • #couplestravel
  • #couplesthattravel
  • #travelingcouples
  • #creativetravelcouples

Hash Tags for Married Couples

The best hash tags for married couples are as follows:

  • #marriagegoals
  • #marriagebootcamp
  • #weddingbells
  • #wifey
  • #wifeywednesday
  • #wifeyforlifey
  • #hubbylove

Cute Love Hashtags

The best cute love hash tags are as follows:

  • #cutelove
  • #cutelovers
  • #cutelovers
  • #boywithluv
  • #luva

Cheesy Hashtags

The best cheesy hash tags are as follows:

  • #lovehim
  • #loveher
  • #luckygirl
  • #luckygirlfriend
  • #blessed

Soulmate Hashtags

The best soulmate hash tags are as follows:

  • #soulmate
  • #soulmate_love_
  • #soulmatelove
  • #dreamlover
  • dreamlovers

Hashtags for Black Love

The best hashtags for black love are as follows:

  • #luvblacklove
  • #blacklove
  • #blacklover
  • #blackcouples
  • #blackpower

Should I do couple hash tags alone?

In our opinion, you should mix couple hash tags with other hash tags that are relevant to your picture.

The key here is relevance. You should not hash tag #cutecats if there is no cat in your photo! Instagram has intelligence to work this out!

Use around 5-10 couple hash tags, 5-10 location hash tags and 5-10 action hash tags based on what you are doing.


  • MC Miller

    MC Miller is a travel blogger and writer who has travelled America extensively and abroad to over 80 countries. He founded Couple Travel The World in 2017. Since then, he has spent over 6 years on the road as a full time travel couple. When he not traveling he likes to spend quality time with his partner Bett, planning our their next date or romantic getaway!