So you want to make your Instagram pictures pop! What you really need to do is to implement some killer free Instagram lightroom presets.

Instagram presets can be expensive but if you find some Free Instagram Presets for Lightroom you can try before you buy or use it as a stepping stone to paying for someones full Instagram preset pack.

What are Instagram Lightroom Presets?

Lightroom is an editing program that allows you to edit your photos to make them POP on Instagram.

Over the past 3 years we have worked on developing our Instagram game. In the process we have managed to grow from 0 to over 100,000 followers. We attribute a large percentage of our increase in followers to our photo editing.

Here you can see how our Instagram photos have developed over 3 years. It is amazing to see how far we have come in photo editing the past 3 years:

2016 Unedited Instagram Photo

2017 Photo edited using filter

2019 Photo using our Instagram preset

Can you see the evolution of our photos?

Well, we did it the hard way.

When we started on Instagram back in 2016 we didn’t know about Instagram presets.

By the end of 2017, we discovered Lightroom and things changed for us. Suddenly our photos started getting a lot better and more professional and as a result we were rewarded with more sponsored deals and travel.

We use the desktop version of Lightroom to edit our photos. You can get a free Adobe Lightroom trial here.

You are able to use mobile Lightroom however, it does not have the same capabilities as the desktop version so we would highly recommend buying the paid desktop version if you can afford it.

Try Adobe Lightroom for free with Adobe’s free trial program. Limited time only.

Why use Instagram Lightroom Presets?

If you would like to make it as an influencer on Instagram, you really need to invest in Instagram Lightroom presets.

As we have mentioned, before we started using presets it was more difficult for us to get sponsored travel and sponsored posts on Instagram.

Partly this was due to the fact that we had less followers but partly it was because our photographs were not up the standard necessary to warrant sponsorships.

If you are shooting for a coffee shop in a dark room, without using Lightroom, it is impossible to make the photo pop.

From a brands perspective, they not only want to expose their product to your audience but they want to do so in the best possible light. They want their product to SHINE in the photo and make your followers want to have it.

They may also want to reuse your photo for their own marketing purposes. A dark, gloomy photo of their coffee shop isn’t going to entice customers to want to visit and is therefore no use to them.

Okay so now we have established that you need to use Lightroom presets to succeed as an influencer, lets get to the good free stuff.

Why we are offering Free Instagram Presets?

So here is why we are giving away some free Instagram presets

1. To help our followers

We didn’t purchase others presets because we were too scared they we would spend money and not be happy with the result. Instead, we poured hours of time into understanding Lightroom and how to edit our images.

Believe me, we had some fails along the way. In a mission to make colours pop, we have oversaturated images making grass an electric green colour and over editing sunsets making them look fake. Epic Fails!

We want to help our followers achieve their goals faster and give back to our audience as we really appreciate you guys.

2. Try Before you buy

Lots of influencers sell their presets. We think this is fair as we mentioned we spent hours of our time to develop them to be just how we like them!

However, we were always too scared to spend our hard earned money on something we didn’t like and that didn’t work for our needs.

For this reason, we are offering 2 of our presets for free. We are hoping that you love these and want to buy our other presets on offer.

How to get our Free Instagram Presets?

Follow these two simple steps to get our free Instagram presets:

  1. Sign up to our newsletter (below)
  2. Share this post to pinterest, twitter, facebook etc (One of your choosing)

Free Instagram Presets to up your Instagram game!

What lightroom presets for Instagram will I receive?

You will receive two of our favourite presets: The Dreamy Preset & the Outdoor Preset.

The thing about presets (and why you need a few of them) is they are not cookie cutters. Different presets are used depending on the light and the look you wish to achieve on your Instagram page.

These two presets are two of our very favourites and heres how you can use them:

The Pink Dreamy Preset

The dreamy preset can be used to make everything have a pink, dreamy vibe to it. The dreamy preset is quite adaptable and can be used on a lot of photos to give them a dreamy look.

The Outdoor Paradise Preset

The outdoor preset is perfect for beautiful outdoor settings. We have used this preset a lot during our time in New Zealand with lush, beautiful countryside.

lightroom preset instagram

How to Use Lightroom Presets?

You can apply the preset straight to your photo to give it a certain Instagrammable look. If you want to be able to adapt your photo as much as possible it is best to shoot your photos in RAW but it is still possible (and we often) edit photos in JPEG.

The presets give your photos a certain look and feel. However, it is often necessary to make small changes to the preset to suit your particular photo. The main area in Lightroom to slightly tweak would be as follows:

  • Exposure –  Exposure, as the name suggests is how how much light is in your photo. If you have a particularly dark photo, bring the exposure up, if you have a very sunny day, you may want to adjust the exposure down.

What equipment we use to take our photos?

We use the following equipment to take the photos you see on our Instagram:

If you are serious about taking photos that are able to be used in Lightroom to pop you really need to get professional equipment.

How to grow your following on Instagram?

There are many ways to grow your Instagram following. This topic is something for another post.

To give you some ideas, one method is through hash tag research. Another way is through shout outs. So if you download and use our presets, tag your photos with #coupletraveltheworldpresets – we will share them in our Instagram stories – giving you exposure to an audience over over 100k followers and us evidence of people loving our presets – win win!

We hope you love our presets – download them and get cracking on upping your instagram game today!

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