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9 Fun Date Night Box Ideas Perfect for Date Night In!

Looking for a new and fun activity for date night at home this weekend?

Date Night Boxes are the perfect new way to jazz up date night. If you don’t to do just another movie (although that can be fun too!) a date night box is a good option.

Here are 9 Date Night Box Ideas for your next inside date night!

What is a Date Night Box?

For those of you who are new to the concept you might be wondering – what actually is a date night box anyway?

Well, basically it is a box of goodies for you and your partner to explore during an indoor date night. These might include games, conversation starters, activities to do together and more!

Usually these boxes are designed to be a monthly date night box.

Of course, you could probably do your own DIY date night box here are some ideas for that if you’d rather save some money:

For those of you who can’t be bothered to put your own date night box together, we have included 9 of the best date night boxes you can buy online and have delivered to your door.

Why is a Date Night Box a Good Idea for Date Night In?

Sometimes it can be so taxing to plan your own date! A date night box takes all the effort out of it, making date night more simple and enjoyable.

  • Convenience: Removes issues like time, budget and coming up with different and unique ideas;
  • Strengthen Your Relationship: Inside the boxes you might find questions or games you didn’t think to ask or play which can take your relationship to a whole new level of bonding!
  • Value: You can put your own date night box together but once you add up the goodies to go inside of it, it may end up costing you more!

Image: owned by Crated with Love Date Night Box

9 Date Night Box Ideas


Crated with Love – Monthly Date Night

One of the best ever date night boxes is Crated With Love.

This date night box is a date box subscription service which gets delivered to your door monthly. It starts at just $25 a box (almost as cheap as popcorn at the cinema!). You can also buy a one off box.

The cool thing about the Crated With Love Date Night Box is that each date has a new and distinct theme which month which makes it really fun and comes with a themed Spotify playlist to accompany your date.

Inside each box you will find 4 to 5 games and activities focused on growth and laughter. The box has been designed with strengthening relationships in mind.

Date nights include:

  • The Red Planet: A Mission to Mars Date Night. On this date you are the first couple ever to be sent to mars. This means that you need to work through a series of games and challenges to help improve teamwork and communication!
  • Date Night in the Wild Wild West: This date is super fun as it includes games with a wild west theme!
  • Zombie Apocalypse Date Night: On this date night, couples are sent on a mission to find an antidote and save the world with only their love…and a marshmallow launcher!
  • Quest for the Golden Chalice: A guest for couples to pass the dragon and retrieve the Golden Chalice.

Date Box Club

This date box club is delivered every month to your door. The Date Box Club is designed for couples to laugh, love and connect in new, fun ways.

This date box is the ideal birthday, anniversary, wedding gift as it is designed to strengthen couples relationship to a new level.

Included in the box is everything you need for a super fun date night including instructions for a complete activity, and all the elements to execute it perfectly.

Like the Crated With Love Date Boxes, each date has a new and unique theme to it (PG rated). The date boxes are specifically designed to connect couples and bring them closer together.

Date nights include:

  • String Art – Date Night Box – This cool Cool DIY Project for Couples is sure to bring couples closer together. Inside you will find everything needed to complete two beautiful display pieces. Along with making a creation together, the game includes a “What Would I Be” game to bring couples closer together through conversation.
  • New Years Eve – Date Night Box – This date night box is perfect for couples who have no plans as how to spend New Years. The boxes helps couples celebrate the New Year in a meaningful way. There is even a time capsule included where you can track your answers over a 3 year period.
  • Game Night Box –  Included in the game night box are great 2 player games for couples. Inside this box is a game called Q-bitz which is easy to play and perfect for couples looking to connect with each other.
  • Day of the Dead Date Night Box – This is a popular date night box and for obvious reasons! This date box focuses on Dia de los Muertos—the Day of the Dead. Inside you will find all the equipment to paint your partners face in day of the Dead style make up. Along with make up art, the date box includes question cards which have couples deep-diving into their past together.

Date Night Box

If you prefer a one off date night box without a subscription service, this is the date night box for you!

This date night box is the perfect addition to any date night at home as it is packed with fun, creative things to do as a couple including 2 full sets of Tangrams, 15 puzzle cards, a “Illumination Questions” tent card game, and special “Kiss Bag” with mints & kiss tokens, and a hand poured soy candle.

If you are looking for a fun gift for a wedding, anniversary or Valentines day, this date night box is a good choice!

Love Drop Box

If you would like a little more of a racy and sexual date night box, the Love Drop Box might be the best option for you.

Included in these date night boxes are candles, bath bombs, massage oils and some items a little racier than that!

The box does have a subscription where you will be delivered a new box every month but there is absolutely no contract so you are able to cancel anytime.

Hunt a Killer Date Night Box

The Hunt a Killer Date Night Box is a bit different to a regular date night box and if you are not into t he cheesy stuff you may actually much prefer it!

Like a murder mystery night, this box places you on an immersive, authentic gameplay experience where you will have to solve a real-life murder mystery. Each investigation unfolds over a six-episode season.

This box is sure to keep you both entertained for months. Over a 6 month period you eliminate one suspect at a time until the thrilling conclusion. 

The date night box is designed to get couples to collaborate together to find the killer through sorting the evidence, decoding ciphers, piecing together clues. Basically, it is an escape room delivered straight to your door.

Romance Date Night Box

Are you looking for a little more romance in your date nights? Then look no further as the romance date night box is the perfect date night box for you!

Inside the box you will find romantic night bedroom and bathroom decorations packaged in a beautiful secret gift box. included is a bag of red silk rose petals, candlesticks, tea light holders, bubble bath and candles, rose soaps and gas candle lighter.

No subscription required for this romance date night box!

Date Night Decorations Box

If you love decorating and making places look special, you will absolutely LOVE this date night box which is centered around decorating your house to make the date special.

Included in the box is a box of 24 assorted rose-scented and unscented clear cup soy tea light romantic candles, two glass tea light candle holders, 3D love greeting cards, two scented red votive candles with matching votive candle holders, and a bag of approximately 150 loose fragrant dark red silk rose petals. 

If you want to decorate an area for an anniversary or valentines day, this is a great box to buy as it has everything you need inside!

The great part about this box is you don’t need to go out and buy all the products seperately.

No subscription required for this date night decoration box!

Our Goals Date Night Box

Last but not least is a date night box that we really liked: the Our Goals Date Night Box.

The date night box is designed for a home date night for people who don’t just want to sit on the couch and watch a movie!

One of the most unique parts of the box is the Prosperity Pig bank. Basically, you get 15 goal tickets packaged in a traditional red envelope and a link to a curated Spotify playlist to stream while you create goals together and deposit them into your own personal pig.

The date night is focused on enhancing  connection and getting the “we’ve fallen in love” feeling again.

There is no subscription but there are many different date boxes to buy when you are looking for a new one to try. Each of the date boxes has its own unique theme.

One of the most popular date boxes is the “Goals and Dreams” box which focuses on resetting the possibilities clock back to zero and creating new goals and dreams together like it were day 1.


Unbox Love Date Night Box

One of the best date night box.

Unbox Love Date Night Boxes like to keep a little mystery in the box. They think half the fun is the two of you feeling surprised and excited upon opening the date night box.

The date night boxes are quite reasonably priced. You can get a 3 month date night subscription box for only $108.00.

If you don’t like surprises and really want to know what you are buying in advance, here are some examples of previous date night boxes.

  • Escape Room / Mystery Upon opening: In this date night box, half of the products are locked and you have to find clues among the remaining items in the box to crack the code;
  • Time Machine: This game night box takes couples back in time with products from the 1980s and 90s including Trivia, Orange Julius, Name the Celebrity childhood star, among other classic products from a few decades ago.
  • Cranial Couples: This date night box has a brainy game theme with Games, puzzles, couple challenges, classic brain teasors in the box.
  • Castaway Date Night Box: This castaway date night box will find you and your partner stuck on an island.
  • England Date Night: Can’t travel at the moment? This interesting date night box will see couples headed to England where they will get to experience British culture, food and entertainment without having to get on a plane!

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