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Indoor Date Ideas for Couples (Much Better than Netflix)

Looking for awesome indoor date ideas SO much better than Netflix?

We have you covered with the best date ideas that will totally spice up your otherwise boring indoor date night.

And, if these dates aren’t completely hitting the spot, here are some alternative rainy date date ideas and at home date night ideas that should well and truly keep you occupied indoors.

Indoor Date Ideas for Couples

Indoor Dates don’t have to be another boring night in at home. 

In fact, they can be very interesting and bring more groove and spice back into your relationship with careful planning!

So with no further adieu here are some of our favourite indoor date ideas for couples that will totally blow your mind.

Tip: To really spice things up, you might like to check out our fun games for couples at home.


1. Date Night Box

If you find yourself at home on date night a date night box is the perfect idea to keep yourselves entertained on a night in!

Basically, a date night box is an interesting date box delivered to your door including various games, challenges and activities for you and your partner to enjoy around the table in the comfort of your own house!

It may sound a little boring but some date night boxes are super creative and fun. Plus it takes all the hard work out for you (which I love!!).

Some of the best date night boxes include:

2. The Exceptional Couple Cook Off (ECCO)

Couples cooking together is a fun indoor date

It’s Exceptional Couple Cook Off Competition time!

Couples who eat together, stay together. Why not take it up a notch and make a little friendly competition?

Here’s the Exceptional Couple Cook Off (“ECCO”) rules:

  • Together you will cook a three course meal including appetizer, main and dessert.
  • One of you will make the appetizer and one will make the main, while you both make a dessert (it’s the tiebreaker)!
  • Scissors, paper, rock to decide who gets to cook the appetizer and then get cooking!
  • You both score each course from 1 to 10. Whoever has the most points is the winner.

What’s the prize? Well that’s up to you but personally we love that the winner doesn’t have to wash up. Now there’s a real incentive to take things seriously.

What happens if one of you can’t cook? Don’t despair, there’s lots of inventive ways to level the playing field so you can both enjoy the competition.

Give the chef with less experience a head start of 1 – 5 points (depending how much help they need). If your man likes golf you can explain that he’ll be getting a handicap this round and he’ll know what you mean.

If you discover your significant other is a closet-masterchef – or just a hustler – next time you have an ECCO you can reduce the head start.

Another way to even the playing field is to start with a simple, yet delicious recipe. One of our eligible male bachelor friends recently knocked us out of the park with a Caprese salad. It’s so simple, yet looks impressive and tastes great. Just evenly slice a couple large tomatoes and mozzarella balls then arrange in a semi-circle and some basil leaves and drizzle a little olive oil. 

3. Happy Hour – Cocktail Time


Who can mix the better cocktail?

Who can craft the best cocktail? It’s time to raid the liquor cabinet for all those spirits that have been collecting dust. One of the best late night date ideas if you ask me!

Your challenge, should you chose to accept it, is to turn those mismatched spirits into a delicious work of art.

Bonus points for presentation and for each additional ingredient used. Be careful, because one ill-chosen spirit can ruin your prospects.

Appearance matters, so consider investing in a cocktail shakers and fancy glass set. Not only will your drinks look better, but I promise you a pina colada served in poco glass tastes better too.

4. At-Home Spa Parlor


Give your partner a relaxing foot massage in your home spa

Get into comfortable clothes or some cute pajamas and put on your favorite movie.

Now sit back and relax while your significant other shows off their best foot massage skills.

You’ll need a large bowl of warm water to rinse and relax the feet, then a nice exfoliating foot scrub and a good moisturizer to have you feeling on top of the world!

Bonus points if you dim the lights or light some aromatic candles and play calming music.

Make sure to take turns!

5. Make Personalised Glasses


Etching is a fun thing to do as a couple no matter how artistically challenged you may think you are

Learn a new skill or hone your artistic talents in a new way by engraving glassware.

Together you can make cute his and her glasses, or maybe try to impress each other with your talents. 

No matter who skilled your partner is, guys will love the excuse to etch a beer stein and christen his wares with a cold drink afterwards.

These also make perfect and very personalized gifts for family and friends.

All you need is an engraving kit and you can customize glasses, pottery and more.

6. Pizza and Wine Night

Pizza and wine night is definitely one of our favourite indoor date night ideas.

It is so simple but it is oh so good!

Either order in a pizza or pick one up at the store that you just pop in the oven.

Alternatively, you could make a delicious homemade pizza together!


  • A great recipe + ingredients, frozen pizza or pizza delivery number ?
  • Wine
  • Our favourite pizza making utensils for couples

Pizza and wine is the perfect indoor date night idea

7. Wine & Paint Night

A wine and paint night is quite literally the perfect indoor date night idea for couples.

What is more fun that making some quite literally terrible piece of art with your significant other. 

This date night is sure to increase the LOLs and bring on the romance.

8. Latte Art Competition

Who can make the better latte art competition

Something we can’t go without each day is a nice coffee. Yet we can’t or don’t always want to leave the house for our caffeine fix. One of the best fun nerdy date ideas.

So why not make your own fancy coffees at home and surprise your partner with your latte art skills. Then challenge them to do something even more impressive!

Don’t have a fancy espresso machine? No bother – our hack to making nice froth is to fill a french press about 1/4 to 1/3 full with warmed milk, then plunge it to get nice foam.

If you’re looking for some latte art inspiration, check out the cute animals we were served in a tiny back alley bakery in Central America. If this tiny shop in the middle of Granada, Nicaragua doesn’t prove that (latte) art can be found anywhere, I don’t know what will.

9. A card or board game night

Catan, Monopoly, Candyland, Chutes and Ladders, Life, Twister, Chess, Checkers, Hearts think of all your very favourite games as a kid and really make a night of it. One of the best things to do for couples at home when bored.

Along with a few of the old trusty favourites we like to mix up our board game nights with something interesting.

10. Bowling

Bowling is seriously always a good indoor date night idea.

We went bowling on our first ever date together and it was a total hit or strike haha. We are still together over 10 years later.

What we love about bowling is that it is a great conservation starter. It is the perfect place to have a laugh at your terrible bowling skills and really get to know each other on a deeper level.


11. Visit an animal cafe

One of our favourite date ideas when its raining is to visit an animal cafe.

As we travel a lot we can’t own our own pets. In lieu of this we visit lots of different animal cafes around the world to get in our cuddles.

Cat and dog cafes have become a little old news. See if there is a animal cafe that is a little quirkier in your local area.

In Seoul we visited a Meerkat cafe, which is a very cool experience if you ever visit!


12. Ice Cream Sundae Bar 

Getting ice cream is one of our all time favourite date ideas.

Go to the best rated ice cream store in town or if you are feeling a little creative you might like to make your own ice cream bar at home for the pair of you to enjoy.


Getting ice cream is one of our favourite indoor date night ideas

13. Go Indoor Ice skating

This is actually one of my favourite summer date ideas as it is a really nice break from the heat.

There is nothing more cute and romantic then skating around & helping each other up as you fall!

I don’t know about you but ice skating reminds of of every cheesy, romantic movie ever and I LOVE IT!

14. Go to a Karaoke Bar

Definitely one of the best indoor date ideas ever.

Going to a karaoke bar is one of our ultimate favourite date ideas and heres why.

Karaoke bars really bring out the silly and fun side of a relationship.

Pick an evil song for each other to sing (I once picked Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball for Mike to sing on a Norwegian Cruise) and it was an absolute barrel of laughs!

If you’re going to share your singing ‘talent’ with the world, make sure you have the perfect caption with our list of romantic captions for Instagram. 

15. YouTube Yoga Date!

Going on a YouTube yoga date is seriously so fun.

Not only is it fun but it will make you so relaxed! A relaxed spouse certainly is a happy spouse.

One of our favourite youtube Yoga/Fitness channels is Blogalites. Look her up, she is awesome!

16. Create a yummy desert

Making a yummy desert is always a fun and delicious date.

Find a desert online that looks appealing to you both and work together to make it.

Be proud of yourself afterward as you take a picture, then dig in!

17. Visit an indoor pool

Indoor pools are even better than outdoor pools in my opinion as you don’t have to get burnt and they can be visited year round.

Take the opportunity to visit an indoor pool in your local area. The best ones have lots of different pools with different temperatures to try.

18. Learn a new song

If you are musically inclined, it is super fun to learn a new song together or even find a special song that means something to just the two of you. Here is a list of alternative love songs to check out. You can use this list to make an awesome playlist and even potentially find your song – a song that means something to just the two of you.

Watch Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper for some romantic musical inspiration. They should be a real couple as they are just so adorable!


19. Go out to a fancy restaurant

Indoor dates don’t need to be cheap dates. Go out and enjoy a fancy restaurant together.

Select a new Michelin Star restaurant in your local area to try. One of my all time favorite things to do as a couple.

20. Go for a massage

A massage is seriously the PERFECT indoor date idea – AMIRIGHT?!

There is nothing more relaxing than going for a couples massage together.

If you are wondering where to find a good massage, we would suggest looking up fancy hotels in your area. Most fancy hotels have a great indoor spa with well trained staff.

Even better yet, why not stay home and take turns giving each other your best massage.

Take the opportunity to learn which type of your partner likes best: Swedish, Thai, Balinese, aromatherapy, soft or firm.

Check out massage oil here

What to do Dumagete Blind Massage Dumaguete

21. Eat Sushi

Going and getting some seriously delicious sushi is one of the best indoor date ideas EVER!

Our recommendation is a sushi train as it adds a little more interest and theatrics to the experience.

Below is a super fun sushi restaurant in Toyko where you order what you want and it gets delivered to you.


22. Take a fitness class together

A couple who is fit and healthy stays together! See also fun active date ideas for more inspo here!

Get dressed in totally hilarious lets get physical outfits and find the most amusing class out there to visit together.

23. Visit the Aquarium

An aquarium is one of our all time favourite indoor date ideas.

There is something just super romantic about aquariums. Maybe it is watching all the colourful fish, sharks and jellyfish float by – I don’t know but they are totally a great date idea.

We recently visited an aquarium together in Key West and had an incredible time. If you are ever in the area, they have a great little aquarium that’s free!

24. Visit Friends – Double Date Time!

Go to a friends house for a good old yarn.

There is something about sharing mutual friends that can really bring a couple closer together.

You may want to combine this date idea with a board game. I don’t know about you but I think it is super fun to play board games in a group of friends.

25. Indoor put put golf

Mini golf is such a fun date idea. 

In the past most mini golf courses were outside but nowadays mini golf courses are indoors too!

Some places allow you to drink and golf which can add a whole new element of fun.

Get the competitive juices flowing with mini golf

26. Go to bingo

I might just be an old granny at heart but I love the idea of a bingo date.

Having a drink and laugh at the host saying “All the 7s, 77!”.

Ahh, the people you see a bingo will certainly give you something to talk about for many more dates to come.

27. Teppanyaki Time

Teppanyaki Time!

You guys are going to start thinking I have an obsession with Japan by the time you have finished reading this and I kinda do but that is besides the point – Teppanyaki  is the best date idea.

I just love the theatrics behind Teppanyaki which make it so much better than a usual dinner date idea.

Plus, watching your significant other try to catch egg in his or her mouth is always a total barrel of laughs.

P.S If you just HAVE to watch a movie – here are our favorite romantic travel movies you might like to check out!

28. Investigate the best couple credit card options

It’s not that fun and it’s not that sexy but on a day inside you can always be productive and get things done!

Why not investigate your finances together and check out couple credit card options – you can surprisingly save a lot of money and gain a lot of points if you choose the right card.

29. Get an adrenaline rush with Indoor Skydiving

Indoor skydiving is an exciting and unique date idea that provides a thrilling experience for both partners.

It‘s a fun and safe way to try something new together, giving you the opportunity to bond and share a memorable experience.

If you’re on a first date, it‘s a great way to break the ice and help you feel more comfortable with each other.

30. Try a Micro Brewery or Distillery tour

Make-your-own-booze at a distillery

A brewery can be a great date idea. Going to a brewery gives you the chance to spend quality time together while enjoying a variety of beers.

It can also provide a perfect opportunity to bond and have a few laughs, as you sample different beers and chat about your favorite types.

Plus, many breweries offer food, which can make the experience even more enjoyable.

If your date doesn’t love beer, then consider alternatives such as a distillery or an interesting factory tour – like a chocolate factory. 

We tried our hand at distilling gin in Scotland a few years ago and had a wonderful time. If you aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty you can venture into the wet to forage for herbals to spice up your concoction.

With hip microbreweries popping up in every town around the world, there’s no excuse to head to your local pub or bar when there’s a chance to try something new.



Want MORE date ideas beyond our indoor date night ideas?

Don’t worry, we like to consider ourselves date experts haha – we have you covered with date ideas for seriously ALL occasions.

If you are looking for something other than at indoor date idea you might like to check out:

50+ First Date Ideas

If you know someone going on a first date (exciting!!) here are some date ideas you can recommend them including:

  1. Go bowling (this is certifiably a great way to spend a rainy day date. This was part of our first date together)
  2. Make a home cooked meal for two together
  3. Wine & Paint
  4. Visit a hipster cafe
  5. Go rollerblading or indoor ice-skating

50+ Second Date Ideas

When thing are heating up and really getting exciting! Here are our favourite second date ideas:

  1. Go on a double date;
  2. Visit a theme park;
  3. Go somewhere your date would love – demonstrate how attentive you were on the first date;
  4. visit a farmer’s market;
  5. go rock climbing.

50+ Third Date Ideas

If you have made it to your third date, you need to start looking at ideas out of the box including:

  1. write a song together;
  2. invite your friends to meet & bond playing cards against humanity;
  3. watch a Game of Thrones marathon (probably not Season 8 though…)
  4. visit a new restaurant;
  5. go diving.

50+ Rainy Day Date Ideas

If it’s raining outside, we have you covered! Here are some of our favourites:

  1. take a dancing lesson. Take shelter from the rain in your partner’s arms;
  2. visit friends. Make the most of the rainy day but hanging out with your friends;
  3. go to an aquarium;
  4. volunteer at a dog shelter;
  5. have a pillow fight.

50+ Fall Date Ideas

Fall is possibly our favourite season for dates! Here are our favourite fall date ideas:

  1. See a movie at a Drive-In theatre;
  2. take a horese-drawn hayride (super cute – no more to say);
  3. go sweater shopping together;
  4. go horseback riding and watch an orange sunset among the fall leaves;
  5. hot cocoa and rockers (You and your date head to the front porch and get comfy in some rocking chairs)

50+ Winter Date Ideas

You might not think winter is a good time for dates but we beg otherwise! Here are our favourite winter date ideas:

  1. build an igloo;
  2. go ice skating;
  3. indoor picnic;
  4. get outside! Build a snowman, make snow angels and make the most of your winter day;
  5. take an ice sculpture class.

50+ Summer Date Ideas

Ahh Summer! Everyone’s favourite season! Summer should be a easy one for date ideas! If you find yourself low on money this summer, here’s the dates we would recommend:

  1. make a date for a pool party;
  2. have a picnic on the beach;
  3. try out water skiing;
  4. have a go at surfing;
  5. BBQ at a lake or in a park.

50+ Teen Date Ideas

If you want to take it back to your teenage years (perhaps you are high school sweethearts like us?) you might enjoy one of our 50 recommended date ideas fo teenagers:

  1. Go to an animal cafe;
  2. Go bowling;
  3. Have a movie marathon;
  4. Get some quirky photos at a photo booth;
  5. Mini golfing

We hope you loved all our date ideas and found something super special for your indoor date night!

Hey, I almost forgot. We also thought of some cute couple things to do so you might like to try out a few of these on your indoor date night. One of our favourites is the couples yoga boat pose – see if you can achieve it, we struggled.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase something through this post, we will get a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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