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88 Cute Date Ideas for 2023 that Aren’t Just Dinner and a Movie

Here you guys will find a fun list of 88 unique date ideas. We have jam packed this list with so many fun dates that we seriously have NO doubt that you will find the perfect date you are hunting out.

This list is for all couples, whether it is your first or second date (and you are in that new relationship zone where everything is perfect!) OR whether you are a long-time married couple looking for some new and interesting date ideas to do together – you’ll find what you’re looking for in this epic list.

We have tried to come up with some new and interesting ideas – some of the things you read are a little unique and out of the box – but it’s 2023 people – we can’t just settle for the same old boring dinner and a movie date we have been doing for the last 10 years – that’s a snooze fest.

So get out of your comfort zone a little and put yourself out there with these fun and romantic date ideas.

88 Cute Date Ideas for 2023 that Aren’t Just Dinner and a Movie

1. Go to an upscale open house, dressed to the nines.

Take the opportunity to see how others live (yes, some people actually have heated floors!), play act, and feel awesome about how you look! Sure, you may drive an economy car, but if you act like you belong at the open house, no one will pay you any mind.

2. Plan out a date of “Free Trial” opportunities

Just about every city has these! You could do a themed plan, all fitness activities: a spin class, hot yoga, pole dancing. Alternatively, you could create a plan a long date, such as a beginning Greek cooking class, followed by an intro to acting, ending with a tango lesson.

3. Do a “Person on the Street Interview”

Decide on a happy question or topic, then go to a busy location, and take turns asking the question to passersby. One of you can film it, while the other looks on, with sincere interest, to the answering party. Just remember that you need permission to post them.

4. Give away free words of wisdom

Make a handmade sign, and stand somewhere busy. When folks come up, take the time to really listen to what they need, and then give it to them. This act of kindness goes well beyond the moment, and can have a trickle affect, for both the receiver, and the giver.

5. Take a cheesy, or not so cheesy, tourist tour!

Maybe you’ve lived there all of your life, or maybe you did the tours when you first arrived. There may be things you missed on your previous go-round. You may be older, and more able to appreciate the rich history that every place has. Give it the respect it deserves.

6. Visit a local senior home with your pet, paint set, or microphone.

So many seniors would love to have your company! They long for every person who takes the time to visit, and gives them the joy of entertainment, education, and remembrance. We have so much to learn from our older community, and they are willing to share with you, and enjoy your fellowship.


7. Engage with local schools by enjoying their productions, carnivals, sports, and more

You can see youthful artists just coming into their talents, and visit with community locals. Not only are many of their events a great time, but so many institutions need the income those events bring in. You can have a good time, and feel good knowing that you support them.

8. Start a game of croquet in the park, and invite strangers to play a few strokes!

It might take some doing to find a croquet set, but think of the fun you’ll have engaging with people whom you might not otherwise share a moment.

Those moments can also be great fodder for conversation during the later part of your date!

9. Senior Center

Go to a senior center and “check out” a person (as if in a library) to speak with you about their childhood, for ten minutes or maybe even their dating history – oldies tend to be an open book and can give you some great tips!

You might offer to buy them a coffee, or give them a $5 gift card. Speaking with various people will open your eyes to things you may never have thought of.

10. See how viral you can go

Place something interesting on a busy street, then pretend to find it, loudly, so passersby get interested. It could be an old book, an antique ring, or sepia toned photograph, all of which you can find pretty inexpensively at your local thrift store.

See how many people you can get engaged, and to post it on their social media page!

11. Picnic with planes

Have dinner in an airport tower cafe, or have a picnic in your car, while you watch planes take off and land. Make up stories about where those planes are headed, and who is onboard.

One plane might be carrying a couple to Paris, France, for their honeymoon, while another has a treasure hunter, headed for a mysterious island in the Pacific Ocean, near which a treasure loaded ship, sank.

12. Get physical!

Go rock climbing, bowling, try laser or paintball tag. Try an extreme sport, like zip-lining, bungee jumping, or sky-diving. Go horseback riding, go-karting and metal-detecting.

Try roller skating or roller-blading, or going to a skateboard park. Lastly, there’s always a game of football, soccer, baseball, or volleyball going on!

A really fun first date idea if you ask me.


Cute Date Ideas

13. Try a new food, or three.

You could find a “restaurant row” block, and have appetizers at one place, dinner at another, and dessert at a third. There’s also a huge variety when you go to food truck events!

You could have ten or more options, all within twenty feet of each other. It’s a great way to get a taste, without the commitment of a whole meal.

14. Dress up as celebrities (alive or dead), and go out on the town.

Dinner, dancing, drinks- sky’s the limit! When people ask you for your autograph (and they will) be gracious and accommodating, albeit, honest. Let’s face it, it’s not every day that we get to be famous, so embrace the journey, and you can turn back into your old self at midnight.

15. Visit a celebrity grave

Speaking of celebrities, have you ever visited a celebrity grave? It might sound a bit morbid, but they’re there for the fans. Some of them have placards with a few career or personal highlights.

If you happen to live in, or will be visiting, Hollywood, California, the Hollywood Forever Cemetery is known for having the most celebrities. It might be worth an evening of adventure to visit a few.

16. Date Night of First and Onlys

Have a night of “first, and only’s”. Pull through a fast-food’s drive-through window, and order one chicken nugget. Go to a mom and pop liquor store, purchase a lottery scratcher, and give it to the clerk as a gift.

Take an instant picture of a person with their child, and hand the photo to them. Make a list of things to try, and remember, it’s all in good fun!

17. Channel your Inner Steve Irwin

For a fun date idea, channel your inner Steve Irwin to create a nature video at your local park, or mall. You could supplement live animals for stuffed, or recruit people around you to enact a species.

Get into character by using an accent, dressing in monochrome clothing, and getting super excited at every discovery!

18. A evening of child’s play – a better date than you’d imagine!

Revel in an evening of child’s play, buy only doing elementary school fun! You can hoola-hoop, play four-square, hopscotch, jump rope, jacks, tether-ball! If the local park has a swing-set, swing away! If there’s a jungle-gym, start climbing!

From slides, to uneven bars, to trapeze bars, these will help you reconnect with your inner joy.

19. Stargaze

Find a dark spot in your city, and star gaze with only a star map. No cell phones! Star gazing can help us to remember that we are but tiny specks in a vast universe.

Use this time to connect with your date. Ask about their dreams, and delights in life. Being intimate is about sharing who you truly are.


20. Animal shelter

Go to an animal shelter (dog or cat) and love on some new furry friends! Not only do these little guys always need attention (when asked for) but petting an animal is nature’s stress reliever.

It’s the best of both worlds- you get to love on an animal, but don’t have to clean up after them. Win-Win!

21. Interactive museum

Find an “inter-active” museum! Sure, we all know about the stand, look, and move on type museums. But the inter-active ones really delve into the senses.

You can be in the same room with Picasso, or climb onto a shipwreck, without fear of pirates. Learn, and have fun at the same time!

22. $1 Instruction

Write a fun instruction on the back of a $1 bill, then lay the bill on the ground. The action could be, pat your head, or, do a jumping jack.

When that person leaves, lay another bill down, with a different instruction. See how many people in a row will do the fun instruction!

23. Psychic reading

Have a psychic reading together! However, every time the reader says something, you immediately agree, and add to it, while getting very excited!

You can also reiterate what they just said, emphasizing certain non-key words. This is not being unkind, just to have some fun. They’ll still get their income, and you’ll get a story out of it.

24. Passenger ride

Grab a passenger ride (such as Uber, Lyft, or a cab), use a paper map of the city, close your eyes, and put your finger down on a location, then have them drive you there.

Once there, have fun exploring a four block square. You may try to gear your destination towards a known commercial area, so there are shops and restaurants.

25. Give back to someone in need – a give back date!

Gather unused shoes, socks, pants, tops, prepackaged foods, books, batteries, and sundries, then drive around to see if you can hand someone who is in need, some of those items. See if you can give all the items away within a couple of hours.

After that, have a conversation about what you’re feeling. While you won’t get a tax deduction, you’ll feel good about directly helping someone.

26. Antique store

Go to a real antique store (as opposed to a thrift store), and find a really cool object, then give the explanation of it’s backstory to your date.

Add details, include all the senses, add drama, love, heartbreak. What year is it from? Who owned it? How did it end up in this store? Have fun using your imagination.

27. Say hi to the neighbours

Bake a variety of cookies (they can be of the tube variety), then wrap them in pretty cellophane or packages, and play “meet the neighbors”.

Regardless of how long you’ve lived where you do, it’s highly likely that you don’t know your neighbors, or at least, your neighbors’ neighbors. Introduce yourselves, and hand out some sugary kindness.

28. Attend a local library event.

Many libraries have a huge variety of events on their calendar each month, these days. Everything from live stage theatrical performances, to music events, to comedy and movies.

You can learn how to produce music, origami, belly dancing, crochet, how to DJ, and meditation, to name a few. Best of all, they’re usually free.

29. Find a secret spot in your city

Find a “secret spot”, or “unique spot” in your city. In Las Vegas, NV, for example, there is a hidden immersive art installation inside a retail store (yep, you’re gonna have to do the research!).

In Los Angeles, is The Last Bookstore, with a dizzying number of books used as part of the interior structure. In other words, every city has a few spots that you have likely not seen, but would really enjoy. Find them.


30. Or a city secret

Speaking of secrets, it’s likely that the city you live in has a secret or two. Do some research on long-lost lore and take a tour of places mentioned in that lore.

It could be like a treasure hunt, in reverse. You already have the gold, now you find the path to the beginning.

31. Date night in the morning

Do a Date Night, in the morning. One of the best cute date ideas. Assuming you are both “morning people”, you could get up super early, and watch the sun rise, over coffee and croissant.

And this can be done in just about any environment: a park, the ocean, a city block, a hiking trail. Anywhere you two want to be, being together will make it special. You’ll also get a glimpse at the early morning “them”. 

32. Superheros for local children’s hospital

Be superheroes for your local (children’s) hospital. It might not be sexy but it is super cute. And if your partner is up for it – he or she are totally marriage material! Put together an inexpensive version of your favorite superhero, and go spread some heroic joy!

We know that kids love heroes, but it’s a safe bet that kids of all ages do too! Give it a try, and embrace the smiles you bring to those having a tough time.

33. Time travel Date

Travel back in time, by having an era themed date. Go to a 50s Diner, order burgers, fries, and milkshakes. Or, try the 60s, with psychedelic music, fondue, and funky clothes.

Or dare you try…Prehistoric? No, scratch that one. In any case, having a themed date night can be a fun way to jazz up the rote. Nothing wrong with plopping on a fedora, and singing in the rain! A super fun date night.

34. Make something together

Make something together. Whether it’s Build-A-Bear, pottery, a photo frame, or a meal, creating something in union can make memories full of laughter. When it’s complete, you can pick out the perfect place to keep it.

35. Hunt for the best X in the city

See which bakery or burger stop has the best whatever. If you both love cupcakes, for example, share one cupcake from five different bakeries around town, and determine which was the best.

Think of it as a necessary evil- you simply have to try that many, to determine the worthiest one. This can also be a good setup for your next date.

36. Go People watching

People watching is one of the oldest, and most amusing date formulas there is. Pick a vibrating chair at your local mall, or just sit in the relative safety of your car at the bus depot.

Seeing the behavior of people who do not know they’re being watched, can be hilarious.

37. Private tailgate party

Have a private tailgate party. Take the portable BBQ to a local beach, or park, then light the briquettes, crank up the music, and enjoy eating and dancing, drinking games, or body paint.

Each of you can bring food to share, like your famous chili, or favorite potato chips. And let’s not forget the games, like Jenga, and cornhole!

38. Evening Farmer’s Market

Find an evening Farmer’s Market. Many markets have a huge variety of things to see and buy. They might have flowers, to fresh fruits and vegetables, to knickknacks.

They also tend to have ready made food vendors, and even live entertainment. You could spend a couple of hours there and have lots to talk about.

39. Break stuff date

Laugh while you break stuff. You could pay to go to a place where you can use bats or hammers to break things, or just grab stuff you hate from your home, (or buy some super cheap items from the local thrift store), then find a secluded spot.

Put on a few safety items (goggles anyone?) and destroy away your stress and anger. Once that’s done, clean up together, and get a well deserved ice cream cone.


40. Plant flowers in your city

Buy some flower seeds at the local dollar type store, then secretly go around the city, dropping and “planting” them by scuffing your shoe and tipping a bit of bottled water over it.

See if you can find locations which could really use some flowering colors, and be dedicated to using up all the seeds by the end of the date.

41. Drive somewhere new

Hop into the car, and take the closet highway or freeway in a direction you’ve never been. Drive for thirty minutes, then get out and take a look around.

Find an interesting shop, or restaurant. There may be a local history museum, hiking trail, or tour. Have fun exploring a new place.

42. Do something fun and spontaneous together

Get dressed up, and stand at the exit of an opera or ballet event. As people begin to walk out, engage them in conversation about it.

Begin saying quirky things, like, “My favorite part was when she threw her sofa into the ravine,” making sure that your date agrees with everything you’re saying. The confused looks on their faces will be worth the effort.

43. North South East and West

Visit whatever is at the four points of your city: North, South, East, and West. Use GPS to find the location, then once there, figure out what is calling to you. Maybe it’s a second hand store, or a government building.

It could be a sweet shop, or a mountain top. Whatever the case, give it it’s due, and focus on it for a few moments. Take a selfie of you two while you’re there, and post it on social media, bragging about your accomplishment!

44. Fancy hotel in your city

Find the fanciest hotel in your city, get dressed up, and tour the inside and outside. You may not be spending the night, but you can enjoy the atmosphere for a while.

You can probably find a spot to sit with a cup of coffee and a piece of chocolate, too.

45. Oldest churches in your city

Locate the oldest churches in your city, and enjoy the architecture, and history. If they’re open, go inside to view the stained-glass windows and statues. If they’re closed, see if you can walk through the exterior gardens and grave sites.

Absorb the energy of the people who built the place, think of their lives, and honor their memories.

Romantic date ideas

46. Get a view from the top

Find the tallest building in your area, go to the top, and take a panoramic photo of all 360 degrees. See how much of the city you can identify from there.

Say hello to a stranger. Send out positive energy to everyone in your city. Say two things you’re grateful for, (and here’s a hint, one of them should be your date).

47. Roll down a grassy hill

Find a grassy hill, and roll down it. Repeatedly. For some reason, rolling down a hill is one of the greatest joys of life, yet somehow, as we age, we forget that. So, put on clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, find a great big hill, and roll.

48. Dinner party 

Have a dinner party for six….with only you two. Each of you play three roles, whose backstory have been written out (loosely).

With each conversation, you’ll have to switch up your look, seat, and attitude. This is a great way to reveal different aspects of your personality to your date!

49. Hunt for an old vinyl

Go to a vinyl record store and try to find the oldest record they have in stock, without asking the clerk! You’ll have to put on your thinking caps, and no looking at the internet on your phone for help. The winner has to take the other out for dinner.

50. Try the trend of “Trading Up”.

Lastly, try the trend of “Trading Up”. Take something simple, like a pencil eraser, or plastic toy, and go to a busy street, asking people if you can trade this object for something they have on them.

See how many trades you and your date can make, and what you end up with!

At home date night ideas

51. Pizza and Wine Night

Don’t feel like cooking but want a fun, romantic home date?

Order a pizza from a pizzeria or pick one up at the store that you just pop in the oven.

Another romantic idea might be to make a pizza together. Bring out your inner chef. After all, homemade pizza is the MOST delicious. Here is a great homemade pizza recipe if you choose that option.

Break out some wine. Turn the lights down low, and put on some smooth music. Pizza and wine is one of the can’t fail recipes for a special night. One of the best late night date ideas when you are starving!

52. Board games (with or without the family)

Family favs like Catan, Monopoly, Candyland, Chutes and Ladders, Life, Twister, Chess, Checkers, Would you Rather…, Brainiac, or other board games are also fun for two. One of the best nerdy date ideas if you ask me!

So many games to play on date night for hours of fun with your partner! Makes for a really great at home date night.

As with the card games, it is always good to keep it fresh and interesting. We love mixing up our date nights with new and interesting board games. If you have heard of a new one recently let us know in the comments below!

Not exactly a board game but we recently came across these cool thought provoking conversation starters.

If you have been in a couple for a long time like us you need some new conversation starters to keep the topics fresh and interesting on a date night in.

Things for Couples to do at Home when Bored

53. Do couples fitness together

Practice couples fitness together!

This really is a fun at home date night idea because it doesn’t matter how bad you are. 

Look up videos on how to do couples fitness or yoga together and give it a try. Even if you’re the worst yogi in the world – your spouse will love you for being a top sport.

Practice it on a regular basis to keep a strong relationship and improve teamwork.

First date ideas

54. Go Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing is such a fun and adventurous activity to do as a couple.

If you are a fit and active couple, find your nearest rock climbing centre to do some rock climbing together.

This is a good second date activity because it will demonstrate trust (or lack thereof) between the couple.

55. Rent bikes and cruise around your city

In most cities now you can rent bikes.

A super fun second date idea is to rent bikes and cruise around your city with your new beau.

Stop for coffee, ice cream and a sneaky canoodle in the park

56. Go to a stand up comedy show

A risky more but an interesting one to see what makes your new beau tick. One of the best date night ideas.

Are they funny ha ha or funny sarcastic? This is something you can find out by going to a stand up comedy show.

Tip: Make sure you vet the act before going or it could end up in a very awkward date!

57. Go to a casino

There is nothing more fun than going to a casino to get your gamble on!

Go to the roulette table and enjoy free drinks (if you are in Vegas) while you try your luck on black or white!

If you come out with a win, go to a fancy restaurant for dinner and if you have a loss have a cute cheap date at no other than Maccy-Ds.

58. Go horse riding

We love horse riding. It is definitely one of our favourite dates ideas.

If you want to take horse riding up a notch in the romantic department, why not go for a romantic horse ride in an idyllic location such as in picturesque countryside or at the beach?


Second date ideas

59. Go Skiing

If it is winter at the time of your second date, a perfect way to spend it is up in the ski fields.

If your new bf/gf does not have a lot of prior experience skiing, this is a perfect bonding experience for the two of you End the date with a snowball fight or drinking a warm cup of cocoa in a cozy cafe at the bottom of the slopes.

60. Helicopter Ride

If money is no object, a helicopter ride is a sure thing to impress a date!

Going on 2 helicopter rides in New Zealand was one of the highlights of our trip – seeing beautiful scenery from the sky is breathtaking.

We went on a helicopter ride that landed in a vineyard, a very good option for a second date idea.

You’ve found the one so why not start completing your couples bucket list today! 

61. Make crafts together

If you are a crafty type, it might be fun to make something together.

Whether its traditional crafts or building a lego castle, doing a project of some kind can certainly bring you closer together.

62. Hire some segways or go on a tour

There is nothing quite like going on a dorky segway date together.

Join a local tourist group and tour your city, being a tourist in your own city is sure to mean a few laughs along the way.


Third Date Ideas

63. Watch Game of Thrones Marathon

Now who doesn’t like Game of Thrones? It is a seriously great show!

And you know what’s better? It has multiple seasons so the date can go on forever OR you can pause and reschedule for a fourth date to continue!

64. Go Free Diving

Have you heard of free diving? This is something we have heard about recently and is becoming a very popular activity.

Don’t have a scuba license? No problem! With free diving you can go deep into the sea without a scuba with super large fins!

A very different third date idea.

65. Hire a Boat

If diving deep into the ocean isn’t what you are about you may prefer to float on the top.

Hire a boat for a day or a half of a day and enjoy the sunshine or even go fishing. Alternatively, go for a night boat ride!

If this isn’t a super cute third date idea, I don’t know what is!

66. Learn how to make origami

It would definitely be a super interesting and fun third date if you learnt to make origami together.

And just think you can teach your new skills to your kids in years to come. How cute!

One of the best 3rd date ideas.

67. Have a staycation

Staycations are so hip these days!

Pick a cool hotel and have a rest and relaxation staycation in your own city.

To make the staycation more interesting, you might like to prepare some fun couple questions to ask each other!

Winter date ideas

68. Build an igloo 

It’s the season of snow so why not take advantage of it and have a fun date by making an igloo together?

Cuddle inside in some sleeping bags with a much deserved thermos of hot chocolate afterwards.

Is this not one of the best winter first date ideas ever?

69. Go ice skating

Take a cute date to the ice rink and go ice skating together.

You can spend hours gliding around the ice rink talking and enjoying each other’s company.

 Or work on some fun ice skating tricks together. 

It’s your date, you decide what you like.

70. Go to a ice hockey game together

If you’re both into hockey than getting tickets to your favorite ice hockey team will be a fun and exciting date.

Scream with the crowds, order too many snacks, and try and catch one of those fly away pucks (or a players tooth) as a keepsake to remember that great date.

71. Snowboarding

Snowboarding is an awesome way to embrace the new winter season and have a ton of fun. 

If you’ve never been snowboarding before, take lessons. 

If you know what you’re doing get out there and feel the need for speed! 

72. Tubing

Yes so tubing is seriously so fun and one of the best ever winter date ideas if you ask me.

73. Drive through the holiday lights

This time of year there’s always beautiful light shows to drive to and enjoy.

Make a cute date out of it and invite your date along to check out the holiday lights with you. Get some coffee too, and snacks to make it a perfect date.

74. Go caroling

Join a group of carolers and join in the holiday spirit and fun. 

This can be a fun date and can make people’s day a little bit brighter as well.

75. Volunteer to shovel sidewalks together 

In the winter spirit we should all consider others before ourselves.

Especially those less fortunate than ourselves.

Volunteer your time and effort to help shovel sidewalks for people in your neighborhood, free of charge.

 I’m sure those elderly ladies and gentlemen would appreciate it, since I’m sure it’s hard for them to do it themselves.


Free date ideas

76. Go roller skating

Most roller skating rinks have pretty great prices, but if you’re looking for something completely free for your date, be on the lookout for free skate nights!

If you have your own skates and go on a free night, you can spend the whole date having a blast with your person for absolutely no cost. It’s a great deal!

77. Play twister

This game is silly, but it can definitely get a little spicy! There are tons of different ways to add a little zest to the game, and playing it with someone you’ve definitely got the hots for makes for an awesome time. If you check online, there are bunches of fun modifications to make the game more fun, sillier, or hotter.

78. Find a free brewery tour

Spend some time searching online for a free brewery or wine tour near you. This is a fancy and fun date that will cost nothing at all! Plus, you’ll get some free drinks out of it, so you’re sure to have a fun time!

79. Test drive a fancy car

Maybe one of your friends has a super cool car that you’ve been waiting to drive for a while… and maybe they’re willing to let you take it out for a spin!

If you let them know you’re trying to ball on a budget and impress your cute date they’ll probably be more likely to let you borrow it. If they say no, don’t worry – we’ve got 49 other free date ideas for you!

80. Go to a high school sports event

If you and your date love sports but don’t want to drop $100+ on tickets, you can still enjoy the tailgating and the thrill at a high school event.

Whatever your favorite sport is, go see a game at the local high school and cheer on the team! If you want to add a little silly fun, you can get decked out head to toe in the school’s colors. Break out the face paint!


Watching the sunset is the perfect free date idea for summer

Cheap date ideas 

81. Go camping

Going camping is an awesome cheap date for a couple with a sense of adventure! Roasting marshmallows, enjoying the fresh air, swimming in a nearby lake or river, and snuggling up in the tent at night is fun and romantic at the same time.

Check for beautiful campsites near you and go pitch a tent!

82. Go to a trivia night

Restaurants and bars have trivia nights all of the time! There’ll be some people there that do trivia every week and are masters, but no matter – trivia is fun whether you know all of the answers or none of them!

There are also themed nights, like Harry Potter or 90s TV Show Theme Songs, so if you find a topic you know a ton about, you can show off your knowledge to your date.

83. Make a slip and Slide in the Backyard

If you’ve got a tarp laying around or anything you can pour some soap on and slide town, try this one out! Put on some bathing suits and get the hose water running down the slide.

You can attempt to go down standing up, run and jump down the slide, or whatever other crazy tricks you can come up with!

Cute indoor date ideas

84. Make Personalised Glasses

Learn a new skill or hone your artistic talents in a new way by engraving glassware.

Together you can make cute his and her glasses, or maybe try to impress each other with your talents. 

No matter who skilled your partner is, guys will love the excuse to etch a beer stein and christen his wares with a cold drink afterwards.

These also make perfect and very personalized gifts for family and friends.

All you need is an engraving kit and you can customize glasses, pottery and more.

85. Learn a new song

If you are musically inclined, it is super fun to learn a new song together or even find a special song that means something to just the two of you. Here is a list of alternative love songs to check out. You can use this list to make an awesome playlist and even potentially find your song – a song that means something to just the two of you.

Watch Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper for some romantic musical inspiration. They should be a real couple as they are just so adorable!

Double date ideas

86. Do a murder mystery dinner party

This is an awesome idea for a group that loves to fully commit.

There are tons of resources online to help you plan the perfect murder mystery, and some restaurants and businesses will host one if you make a reservation!

Every party has a different theme – be it 1920s, luau, or Star Wars – so dress up, get in character, and go have a great time!

87. Go for a couples trip somewhere

Finding a place you’ve always wanted to go and planning a trip there makes for an awesome date.

You could go to a beautiful beach, a national park, or go see a city you’ve never explored! Whatever the destination, traveling with friends is always a great time.

88. Go to a film festival

Okay, film festivals are so entertaining. A ton of the films will be really funny, intense, dramatic, and thought-provoking. It’s cool!

There’ll also be some weird ones… but either way, you’ll have a ton to talk about!



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