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Nerdy Date Ideas: 31 Original Geeky Dates To Do This Weekend!

Looking for fun nerdy date ideas?

Let’s face it, we all are a bit nerdy deep inside. So here are our favourite geek date night ideas – geek out on date night with these super fun (and nerrrddyy) ideas!

Nerdy first date ideas

If it is your first, second or third date, here are some fun but lighthearted geeky dates:

Play Video Games – Video games is a great first date idea if you are a nerdy couple. Here are some good video game options for massive nerds:

  • The Mass Effect Series;
  • Kentucky Route Zero;
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt;
  • The Dragon Age Series;
  • Heavy Rain

Cook your favourite nerdy meal – Why not cook a fun meal from your favorite game or tv show show. Here are some fun nerdy meal ideas you could give a try:

Do a geeky art project – A geeky art project is a totally fun idea. Find a mutual area of interest and get to work on your project! Here are some fun ideas include:

Go to a nerdy convention – There is loads of nerdy conventions throughout the year to suit every time of nerd out there (whether it be gaming, comic con or books). Here is a nice list of nerdy conventions that are on throughout the year, located all over America.

If your relationship progresses beyond a first date, you might like to plan a trip to a convention in another State. Some of the most popular conventions in the year are:

Scavenger hunt – Even if you are a grown man, scavenger hunts are SO fun. If you are a romantic at heart, plan a fun scavenger hunt for your significant other with clues.

Challenge each other to a photography contest – who can take the best photography in your city. If you want to increase the challenge, opt for night photography.

Go a book club – Most libraries have book club where you can talk and recommend books in a group. This would be a great ice breaker for a first date!


Watch Old School Films at a Drive in – Look at for old school movie nights at the local drive in cinema.

Karaoke – Karaoke is so fun and is offered at lots of Asian restaurants on weekends. Search your city fr the best karaoke near you!

Nerdy date ideas

Build a lego masterpiece – There is no letter feeling after having successfully built something together. Pick a fun lego design (like this international space station!) and get to work. Some fun cocktails may be in order as you build!

Plan a day trip – Talking about international space stations, another fun date idea would be planning a nerdy day trip. Go somewhere with a lot of history or an actual space station like NASA in Florida! If you haven’t been to NASA yet – plan a trip – totally worth it!

Chess in the park – It is fun to play chess inside but at the park is FAR FAR more romantic. Am I right?

Movie Marathon – There is nothing like a good movie marathon of your fav films. Here are some great options:

  • Harry Potter movie marathon;
  • Lord of the Rings movie marathon;
  • Star Trek;
  • Star Wars.

Go to a trivia night – If you are a big nerd, a trivia night will be RIGHT up your alley. Pubs often organise them on a Friday night where you can compete against other tables.

Escape Room – If you have not tried an escape room yet, an outing with that special someone is the perfect opportunity!

Visited a haunted house – One of my favorite Halloween Date Ideas but you could really do it any time of year! An interesting alternative to a haunted house is a haunted hotel where you can stay overnight and hear the ghosts that haunt the house come to life! If you are game, here is a list of the best haunted hotels in the USA.

Go second hand shopping – Trying on vintage clothes is the most fun! Perhaps you could pick a fun outfit for each other to wear for the day or perhaps out for dinner.

Build a nerdy sand castle – Go fora beach day and see who can create the best sand castle. You could even give your competition a theme like game of thrones castles.


Nerd Activities

Read comics together – If you are looking for free date ideas, this is one of the best. Pull out your old comic collection, prepare some cold drinks and let the good times roll!

Play a board game – Another one of my fav date ideas for the broke couple. Pull out the old boardgames or try some new ones. Looking for some fun board game ideas? You can check out our list of the best board games for couples.

Or a card game – Alternatively, you could play some fun card games together. Here is our list of the best 2 player card games for couples.

Go to the zoo and learn about different species – If you both love learning about different species, a trip to the zoo is always a fun idea. A nice alternative to this might be volunteering at your local animal shelter.

Go to a planetarium – If going to a planetarium and looking at the stars is not the most romantic thing ever, I don’t know what is.

Visit the arcade – The arcade always makes for a super fun date night. You could start the night at the movies and finish the night playing some games at the arcade or perhaps even dance dance revolution LOL.

Nerf war – There is nothing more fun than firing at someone else with a nerf gun!

Learn something together – If you are both into keeping your brain active, why not learn something new together like a new language. Here are some Simple Spanish Phrases to get you started.

Do pottery together – Bring the iconic scene from ghost to life with your very own pottery date!

Fit Nerdy Date Ideas

Here are some active date ideas for the fit nerd:

Dance lessons – Go for some dance lessons. Perhaps swing dance or ballroom dancing would be fun?

Play Frisbee – Frisbee is another fabulous date idea that won’t totally break the bank. It is so easy to prepare too! A fun alternative to regular frisbee is glow in the dark frisbee at night.

Driving Range – The driving range is always a super fun activity for couples. If you have had a hard day or week at work it is also a good way to let off some steam.

Mini Golf – If regular golf isn’t really your jam, you might like to try your hand at mini golfing? Sometimes there is even themed mini gold courses which are super fun. Pigeon Forge has some fun themed mini golf including Hello Kitty mini golf.

Pokemon Go – Pokemon Go is a super fun way to explore your city. If you are an awkward person, it is also a nice way to keep things light-hearted with few awkward pauses.

Geocaching – When Pokemon Go and Orienteering had a baby, that is geocaching. If you love hunting for hidden treasure, geocaching will be right up your alley.

Play Ping Pong – A super fun nerdy active date. Tennis would be too cool.

Archery – If you are looking for a different sport so the date isn’t stale, archery is a fun idea.

Axe throwing – A relatively new activity to do but so fun!

Laser Tag – Going to a place where you can play laser tag is always a winner.

Rollar blading ring – Old school and so very nerdy!

More Date Night Inspo?

If you are looking for more fun ideas for date night, we have you covered:


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