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5 Haunted Hotels That You Should Visit in the USA in 2022

Are you into everything spooky? So do we! While we’re usually into finding romantic hotels we’ve taken a break from that today. After-all, haunted hotels are the PERFECT halloween date idea!

After visiting the extraterrestrial highway here are 5 Haunted Hotels that you should visit in the USA in 2022.

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1. Hotel Del Coronado

The ghost of Kate Morgan can be seen lurking around the halls of Hotel Del Coronado CA.

The story goes that in 1892, Kate checked in the hotel on Thanksgiving Day. After being stood up by a gentleman she purchased a gun in San Diego and took her own life.

If you are wondering whether to stay at the hotel – Kate is not a scary ghost but has been described as sorrowful.

The hotel is also famous for being the inspiration for the Eagles Song, Hotel California.

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2. Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

Want to stay somewhere with a famous ghost?

The ghost of Marilyn Monroe is said to haunt the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

She stayed in this glamorous hotel for 2 years at the start of her modeling career.

Guests have cited her ghost on numerous occasions. Other weird occurrences include mysterious phone calls to the hotel operator and cold spots.

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3. The Stanley Hotel

Anyone else a fan of the Shining?

If you would like to stay in the hotel which inspired movie, the shining, look no further than The Stanley Hotel.

People regard this hotel as one of the most paranormal hotels in America.

Once the hotel provided servants to all visitors. These servants spirits are said to still remain and haunt the hotel with untraceable piano music and maniacal laughs.

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4. The Hay-Adams Hotel

The Hay-Adams Hotel in Washington is haunted by Clover Adams, the wife of the property’s original owner.

In particular, she chooses to haunt the hotel in December each year. She died after finding out her husband had a mistress by injecting chemicals in her body that she uses in her photography.

If you stay in the hotel in December you may feel the presence of Clover Adams including the opening doors, turning things on and off, and occasionally crying out.

You don’t need to be too worried though, she is said to be a friendly ghost who hugs housekeepers as they clean her favourite floors.

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5. The Mayflower Hotel

Want to visit a hotel that is haunted by a former US president? Then the mayflower hotel is the haunted hotel for you.

While Calvin Coolidge was serving in office, he failed to attend the inaugural ball tradition at the Mayflower due to his son’s death 2 weeks earlier.

As he missed this event, he haunts the hotel and in particular the ballroom with flickering lights in the Grand Ballroom at 10pm (a time when the guests of honour are usually announced).

He is particularly present on the day of the event January 20th if you are interested in a sighting.

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