So you made it past the first date and second date?

Congratulations is in order! It looks like this relationship is really headed in the right direction.

By the third date, fresh ideas can be running thin.

But don’t worry, we have you covered with super cute Third Date Ideas!

We know a thing or two about creative date ideas because we’ve written about over 350 of them (seriously, check out the link).

Cute Third Date Ideas

So here we are – the third date. Are you guys married yet or what?!

In all seriousness, it can be difficult to think of new and creative ideas by the time it gets to the third date. But luckily, we have wracked our brains and come up with 50 Super Cute Third Date Ideas.

1.  Create a song together

This one we love love love because seriously how cute is it!? Ideal for a cute third date idea!

First, come up with a poem together that rhymes and second marry it up to your favourite tune or better yet (if you are musical) create a special new tune just for the two of you!

2. Get some friends and play cards against humanity

How much fun is cards against humanity?! Am I right or am I right?!

It is even more fun when you have some cheeky friends to play with.

Grab a few of your besties and play the game with a drink or two!

cute-third date-ideas

3. Watch Game of Thrones Marathon

Now who doesn’t like Game of Thrones? It is a seriously great show!

And you know what’s better? It has multiple seasons so the date can go on forever OR you can pause and reschedule for a fourth date to continue!

4. Visit a New Restaurant

Visiting a restaurant is fun but visiting a new restaurant is even FUN-er.

Pick a restaurant in your city that neither of you have been to but it reviewed really well.

After your meal hit Tripadvisor and write your first couple review together of your experience!

Feasting on delicious food is one great way to enjoy a rainy day. If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out our post about things to do on a rainy day for adults.

5.  Go Diving

Diving can have multiple meanings if you have a dive license by all means go diving.

If not, find a local pool with a small diving plank. It can be so much fun diving into a pool from a platform. Almost feels like you are kids again!

Share your the best dives on Instagram. If you’re going to share fails, make sure to add one of our romantic love quotes to soften the embarrassment. 

6. Go Snorkeling

Snorkeling is seriously one of our favourite pastimes. What is more fun than seeing a myriad of colourful fish under the water!

Research an awesome boat trip or a beach you can snorkel right from the shore.

7. Go Free Diving

Have you heard of free diving? This is something we have heard about recently and is becoming a very popular activity.

Don’t have a scuba license? No problem! With free diving you can go deep into the sea without a scuba with super large fins!

8. Hire a Boat

If diving deep into the ocean isn’t what you are about you may prefer to float on the top.

Hire a boat for a day or a half of a day and enjoy the sunshine or even go fishing. Alternatively, go for a night boat ride!

If this isn’t a super cute third date idea, I don’t know what is!

9. Learn a new language

Learning a new language can be so rewarding and so useful in any future travel.

Pick a language and country you would like to visit together and plan to visit once you both have a grip of teh language.

10. Learn how to make origami

It would definitely be a super interesting and fun third date if you learnt to make origami together.

And just think you can teach your new skills to your kids in years to come. How cute!

11. Have a staycation

Staycations are so hip these days!

Pick a cool hotel and have a rest and relaxation staycation in your own city.

12. Go window shopping

Even if you are not wanting to go shopping, window shopping is always a good idea.

Check out some fun shops. It may even be super fun to try some clothes on.

13. Hire a scooter for the day

We had so much fun hiring a scooter for the day in Paris.

It is a super fun adventure to enjoy together as a couple. If you hire a vintage or a brand new scooter it can also double as a good #couplegoals photo prop.

Hiring a scooter is a great date idea to keep cool in summer. Read this post for 50 more fun summer date ideas.


14. Go for a lunch with a view

There is one thing better than lunch and that is lunch with a view.

We enjoyed an amazing date in Paris recently. What made it so great? Well, the view of course!

The lunch was great but the view of the eiffel tower made it extra special.


15. Dress each other in something crazy

Playing dress up is so much fun! Revert back to a child and dress up in something hilarious.

It is sure to get a few laughs and deepen the relationship even further. Plus it is a really cute third date idea!

This idea works year-round, but we particularly love picking out cheesy sweaters when it’s Christmas time.

Read this post for 50 more cute winter dates.

16. Play hockey

Get out and play a game of hockey. Why hockey? Well, I bet you didnt think of hockey right!?

Hockey is a very unique third date and something you will be sure to continue to discuss for years to come.

17. Play basket ball

Hockey not your jam? What about basket ball?

The beauty of basket ball is that the opportunities to play the sport are plentiful and just about everyone owns a basket ball so there is really no excuse!

18. Go to a soccer game

Sometimes playing sport is just too hot and sticky, going to a sport game can be a much better idea!

Soccer is one of the best games to visit as the fans are so loyal which can make for great entertainment!

19. Go to a football game

Many people do not enjoy soccer as it can be quite a slow game.

Football as a lot of different varieties such as American Football, Rugby Union, Rugby League and more..

20. Go to a dessert bar

Going for dinner can be fun but going to a desert bar can be fun-er!

What can be more satisfying than a big plate of warm chocolate brownie to warm the heart and the tummy.

21. Go to a kareoke bar

Singer or not there is nothing more fun than visiting a kareoke bar and belting out some of your favourite tunes.

This is sure to make for a very memorable third date!

22. Hike a mountain

Hiking a mountain is a super rewarding idea for a third date.

Doing a activity like a hike will certainly bring you closer together as a couple as you have accomplished something as a team.

23. Marvel at a view

Who doesn’t love a view! So hunt the best view in your city to impress your date with.

A view is sure to win loads of brownie points as it is a really cute third date idea.

24. Clean up a beach

Is there an eco warrior hiding inside of you?

Plan your third day around a beach clean up. Bring a plastic bag and decide to clean up the beach together.

And of course, a good deed should always be rewarded with a nice cold drink after!

25. Go white water rafting

White water rafting is a perfect third date for the adventurous amongst us.

We have been white water rafting twice. The first time was a rather chilled experience in Slovenia and the second time was in New Zealand where we had a near death experience (something to talk about for many dates to come!)

26. Play hide and seek

Bring out the inner child in you and play hide and seek. Make it fun game and time how fast you can find each other.

27. Play play-doh

Another throw back to the good old days would be a third date making no other than play-doh!

Have a challenge and see who can create the best animal using play doh.

28. Be a yes man for a day

Everyone loves a yes man or a yes woman!

Have a super fun day and agree to say yes to everything suggested even if you usually wouldn’t!

29. Catch em all on the pokemon app

Does this app even still exist because we think it would be a super fun third date idea!

It would be so fun going around the city catching all the pokemon on a date.

If this app isnt too your liking there are plenty of others that you can try instead!

30. Communicate only by letters

Remember the days when we were all pen pals?

How romantic would a date be if you cannot talk but only communicate via letters?

These letters will provide a fabulous keepsake for many dates in the future to come!

31. Get some walkie talkies

Walkie talkies are so much fun and so old school!

Buy some walkie talkies and go to a park or a department store where you can have some good fun using them!

32. Renovate someones house

Renovating a house is a great activity as achieving a project is a great way to bring a couple together and get some good insight into your future together.

Plus, you might win some big brownie points with your new beau if you do a good job renovating their house!

33. Restore a piece of furniture

If neither of you have a house yet to renovate, the next best thing (and super fun too) is to restore an old piece of furniture together.

If you do a good job you can even sell it for a profit after! A great fourth date idea.

34. Sell something on ebay

Both bring a few items of clothing, photograph them and see how much money you can make on ebay.

After use your ‘winnings’ (however much your items sell for) to go out either for a nice meal or McDonalds.

35. Have a garage sale

On the same line of thinking as ebay, another third date idea would be to have a garage sale together.

As above, however much you earn from the garage sale use on your date.

36. Make a cupcake stand

We really like the idea of the cupcake stand as it involves making super cute cupcakes together and then going and selling them at a market.

A super super cute third date idea!

37. Go to the opera

Going to the opera is such a cultured third date experience.

Get dressed up, have a few fancy cocktails in intermission – a perfect third date idea if we do say so ourself.

38. Go see a musical

The issue with operas is you cannot always understand what the people are saying!

Musicals on the other hand, may be a better third date idea as you can understand exactly what is going on.

Our favourite musicals and ones we would highly recommend include Phantom of the Opera and My Fair Lady.

39. Play hide and seek in Ikea

Aside from finding good furniture, Ikea is good for something else, that is playing hide and seek.

Ikea makes THE PERFECT hide and seek grounds as they purposely design the store in a way that you will get lost and there is plenty of places to hide.

40. Make a couples instagram account

We are a fan of the couples Instagram account, hey, we even made one @coupletraveltheworld and wrote about some of the best Instagram couples.

It is never too soon to make a couples Instagram account together and lets just say, couples who Instagram together, stay together!

Get started today with our guides to help you pick a couple instagram name and which are the best couple hashtags + how to use them!


41. Take a photography course

Taking a course together is a super fun and productive way to spend your third date as a couple.

We love photography so a perfect third date for us would be taking a photography course to improve our skills.

42. Take an art class

If photography is not your thing, take an art class together.

Even better still, take a nude live art class together where the subject that you are painting is totally nude.

This is sure to be a pretty awkward moment but will certainly bring you closer together as a couple in the long run!

43. Go on a walking tour of your city

This is something that you would probably never do normally so it is just perfect for a great third date idea.

Discover something new about your city and find a new place to be “your place” for just the two of you.

44. Prank call people

The good old prank call. Immature but oh so fun!

Take turns doing a prank call of each others choosing.

45. Go surfing

Surfing probably found itself also on date list 1 & 2 but for good reason surfing never gets old.

46. Do a good deed

There is nothing that fills your heart more full of joy that doing a good deed.

Spend a day giving out little home made boxes of joy to the homeless together. It will fill your heart with love and create memories with your new beau that will last a lifetime.

47. Visit a bird sanctuary

A zoo is so date 2 but a bird sanctuary – now there is good third date material.

48. Plant a tree

Be a good green citizen and plant a tree.

Getting your hands dirty is super fun & doing something good for the environment is sure to bring a lot of good energy to the relationship.

Plus, we love trees because in fall they create stunning backdrops for cute fall dates

49. Babysit

Offer to babysit together for a relative.

You will have so much fun together playing with that little someone and will give you a lot of insight into your future life together asa couple.

50. Go sailing

Sailing is a great date idea as you get to go out on the open sea and relax for the day with a loved one.

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