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Summer Bucket List for Couples : 78 Fun and Romantic Ideas!

Wondering what to do this summer with your significant other? We have created the ultimate Summer Bucket List for Couples so you’ll never get bored this summer.

Whether it is as simple as going to the beach or something you need to organise like croquet, we have you covered with the very best summer fun!

Summer Bucket List for Couples

Fun Outdoor Activities for Couples

1. Watch a movie outside – Grab some blankets, some popcorn, and set up a projector or laptop – this date is going to be adorable! Once it’s dark, you’ll be able to watch a movie with your special someone underneath the stars. This just screams rom com to me!

2. Have a picnic – Picnicking is something every couple should do before the Summer’s end. The warm weather, gorgeous scenery, blooming flowers, and relaxing atmosphere will make for a beautiful day out with your person. If you don’t feel like going out in the hot sun, it is also possible to enjoy an indoor picnic. It is one of our favorite indoor date ideas.

3. Play corn hole – Corn hole is a blast, and it’s the perfect game for two players! Corn hole is a backyard barbeque must-have, so if you and your date are looking for some fun outside, grab a bag and start tossing!

4. Stargaze – Stargazing is the quintessential couple thing. Every couple should try this out, but make sure you do it before it gets too cold outside. Lay out a blanket, look at the stars, and talk about the meaning of life. It will be romantic, and it’ll help you get to know your loved one on a deeper level.

5. Scenic Drive – Find that beautiful mountain, incredible waterfall, sparkling lake, or expansive bridge near you and drive. You can turn up the music, have some great conversations, and enjoy the beautiful views from the comfort of your car. This is perfect if you don’t want to be outside in the sun!


Summer bucket list for teenage couples

If you are looking for some lighthearted things to do as a teenage couple this summer, here are a few ideas. If you don’t like these, you can also check out our extensive list of teen date ideas.

6. Eat dinner at a food truck – Check your town’s website or walk around a city looking for food trucks! Once you find one that sounds interesting and is fairly close by, make the trip over and get a meal for you and your date. It’s fun, delicious, and should definitely go on your Summer bucket list.

7. Attend an outdoor concert or movie – Outdoor events are best enjoyed in Summer when the weather is warm and spirits are high. Find an outdoor event with tons of fun and fresh air and bring your favorite person. You’re sure to make some memories.

8. Visit a beautiful garden – Whether it’s a community garden, a commercial tourist-trap garden, or a field of wildflowers you happened upon while hiking one day, go enjoy the beautiful greenery while it lasts! Come fall, you’ll see plenty of orange and brown hues and lots of crunchy leaves, but the flowers will be gone. Visit while you can! 

9. Make s’mores – Set up a fire (safely!) and buy all of your s’mores fixings. The roasting, the singing, and the companionship are almost as good as the s’mores!

10. Plant a tree together – Planting trees is refreshing, rewarding, and relaxing. It’s best enjoyed with someone you love! Find a pretty spot – be it in your backyard, or at a farm – and plant the little seed together. In a while, it will grow into a beautiful tree, and you’ll be able to look back on the fond memories. How sweet!

11. Play croquet – Croquet is an absolutely perfect sport for the Summertime! No one likes to play croquet in the cold, so get out there now! Put on a sporty outfit and grab a set – it’ll be a blast.

Summer bucket list for teenage couples

Romantic bucket list

12. Have a cocktail or mocktail making contest
If you’ve got the supplies, this is a must-do. It’s got all of the right ingredients for a perfect date: fun, drinks, and competition! If you and your favorite person don’t drink, mix up some mocktails! Either way, this one should definitely make the bucket list.

13. Fly a kite
This one is just so romantic. I bet you can picture it right now – the wind, the sun, the kite in the sky – isn’t it just too cute?

14. Go to a baseball game
Call up your S.O. and take them out to the ball game! Cheer on your home team and enjoy the fun lively energy with your person.

15. Go on a boat trip
Maybe you or your date know someone with a boat, but if you don’t, you can always rent one for an afternoon! Go spend the day on the lake swimming, eating PB&Js, and cruising around with the wind in your hair. This is a must-do Summer bucket list item.

16. Go skinny dipping in a lake
Ooh-la-la!! If you’re looking for something spicy to do, you can add some fun to a hot Summer day by getting rid of your clothes! It was getting too hot outside anyway…

17. Ride a Ferris wheel

If there’s a fair, a carnival, or a standalone ride near you, you have got to get some tickets. Ferris wheels are so sweet, and they’re usually pretty long rides. You’ll be able to have a nice conversation and enjoy the incredible views at the top.

18. Hire a jet ski
Jet skis are available to rent at pretty much every lake, ocean, or large body of water. They’re fast, fun, and great for a hot Summer day. If you share one, it’s like cuddling, but you’re on the water going 60mph!

19. Go wine or beer tasting.
Unlock your fancy side and go for a wine or beer tasting nearby. Try tons of different wines and craft beers with your significant other and leave a little tipsy!

20. Go roller skating
Roller skating makes for a great outing any time of the year, but it’s especially great in the Summer because the rinks are full! Everyone’s out there dancing, skating, and having a good time. Be sure to add this one to your Summer bucket list!

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College couple bucketlist

21. Dine at a rooftop lounge
These are just so gorgeous! This is the kind of date you wear your little black dress (or a hot suit) to and drink champagne with your loved one. Order something interesting you’ve never tried before and enjoy the views.

22. Have a paper airplane contest.
There are tons of websites, videos, and pictures online teaching you how to make different paper airplanes. Buy some square sheets of paper and get folding! Once you have some folded and ready to go, find a park or field and see which one of yours flies the furthest.

23. Have a water balloon fight
It’s hot outside, you’re looking for something to do, and the hose is just sitting idly waiting for something interesting to happen. You can usually find water balloons at a Walmart or dollar store during the Summer, so make a quick trip and pick up one bag or ten. Fill them up and go to town!

24. Go fruit picking
Strawberries are absolutely delicious during the Summer months, and there will be different kinds of fruits ready for picking based on where you live. You and your partner can find some cute baskets and make an afternoon out of it. Bonus points if you make a pie or some jams with the fruit you picked! Too cute.

25. Go paragliding
Paragliding is a unique, exhilarating, and awesome Summer activity. If you haven’t tried it before, this is the Summer to do it!

Dating bucket list with boyfriend

26. Go to a milk bar to get milkshakes
Almost everyone loves milkshakes, and there are really only two things that could make a milkshake better: warm weather and your cute date!

27. Have a beach day
Of course! The salty air, rushing water, and warm sun kissing your face is the perfect Summer activity. Pack some lunch and drinks and head to the beach pronto!

28. Go horseback riding
If you haven’t been horseback riding before, you should definitely try it out this Summer. There’s something positively magical about galloping through the woods on horseback.

29. Have a pool day
Not a fan of the sand and saltwater? No worries! Head down to your local swimming pool and enjoy a day in the sun. Bring some cold drinks and a book if you’re the type to lay out, or some water games and floats if you love to play in the water!

30. Make a summer romance playlist.
This is a great addition to any Summer bucket list. Pick songs that remind you of each other and add them to a joint playlist. Bonus points if you combine this one with the scenic drive!

31. Start a couple’s journal.
Buy a cute journal (or grab one you have laying around – you know you’ve got one somewhere) and catalogue your favorite moments and memories together. If you don’t know where to start, Pinterest has some awesome journaling inspo.


Couple to do list for lovers

32. Build a blanket fort
Your pillows, blankets, and couch cushions needed rearranging anyway. Grab anything soft from around your place and use it to build the best fort ever. You can watch a movie inside once you’re finished!

33. Go to an amusement park.
There are amusement parks scattered about, so check and see if there’s one close to you. Once you find one, grab some tickets and go out for a day of thrills! You can play games, ride crazy roller coasters, and eat food that’s wonderfully unhealthy.

34. Go to a local or state fair
The fair is similar to an amusement park, but it has a very different feel. Your state fair will be smaller, but it will probably have incredible food and entertainment. You could even make it a group event and bring along some friends!

35. Take a bubble bath
Everyone needs a good self-care day. If you’ve got a facemask, some bubbles, and a bathtub, you’ve got everything you need for a Summer spa night.

36. Stand up paddle boarding
Have you ever seen some insanely cool person standing up and paddling a huge board while looking like an absolute boss? I definitely have! Rent a paddle board and try it out. You will feel so cool.

37. Or kayaking
Kayaks are usually not as expensive to rent, and you can find two person kayaks pretty easily! Kayaking is fun, and it’s a great workout.

38. Swim with dolphins or manatees
This will require a bit more pre-date prepping, but it will be so worth it. Find a company that does dolphin or manatee experiences and go enjoy the beauty of Earth’s cutest ocean life!

Bucket list ideas for couples

39. Romantic balcony dinner date
If you’ve got a balcony (or know of a restaurant that has one), take your date out for a pretty dinner date under the stars! The weather won’t be too cold, the night sky will be super romantic, and you’ll seriously impress your loved one with your cute idea.

40. Go camping
Camping can be a ton of fun. You can hike, make s’mores, kayak, swim in the lake, go fishing, and so much more! Go on the hunt for a campground near you and set a date!

41. Go to a cocktail bar
Put on a nice outfit and go out for a classy night on the town. This is a must-add for your Summer bucket list.

42. Stay the night in a tiny home
Pick your favorite rental service and start looking for a tiny home! If you’ve seen the reality tv shows, you know how adorable these are. They’re great for bonding with your partner, and it’ll be a fun getaway from work and the stress of everyday life.

43. Visit a National Park
National parks are always a great choice. Visit some of the most incredible and special places in the nation and do it with someone you love! This can become a great tradition too. Each Summer, pick somewhere awesome to go and explore!


44. Watch the sunset on the hood of the car
This is the perfect end to an awesome day. The sunset’s beauty is unmatched, and it’s something anyone can appreciate. Lay a blanket down on your car and soak in the gorgeous colors of the night sky.

45. Visit a farmer’s market
Farmers markets are healthy, eco-friendly, help local small businesses, and have tons of delicious food! The fresh Summer fruits and vegetables will turn any average day into a great one.

46. Go on an ice cream store hop of your city
Have you been to all of the ice cream stores in your city? If not, this is the Summer to do it! Figure out which one has the most flavors, the best milkshakes, and the lowest prices. Write down your results and pick your favorite!

47. Watch the late-night fireworks outside
People love shooting off fireworks in the Summer! Do a quick Google search and see if anyone nearby is having a firework show. Once you’ve found somewhere, bring a blanket and some snacks and enjoy your Summer night!

48. Go to a drive-in theatre
Drive in theatres are known for being super cool. You get to snuggle up with someone you love for a few hours and enjoy a movie together. Make sure you bring the popcorn!

49. Have an at-home chocolate tasting date
Go down the candy aisle and pick up any chocolate you haven’t tried before. When you get home, set everything up so that you can properly try it all. Figure out which chocolates are the best… and the absolute worst!

50. Go mini golfing
Mini golfing is a ton of fun, and it’s really best to do during the Summer. If you go in the middle of the day, it’ll be blazing hot on the green, but if you wait until later that evening, you’ll have a nice relaxed breeze, a fun game to play, and a great new Summer bucket list item!

51. Take tennis lessons
Have you been wanting to get more active this Summer? Tennis is a great game to play because you can buy a racket and some balls for fairly cheap and go all the time! You’ll want to practice some before you play, so find some lessons in your area and get to work.

52. Make iced tea or coffee together
Iced tea and coffee are perfect drinks for a hot Summer day, but have you ever made them at home? Find a recipe you like online, or just wing it and hope for the best!

53. Have a BBQ in the backyard
A backyard BBQ is the ideal Summer event. Everyone can bring their signature dish, you can play some games outside, and enjoy the warm weather while it lasts.

54. Surfing lesson
If you live nearby the beach, what are you waiting for? Go live out your inner surfer babe or surfer dude and take a surfing lesson. Even if you’re not the best at it, it’s sure to be a great time.


55. Make a sandcastle
Sandcastles are a ton of fun to make and are a great way to relax and spend some chill time with your S.O. Bring a couple of buckets to the beach and boom! Summer bucket list item!

56. Take your dog for a walk
Your dog will love the exercise, and you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful weather! Get some vitamin D and spend some time with the person you love and the dog you love more. I’m only kidding. Mostly.

57. Run a marathon
This one is for the fitness freaks out there! If you love running, there are tons of races to compete in during the Summer. Train hard and pick a cooler day to get your blood pumping!

58. Make a vegetable garden
Planting a garden is fun and incredibly rewarding. Maybe by next Summer you’ll have your own little garden of vegetables to cook a meal with!

59. Make a time capsule and bury it
Making a time capsule is an awesome Summer activity, and you’ll have another Summer activity in a few years when you get to open it! You should absolutely add this to your Summer bucket list.

60. Get lost in an outdoor maze
Search Google and see if there are any mazes near you. When you find one, go test it out and see if you can get out using your own excellent sense of direction! You probably can’t, but that’s why this list item says ‘get lost’ in a maze. Best of luck!

61. Go bike riding
Bike riding is fun any time of the year, but it’s especially nice during the Summer. There’s nothing quite like feeling your heart beating, the wind in your hair, and the warm sun on your face.

62. Go on a river cruise
This is a perfect way to cool down and have a blast with your favorite person. Ride down the river and enjoy the views! We once went on an awesome Drag inspired river cruise in Germany.

63. Hike to a local waterfall
Waterfalls are absolutely beautiful, and the hiking trails around them are usually fantastic! Find one near you and ask your S.O. to come along. You’ll get some great pictures!

64. Go on a helicopter ride
For this one, you’re going to have to really pull out all the stops. This is a top-tier date, so expect to go all out. It’ll be an experience of a lifetime, and you should 100% add this to your bucket list.


65. Or hot air balloon ride
Hot air balloons are incredible! You’re flying through the sky, but you’re almost completely exposed! The feeling is indescribable – you’ll just have to go try it out yourself! To make it easy, we compiled a full list of the hot air balloon festivals in the USA.

66. Create a scrapbook of your summer adventures
This is a great one to do at the end of the Summer. Print some pictures of you two and look back through all of the memories you made. It’ll be super sweet, and you’ll have an awesome keepsake to look at each year.

67. Go fishing
If you two are an outdoorsy couple, add fishing to your bucket list this Summer! Pack some sandwiches, bring a speaker, and enjoy a day on the water.

68. Do a bridge climb
Another one for our outdoorsy folks – do a bridge climb! This is something not many people have tried, so it’ll be a unique experience for you and your partner.

69. Make a fruit pie together
Baking with your person is so much fun, and afterwards you’ll have a tasty treat to enjoy together! How perfect!

70. Rent a convertible.
Riding down the highway with the wind in your hair is something everyone wants to try. So, why not do it? Rent a convertible for the day and live like you’re in a movie. Our fav. place to do this is the Florida Keys. You might like to plan a trip from Miami to Key West!


71. Visit a museum.
Museums are a great way to learn more and appreciate interesting collections of art, artifacts, and otherwise strange items. Find a museum near you and spend your day learning and expanding your mind!

72. Have a food fight in the park
Do you have some leftovers from your cute picnic date? No worries – we’ve got another bucket list item for you! You know you’ve always wanted to have a food fight.

73. Visit an aquarium
Aquariums are some of the most amazing places in the world. The beauty of creation is incredible! Look at fish and sea creatures from all over the world and do it with your favorite person!

74. Go snorkelling or scuba diving
If you liked seeing those sea creatures from a distance, maybe you want to see them up close! Breathe under water for a little while and experience what it would be like to be a mermaid. You know you want to.

75. Go Tubing
Tubing is an awesome Summer activity for someone who wants something interesting to do but doesn’t want to do anything too crazy! Relax and float down the river with the person you love.

The Florida Springs are some of the best places to go tubing:


76. Create and send a message in a bottle
Write a poem, a joke, or something interesting on a paper and send it out to sea! Maybe it’ll never reach anyone, but wouldn’t it be cool if it did?

77. Have a dessert date
Dinner dates are fun, but dessert dates are better. Save your stomach space for the sweets you’ve been craving!

78. Play chess in the park
Chess is such a calming and classic game and playing it in the park makes it even better! Take your S.O. out and enjoy the beautiful weather with a fun game of chess.