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25+ Best Two Player Card Games For Couples on Date Night!

Looking for great Card Games For Couples to make date night more interesting?

It is bound to happen. We have all been there.The dreaded moments when you hit a boredom wall and can’t figure out what to do with your significant other for the evening. Sitting across the couch from one another, those all to familiar questions rear their ugly heads:  

~ “What do you want to do?”
~ “I don’t know what do you wanna do?”
~ “Want to watch a movie?”
~ “No, not really.”
~ “Want to go bike riding?”
~ “No, I am too tired for that.”
~ “Ugh, Do you want to play a game or something here then?”
~ “Possibly, what game are you thinking?”

Ah Ha! This is that time you can have an arsenal of card games, geared towards couples, that you can pull out for ideas.

25+ Fun Card Games For Couples


Who doesn’t like a good card game? There are so many out there that you will have an endless supply of games to play with each other.

In my experience, card games have always been a good source of entertainment, laughter and connection. We have put together a list of the best card games for couples to BEAT BOREDOM and create fun memories.

Romantic Couples Card Games

Our Moments Card Game

This couples card game includes a box full of 100 question cards to create a closer connection while allowing time to spend quality moments with each other.

Let your day go, settle in with your partner as you rekindle a romantic flame, have fun interacting and learning and re-learning about one another.

A perfect card game for partners in crime and in life!

Talk Flirt Dare

Take your traditional Truth or Dare and spice things up by adding a little flirt action in there too. Depending on the occasion, you can play 3 seperate games with the Talk deck, Flirt deck or Dare deck or they can also be combined and used to play one big game between you and your partner.

Can also be played amongst several couples in a party setting with just the Talk deck.

One of the best sexy card games for couples or a flirty game to play at a party!

Love Language Card Game

No Matter if you have been married forever or just starting out on the relationship path, The Love Language Card game are psychology based cards that are designed to guide couples in asking a specific series of questions that cover 5 categories: Family, Intimacy, Couple, Individual and Past & Future.

The questions can get quite personal but powerful. Go ahead, pick a card, ask the question, if you can’t step out of your comfort zone with your partner then how is your relationship going to grow in strength?

One of the best card games for couples.

Table Topics

Discover new levels to connect through exploring hot topics of the relationship world. There might be unknown aspects of your partner that have not been revealed to you yet because you never asked the right question.

TapleTopics comes to your rescue, supplying the perfect questions to engage you both on an adventure into new relationship territory.

Realizations Card Deck

Communicate, comunicate, communicate. The success to any relationship, especially a romantic relationship, is communication. Realizations card decks were fashioned from studies done by a coach-therapist team that were working to help their dating and married couples.

Utilize the questions as a date night game or weekly talking points while questing deeper into topics covering anything from intimacy to friendships, conflict resolution to spiritual foundations.

Let’s Chat Card Game for Couples

One of the best rated card games for couples to play.

List on Oprah’s Favorite Things list, these 150 cards mixes it up with funny questions along with more wholehearted, romantic questions to take you into a world of captivating conversation.

By way of communicating in this way, you can uncover more sense of clarity and focus on who your partner is in real life, behind all the devices and everyday distractions.

One of the best rated card games for lovers.

So…A Card Game for Deeper Questions for Couples

Tired of basic, run of the mill conversation with people whom you feel obligated to talk to, say at a party or family gathering? Slip this deck of cards in your purse or pocket, or maybe memorize a few questions and you will be prepared to authentically connect with every person you come in contact with.

Learn more about people around you other than just their name and how they are doing today! This deck isn’t just for romantic couples, it is for ANY and ALL people who speak even one word to each other.

Cards against humanity

Want to REALLY get to know who you are friends with? Well buckle in, open your mind, release any and all expectations of the people you have invited to the game table and pull out Cards Against Humanity.

You will get to know the true nature of the people you call friends when you find out how they think about crazy, wild, laughter inducing subjects. Warning: Not a game for your highly modest of friends.


Couple Connect Card Game

We all want that perfect relationship which is built on a strong, meaningful and communicative base. Encourage yourselves to sit down with one another and harness the power of these cards to have intimate discussions on topics like goals and dreams, mindfulness, fiances and social life.

RESEARCH BASED – Designed by a US-licensed psychologist, our game is based on published scientific research & psychological techniques used in marriage counseling, including CBT, EMDR, and mindfulness.

Let’s Mingle

The health of our relationships is rooted in feeling heard with active listening and engaging in conversations that are meaningful, fulfilling and more in-depth than just your boring, stale, everyday dialogues.

Build trust, strengthen bonds, share your story through interactions with these cards with not only your romantic partner but co-workers, friends and family. We all benefit from being social and communicating correctly.

That’s What She Said

Take Cards Against Humanity and add a kinky twist to the game. Be sure you are comfortable with the group you are playing with because some questions might bring a tinge of red to your cheeks.

Hysterical, comedic, entertaining and, definitely, memorable times will be had when you engage in playing That’s What She Said.

Truth or Drink

Gather your couple friends together and have a group date night because this card game is recommended for 3-8 players. Truth or Drink takes the good ‘ol fashioned game of Truth or Dare and adds an adult characteristic to the dare part by adding in a drinking aspect instead.

Be prepared to have a drink if you choose to stay silent to questions asked. By the end of the evening your whole group is going to know each other more than you maybe planned to ever know about one another.

One of the best drinking games for couples!

Lovers Communication Cards 

Light some candles, grab some wine, turn on a list of love songs for the evening’s soundtrack and sit down with your Love to open up and heat things up between the two of you. The questions are research based on building strong foundations for which to have a healthy partnership.

If it is a new relationship you can get to know one another. If you have been in this together for awhile it is a way to spend quality time and reconnect.

Love Hacks for Couples

Prioritize your relationship as you check in weekly with your partner through Love Hacks for Couples action cards. By putting in the time and effort to bring more positivity to your relationship, you ignite more inspiring, meaningful interactions that can only strengthen the bond between you and your partner.

More focused on acts of love rather than questions, these cards will fuel any fading flame and get couples out of stale ruts they may have begun to find themselves in.

A great card game for married couples.

Never Have I Ever Card Game

We all have that friend who we think has never done anything outside the box in their whole life. Invite them to your game night when you play Never Have I Ever and you will soon find out we all have stories that would crack people up and have them talking about it for years to come.

Old friends, new friends, family and partners can all partake in this hilarious game that leaves no stone unturned when it comes to crazy, weird, odd experiences we have all experienced in our past times.

Two Player Card Games For Couples

The following 2 player card games for couples are not JUST for couples and can be played with the whole family.

The previous list was focused on couple engagement and expanding awareness to build a hardier infrastructure for a lasting relationships.

But what if you are really just set on a quiet night at home to play a game with your partner that is not so much focused on learning about each other but rather on relaxing, having fun and not having to think deep about your responses?

Take advantage of the following more light hearted 2 player card games.

CodeNames Duet

Time is of the essence and by giving each other one word clues you play as a team to identify all 15 agents without revealing the assassins or too many bystanders. Great spy inspired game.

3 up 3 down

Quick, easily learned and fast paced(takes all of 10min for a game), your goal is to get rid of all your cards before your partner. There is a twist in that 3 cards are not revealed til the end of the game so you must be strategic about the moves you make all the way through to the end.

Easy game to take with you two on a car ride or camping trip for amusement and quality time together.

Unstable Unicorns

One of Kickstarter’s top 100 backed projects of all time and winner of 2019 People’s Choice Award for toy of the year, Unstable Unicorn is a strategic game where you are to collect unicorns, build your unicorn army, hinder your opponent’s progress and destroy their unicorn army first.

“A game that allows people to share meaningful experiences while actively working to screw each other over.”

Monopoly Deal

While Monopoly is not just cards for couples (it is traditionally a family game) it is also great to play just the two of you.

Condense the classic game of Monopoly into a fast-pace, 45 minute card game where your goal is to be the first to collect 3 full property sets of different colors to win.

The board and movable figurines are replaced by the simple drawing of cards for the necessary actions of the game. Money still included to wheel-and-deal.

Taco vs Burrito

A card game created by a 7-year old, so it is easy to learn BUT unpredictable actions cards that are drawn, create the need for strategic maneuvers to be able to build the weirdest, wildest meal to ensure you claim your place in the winner’s circle.

Fluxx Card Game

A game that is sure to cause fun loving chaos and confusion. Easy and simple to learn and start as any old card game goes; draw one card, play one card but then the rules can change and a whole different set of rules are upon you.

Just when you get comfy with those rules, BAM! The rules can change again. Things get shaken up all over the place in interesting and entertaining ways.

Exploding Kittens

Highly strategic, version of Russian Roulette that utilizes kittens, lasers and explosions.

Your goal is to try not to draw an exploding kitten card and lose though there are cards to defuse the explosion hence the strategic aspect of the game. “It’s like UNO, except there are goats, magical enchiladas and kittens that can kill you.” -CNN

A fun 2 player card game for couples.

Odins Ravens

A strategic card game based on mythical creatures and fantasy. Strategy is extremely necessary in winning over your opponent though you must be careful as many of your actions taken against your opponent can come back to haunt you later on in the game.

Simple rules, quick play and beautiful artwork make this a win-win for the both of you playing.

Starwars Destiny Two Player Game

For all you Star Wars geeks out there, here is the perfect date night game for you.

YOU decide the fates of the clashing forces of the First Order and the Resistance. Action-packed, fast-paced and easily learned card game allows you to live out epic battles of the Star Wars saga.

Circle of Jerks

Have a hilarious, wild and crazy, relaxing evening of this fast-paced, spicy, foul mouthed competitive card game. You are required to yell, loudly, obscenities that maybe you naturally would shy away from even saying, much less screaming in public.

Match and identify laughter invoking symbols and terms to make your way to the head of the game. Drinking rules are included as well.

Couples card Game Rules

If you are going to play cards as a couple, it is important to set some ground rules in play to make sure the night does not become too competitive and take a turn for the worse.

The ground rules should include:

  • No over competitiveness
  • No distractions
  • (You might like to add a few of your own!)

Did you find the right card game for you?

We are social animals, we require interaction to stay sane, relax and unwind, and promote health. Card games stimulate our brain, develop problem solving skills and provide us the opportunity to encourage and strengthen connections to 1 or more other people in our lives.

We create irreplaceable memories of laughter, enjoyment and fun through games with one another. Take the liberty in purchasing one or more of any of the above mentioned card games and look forward to busting boredom right out of any night it seems to want to creep up.


More Date Nights & Games?

Looking for more date night ideas and games? Don’t worry we have you covered!

Save couples cards games to Pinterest (so you can find it later!)



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