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10 Fun Games for Couples to Play at Home (Better than Netflix)

Sometimes it is best just to chill at home with your spouse or love one – AMIRIGHT? If you are looking for seriously fun games for couples at home for your indoor date night, we have you covered with 10 of the very best!

10 Fun Games for Couples at Home

Here is a countdown of very favorite fun game to play in the comfort of our home.

Talk Flirt Dare

This super fun couples game perfect for a date night at home includes 3 sets of cards: Talk, Flirt or Dare.

Pick a card and get to know your partner on a deeper level. A perfect couples game for a very romantic evening together!

Why not make a romantic dinner with candles and all your favorites and let the fun begin!

Want more games like this? Check out our list of the best card games for couples!

Love Language Conversation Starter

Do you know what your love language is? Do you know what your partners love language is?

Many relationship experts say the key to success in a relationship is knowing what each others love language is and knowing what type of actions show love to your partner, whether it be gifts or words of affirmation.

I personally love this love language starter pack for couples as it really assists you to get to know your partners love language a little better!

If you don’t care so much about love languages, you can always just check out some flirty questions for couples we came up with ourselves and are 100% free!

I love you activity book for couples

This is the cutest little activity book for couples ever – perfect for rainy day dates at home.

This activity is a perfect way to spend quality time with your partner in the comfort of your own home.

Inside is fun games and drawing activities which are suitable for couples who are just dating or even couples who have been married for 50 years!

Date Night Box

This date night box is a great way for couples to have fun at home with their clothes still on!

Game boxes are the perfect way to spend an evening with your spouse or significant other as the games are always fun and interactive – like an adults board game with fun questions to ask!

Therapy Game For Couples

Need a round of couples therapy but don’t want to pay the big $$ to see a qualified married therapist.

You may be able to fix some of your problems at home with this cheap and useful therapy game for couples to play!

Gutterhead – The Filthy and Hilarious Drawing Game for Couples

If you are looking for a fun and hilarious game to play with your boyfriend or girlfriend – Gutterhead -The Filthy and Hilarious Drawing Game for Couples is a great pick.

This game is the naught love child of pictionary and cards against humanity. Inside are quite frankly hilarious phrases such as ‘Teabagging’, ‘Wet Dream’, ‘Camel Toe’. 

Recommended for ages 17+ so may not be a great pick for a teen date idea – #justsayin’


The Couples Bucket List

Don’t know what to do on a date night indoors whether that be cook a yummy meal together or maybe paint some art?

This Couples Bucket List game box will help you with that with 100 unique ideas cards for date night.

Reveal or Conceal 

Perhaps this is only your second or third date together?

The reveal or conceal card game is perfect for couples getting to know each other. Sometimes it is hard to know the right questions to ask.

Well, worry no more as this card game provides 500 thought provoking questions to ask each other.

Choose to answer or forfeit your point to the other player. Sometimes, the things people are not willing to say give us the most insight!

Truth or Drink

Feel like adding a little alcoholic fun into your date night this weekend?

Then why not try the truth or drink card game for adults – either tell the truth or have a drink – either way the truth will surface by the end of the night!

Luck or Love

This is a really interesting game for couples to play. Basically, it is a card and dice game for couples where you win fun dares for you or your partner to take part in!

The game box includes 666 different dares so you are sure to never get bored!

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