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31 Fun Things for Couples to do at Home when Bored

Looking for Things for couples to do at home when bored? We have you covered.  

Wondering what to do with your boyfriend when bored? Or maybe your girlfriend, husband, wife or spouse? We all get bored, even in a perfect relationship, things get old so it’s important to keep thinking of fun couple activities to do to keep the spark alive!

We have spiced up a few old favorites and added some ideas you probably haven’t thought of too!

Here’s 31 things for couples to do when bored – we hope we can keep you entertained for a while with these super fun indoor activities for couples! The best bored couples ideas here. 🙂

31 Fun Things for couples to do at home when bored

Take a couples quiz

It’s kinda fun to take a couples relationship quiz when you are at home and bored. Sure they may be cheesy and a bit dorky but they are super fun and a great activity to do from the comfort of your own home together!

quizzes for couples

Take or Teach an Online Course

If you’re like most people, you’ve indulged in some of the free online courses which have become wildly present during these strange times. But have you thought about creating your own online course? Are you savvy, or just really excited about, a particular topic?

Do you have charisma, and explain things well? Why not go for it? You can teach anything from cooking, to making socks, and there will be someone willing to watch it. The steps are pretty easy: write a script (or at least, talking points, in order); film it on your phone or computer, making sure there is good lighting and sound; then edit it, adding some a few sound and visual effects, and a nice soundtrack. Everything you need to accomplish this is also available for free online.

Make a short film

While you have the camera out, try your hand at making your very own stop-motion short film! Unlike a traditional film, stop-motion uses individual frames to control movement.

You can use almost anything in your film: coins, play-dough, dolls, food. You can research in-depth stop-motion instructions online, and give it a try. Then use the instructions from number one on this list, to complete your film. Don’t forget to upload it to your favorite social media platform, for all of your friends to enjoy!

A super fun at home date idea!


Throw a costume party for two!

Go through everything you have available at home, and try to create as many costumes as you can. Be creative; use kitchen gadgets, bath products, boxes, trash bags, silk plants, etc.

You could do a film genre, like animation, horror, or action. Then again you might try and era, like The Middle Ages, The 50s, or The 80s. Once you’ve come up with at least three choices, do a “costume fashion show” for each other! If you’re feeling spunky, you can film it on a “catwalk” like a real fashion show, and post it online.

Have a virtual date

Pick a far-away destination (no, Pacoima doesn’t cut it) and choose a few options for a fun-filled evening “out”. Lots of places are still giving virtual tours (like museums). Grab two comfy chairs and roam the historic halls for a while.

Or maybe there’s a new artist exhibit. You can discuss the artists’ motivation, color choices, and whether their work is a hit or miss, all from the comfort of your home. Don’t forget dinner! Find an online menu, with outrageous prices (or no price listed, which qualifies). Try something new, and exciting. Try something you can’t pronounce! But leave room for dessert, at the exotic place down the street. Round out the night with a virtual walk in the gardens. A beautiful end, with no bug bites.

Create your own live-action video game

For those more adventurous, create your own live-action video game! Each of you take over a room in the house (kitchen, bedroom, garage), and create obstacles, points, death-blows! You could combine this adventure with an escape room vibe as well.

Add puzzles to solve and decode. Create your own versions of “life line” to help them with a text or call. Watch them live, using an online app. You could even live stream it to friends and family for more fun (and pressure)!

Bake together 

Love hanging out in the kitchen? Lots to do in there: bake cookies (try some new flavors, like BBQ, licorice, or Rosemary); make a new drink (alcoholic or not), but only from items you already have at home; create a buffet with leftovers and one-offs. Got that terrible tin of food, from that relative you barely remember?

Put it out! Still have the top layer of your wedding cake in the freezer? You know where it goes! And everyone has the “mystery meal” in the freezer that we forgot to label. Onto the counter! Just keep the antacids close-by.

Couples cooking together is a fun indoor date

Have a Dance off

Are you an awesome dancer? Can you twerk, moonwalk, or break-dance? Great, but do you know how to ballroom dance? Aha! Ballroom dancing takes an enormous amount of skill, grace, and practice.

It’s a great way to learn patience, precision, and elegance, plus it forces you to touch your partner, in an intimate, but nonsexual way. This style of dancing has been around long enough to have earned the reputation of being worthwhile. Give it a try.

Brainstorm how your life will be at retirement

When’s the last time you thought about retirement, and how your life will look when you’re “old”? Do you want the same life you currently have, only you don’t have to work? Or do you want to live on an island in the Pacific, curl your toes in the warm sand, and drink cold liquid out of a coconut?

Do you want to be near your family and friends, church members, and/or favorite pastime? Is your life on track for whatever it is that you want? Realistically, unless you’re pretty close to retiring, your vision will likely change as time goes on, but at least you will have considered what things are important to you at this point, which is a great way to learn about yourself.


Volunteer (virtually)

Want something altruistic to do? Volunteer (virtually)! Although there may still be some blocks to physically volunteering your time, you still have the option to volunteer virtually. Many nonprofits need help with financials, marketing, recruiting, and many other behind-the-scenes roles.

But if you’d love to be right in the thick of things, you might consider reading to school aged children, or teaching a craft online to those who wouldn’t otherwise have access, like prison inmates. What causes move you to action? There are endless possibilities to volunteering. Just figure out what you’re passionate about, and find a place to share your gifts.

Make some skits together

Are you a ham? No, not the spiral cut and glazed kind- the entertainer kind! If so, this is an opportunity for you and your partner to dig deep, tap into that creative well, and come up with some amazing skits! What short story ideas would make you laugh?

Or cry? Is love your favorite topic? How about food, music, a swing-set! You could, dare I say, even make your skit into a musical! Or at least, borrow a karaoke version of your favorite tune and sing it yourself. Think “Shakespeare meet High School Musical”. What do you have to lose, but your dignity?

Scavenger Hunt

An old-time favorite cure for boredom is a Scavenger Hunt. Each of you can go around the house to find obscure, abstract, and or interesting things for your list, then swap!

You can even make it more fun by adding an artistic flare (and remove the hassle of having to replace everything to it’s rightful location) by doing a photographic scavenger hunt. Some of your points will include your “vision” in the photograph! Just remember to go easy on your partner. Dust mites won’t count.

Have a couples picnic in bed

When’s the last time you went on a picnic? An honest to goodness picnic, surrounded by trees, the buzzing of bees, and the breeze? Well, this seems like the perfect opportunity to go for it! In years past, there was a real art to this practice, as it was meant to “woo” someone.

Grab a book of poetry or a lovely story. Create a meal with love. Set the scene with “nature”, a lively blanket, and a soundtrack. Rekindle some of that spark; keep it light and humorous. You might even get flirty by dressing up a bit!


Show your partner you love them, not just lust after them.

Give them a massage with oil, candles, and warm stones. Put melodic music in the background, and treat them like they’re the most important person in the world. Expect nothing back.

The human touch is one of the most powerful things we have. It can convey a multitude of feelings, including, warmth, trust, value, and caring. Giving your partner a massage can create a deeper connection between you both; breaking down any barriers which have crept up. This selfless act can make you happier as a couple.

Make a couple “time capsule”.

If you have some memorable items from your time together (and you know you do), take them, or pictures of them, and put them in a time capsule. It can be anything from a ticket stub, to a pressed flower, or a shirt button. You can place them in something simple, like a box or sandwich bag, or you can get creative, and decorate a special container.

Place the time capsule in a secure place, where it won’t be touched for a year. Mark your calendar and then promise each other to open it again together, in order to relive some of your most precious moments up until then. If you’re ready, make another time capsule for the next year.

Play your own version of Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous!

Feeling a bit down in the dumps? Find value in the non-obvious. Go through your home and point out the Fabulous entertainment center (even if it’s twenty years old), and Incredible art collection (even if you got it from a yard sale).

Really play it up! Use an accent. Dress in your best outfit. Have your partner film you, so you’re looking directly into the camera. Have fun! And don’t forget your catchphrase: “Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams!”

Reenact your first date

Did you have an amazing, or a horrible, first date or second date? Try reenacting it- with a twist! Each of you writes out a few adjectives (descriptive words like: attractive, obedient, clumsy or teeny) on small pieces of paper, then swap papers.

As you’re going through your reenacted date and need an adjective, use one of the pieces of paper, then try to justify the word! This is an old comedy improvisation game, and lots of fun! By the end, it won’t have been anything like your real first date, but you’ll be laughing out loud!


Research something new together.

Wondering what to do when bored for couples? You could always try to research something together.

It might be a geographic location, such as Samarkand Uzbekistan, wherein you learn about local customs, the food, what types of clothing they wear, their history, what work they do, or items they supply the rest of the world.

Or you might research a time in history, such as Prehistoric Homo sapiens, and how they learned how to create fire and make tools. Or a wonder of the world, like Glow Worm Sky in New Zealand, to learn about how this wonder was discovered and why we need to protect it. It’s fun to learn new things, and you can show off your smarts at your next office party.

Create an indoor fun zone

There’s no better way to let off some steam than by creating an indoor fun zone! What’s more fun than going from game to game at an arcade, having popcorn, and laughing with your loved one?

You can make anything from a bowling alley on your sofa, to air hockey using a hair dryer, to homemade PAC-MAN with macaroni! This is an opportunity to use your imagination! Can you make the “crane” game? What about car racing? Look around your home for inspiration, and don’t let your adult brain interrupt your child’s brain! Children don’t need reality in order to have fun, and neither do you.

Do a book club-but not about a book!

Rather than doing a discussion on literature, instead, do a discussion on a video game, like Minecraft or Dungeons and Dragons!

You still use the format; discuss the characters, the story, and the environment, but you can dive into the realm of hero, and the devastation of the failure. Imagine yourself as the characters you play, and express how you feel being that person. This venture will allow you to have discussions continuously, since the game is ever changing!

One of the best great rainy day date ideas!

Discover and Discuss your “Love Language”

Everyone has a unique way of “feeling loved”, and what better gesture of love, than to understand what your partner needs from you, in order to feel loved? But you also have to know your own needs, in order to share with them.

Do you need physical touch to feel loved? Or is spending time with your partner important? Is receiving gifts the most impressionable way? Understanding the basic needs of your partner will strengthen your relationship, and help your commitment to stand the test of time.

If your partners turns out to be words of affirmation – we have a post full of ideas.


Together, create a formal meal, including nice dishes, cloth napkins, soft music, candles.

Honestly, the type of meal is less important than the feeling behind the meal. This is an opportunity to reconnect. Get dressed up, and have a formal dinner experience.

Imagine that you’re in an exclusive restaurant. No cell phones allowed. No distractions. Just you two. Treat each other to the best of yourselves. Have a neighbor take a great photo to preserve the memory. Watch the lighting and background; make as professional as you can. Then, don’t forget to clean up… together!

One of the best things to do as a couple at home.

Plant a vegetable and herb garden.

Nothing says “I’m committed” more than choosing to grow the food you eat, together. Consider the produce you regularly buy at the store. Many vegetables come with their own seeds, so that’s a no-brainer. But you can also grow lettuce from the stalk.

Do a bit of research to find out how simple it is to grow that in water. The main idea is to work in tandem to bring your reliance on each other full circle. And let’s be honest here- no vegetable tastes better than one you’ve plucked from the earth at your home. Love swirls around growth.

Build an indoor fort!

Use boxes, cushions, blankets- whatever you need. You can even make a mock fire-pit, and have sm’ores! The fire can be done with orange and red cellophane, and a battery operated fan. Decorate with construction paper chains, or a hand drawn “view”.

Then you can write a story, but leave some blanks for the other person to fill in, like names, places, and action. You could write a love story, specifically for your partner, or just tell them partner all the things you like, and love about them. Use this opportunity to remember why you’re together.

One of the most fun indoor date ideas!

Try to be each other

If you’re in a daring mood, you might try to “be” each other for twenty minutes. Act like them, dress like them, use their mannerisms. Do they love cheese? Are they a trivia nut? Do they use proper English, much to your dismay? Give it back to them!

Exaggerate their hair flip. Over-enunciate. Make them bigger than life! Alternatively, you could “be” someone else in their family, whom you both love and respect, but whom has a memorable personality. Just remember to be kind- this is supposed to be fun!

Change a room in your home

Choose a room in your home, and change it, without buying anything new. Rearrange the furniture, photos, knickknacks. Add pizzazz to items with art supplies you have on hand, like paint and glitter.

Use left over wallpaper for the border behind a small picture in a big frame. Dig up some old memories and put them on display. Take a new photo right now, frame it and display it at the center of everything. Break up old tile and make a mosaic table top. The possibilities are unlimited, so look around at the stuff you’re bored with, and make it fresh.

Put on an indoor/backyard concert

Put on an indoor/backyard concert of your favorite artist, or a festival, with a lot of your favorite artists! One or both of you can be the DJ. You can dance, play instruments (or fake it) along with the artists.

Or if you are an artist, put on a private concert for your loved one! Sing all the songs they love. Bring out a spotlight. Project the sound of a large crowd. Focus your attention on your one and only. Maybe even give them an “all access backstage pass” for later.

Make a dream board

Different than a relationship goals board, which has specific deadline dates and steps, a dream board is more about the life you want to live, and how it might look. It’s a visual representation of things that interest you, and make you happy.

Do you want a boat? Find a photo of one and put it on a cork-board. Maybe you want to learn to cook, have children, start a business. There are no wrong things to add to this board. It’s a visual reminder, so that when opportunity comes around, it will be in the forefront of your mind.

Create a game of “dare” that can be done at your home

Each of you writes some simple, fun, or adventurous “dares” on separate pieces of paper, and you put them in a bowl to pick, one at a time. Some ideas might be to sing a song aloud, write a poem, solve a difficult math problem, or something you know your partner wants to do, but has been putting off.

Keep in mind, it’s supposed to be fun, so avoid items which will make your partner feel badly. The idea is to help our partner stretch in a positive way.

Watch an online tutorial, together.

It could be learning guitar, learning a new language, or learning to knit! If you’ve thought about learning it, there’s a tutorial for it- guaranteed. Even if your interest levels are a bit different, you’ll both be laughing in no time! In fact, the further apart your interest (or aptitude) levels, the funnier it might be. Laughter is one of the best ways for couples to stay in tune with one another.

If you love active date ideas, doing some couples exercises is always a fun way to start!


Do you have any more fun things for couples to do at home when bored that didn’t make the list – let us know in the comments below!


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