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30 Signs He Wants to Marry You Soon: Is he ready for the next step?

Looking for Signs He Wants to Marry You?

When you are in a serious relationship, no matter how long you have been together, sometimes it can be tricky to determine how your partner feels about you. Some guys are more vocal about their feelings than others.

Or, your guy may not have a problem telling you how he feels, but he has not shown any signs that he wants to take the next step in your relationship. You have probably heard the saying actions speak louder than words, so naturally, you would like to see that he cares about you, not just hear it.

If you feel like your relationship is serious and you are having thoughts about the future, but you are not sure if your guy is thinking that way too, here is how to know he wants to marry you with 30 signs that may indicate that he is thinking about it!  


1. When a man wants to marry you he makes plans for the future

If your man has started talking about making plans for the future, like long-term plans or plans for further (three to five years), he is planning on being with you long-term.

Mainly if these plans include you, or he asked your opinion on the matters. These are indicators that he is serious about your relationship and considering marriage.

2. He says “we” more often than “me”

If he has started using “we” a lot more than “I” or “me,” this is a sign that he is more relationship-focused than he is self-focused.

Marriage is about two people who have committed to joining together and becoming one united front.

If he is constantly using “we,” it means that he is already thinking about the two of you as one unit; therefore, he is probably open to the idea of marrying you if he is not already thinking about it.

3. He asks for your advice or opinion on major decisions

If he does not ask your opinion on more significant matters or makes big decisions without considering how it might affect you, then he is probably still living in a bachelor’s state in his mind.

But, if he not only takes your thoughts and feelings into consideration when making big decisions but also includes you by asking your opinion on the matter, then he values your opinion and is aware of how his decisions might affect you.

If he includes you when making major life decisions, he is probably ready to get married soon.

4. He has introduced you to his family

A mature, successful man does not introduce his partner to his family unless he is earnest about them. This is not a clear indicator that he is ready to settle down, but he could be getting close if he is comfortable bringing you around his family. A total sign he is falling for you hard!

He could also be trying to find out his family’s opinion about you, especially if he is thinking about getting married. Another good sign is if his family includes you at gatherings and treats you like family.

Now, he may not be close to his family, and that may be a reason why you have not yet met his family if you have been together for a long time.

5. He has made “jokes” or dropped hints about marriage

Maybe he has said something in passing or made jokes like “well if we were married” or “if this was in both of our names,” then he may be thinking about marriage. Although he may seem like he is joking, there is probably some truth behind it!

Or maybe, he has mentioned being married or made statements about you two being married or being together all the time that aren’t said in a joking manner, but maybe still in a casual way.

However, the fact that he brings it up at all means that the thought of being married to you has crossed his mind.

6. He wants to make a good impression on your family

Not only has he introduced you to his family, but if he has not met your family already, he shows interest in meeting them. And he is also concerned with making a good impression on them when he does meet them.

He wants to spend time with your family and enjoys being around them. He shows respect to your parents and is adamant about gaining their trust. If he is acting this way, then it is likely that he is thinking about marrying you.


7. He believes in and supports marriage

If you are wondering does he want to marry me? One big sign is that he believes in marriage.

Some people out there just do not believe in marriage for whatever reason. And they will usually let you know what they feel one way or another. So, if your man has made it clear that he is not really a believer in the marriage union, then it’s doubtful that you will change his mind.

However, some guys believe in marriage but do not really respect its commitment. They may have a history of being unfaithful in past relationships, or they may have taken the side of a friend who cheated in a relationship.

If your guy believes in marriage, takes it seriously, and has shared these thoughts and feelings with you, then marriage could be in your future.

8. He talks about children—a lot.

Has your partner started talking about children a lot lately? Has he said things like “When I have kids?” Or better yet, has he said something to you like telling you that you would make a great parent or saying he wondered what your children would look like if the two of you had kids?

Or, you may have noticed him spending more time interacting with friends’ kids or nieces and nephews. Unless he has specifically told you that he does not plan on starting a family one day, these signs could indicate he is getting into family mode and getting ready to settle down.

9. You are close with his friends

If he has introduced you to his family and his friends, mainly his closest friends, he is really serious about you. He is not only letting them know how much you mean to him, but he’s showing you how serious he is and how much he cares by including you in his most personal relationships.

And also, you can tell a lot about how he feels based on how his friends and family treat you. If they include you and value your opinion, then he has probably told them how he feels, and they know you may soon become a part of the family.

Or, if he has not told them how serious he is about you yet, he may be watching to see both how you interact with them and how they treat you.

10. The two of you do not like to be away from each other for too long

It is common for people who are in the early phases of their relationships to want to be around each other all the time and feel like they just can not get enough of each other.

But, if you have been together for a while and he seems to miss you more when you are apart, then this is a positive sign. If he usually follows through when you have plans (given an emergency or something beyond control happening), this shows that he values your time and the time you spend together.


11. He tells you deeply personal stuff

If he tells you things that you know he has not told anyone else- or very few people, like family and maybe a best friend- he is definitely thinking about you as wife material and thinking he would like to marry you someday.

Maybe something happened at work that he does not really want to tell anyone else about. Or maybe, he has a personal family issue that he trusts you with.

Or it could even be something as trivial as an embarrassing childhood nickname that he does not want anyone else to know about, but he confides in you. No matter what it is, the fact that he shares this type of information with you means that he definitely sees a future with you.

12. He is comfortable opening up to you

Does my boyfriend want to marry me? Well – let me ask you this – is he comfortable opening up to you?

Most people do not really open up to someone unless they really trust them and are really serious about them. Men are even less likely to show their vulnerable side, even to family or their closest friends.

If your man has opened up about things that upset or bother him and shared something with you, like his dreams and fears, then he definitely sees a future with you.

This means you are essential to him and in his life, and he wants to include you. He doesn’t see a point in hiding things from you. In fact, he is so comfortable with you that he feels he can be himself ultimately, flaws and all.

13. He talks about moving in together

If he does not believe in marriage and suggests moving in together, that is probably as good as it will get. However, if he believes in marriage and proposes that you two move in together, this is a positive indicator that he may consider proposing something else.

This means that he is serious about your relationship and trusts you enough to share a living space with you. Moving in together means that your partner is getting ready to settle down and wants to test the waters a little bit by living together first.

14. Most of your friend group consists of married or engaged couples

If most of your friends are already married or engaged, it is a strong possibility that you two could be headed that way as well. Continuing to hang out with married and engaged couples can get a little strange if you are not, so if you do, that is a good sign.

It is an even better sign if his best friend is married or if he has a brother or cousin close to his age that is already married or soon to be. Many men may be afraid to make that leap, but when those close to them have already done it, the idea of marriage may not be as scary anymore.

15. You are always his “plus one”

He is definitely serious about you if he has started taking you to all events, whether they be family gatherings, friend hangouts, or business events. This means he is comfortable bringing you into all aspects of his life, and he wants to introduce you to all the important people in his life.

It is an even better sign if you are his plus one to weddings and family events. He sees you not only as an essential part of his present, but he is also considering you as a big part of his future.

Signs He Wants to Marry You

16. He has stood by you through difficult times

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. There are going to be difficult times in any relationship. Maybe not so much initially, but especially as time goes on.

If your man sticks with you through difficult times instead of running away, it is a sign that he is willing to stick with you through a lot more. It is an even better possibility that the two of you are headed for marriage if you have gone through hard times together and have come out with a stronger relationship.

17. He has allowed you to help him through difficult times

If he has not only stood by you through the hard times, but he has leaned on you and opened up to you during hard times as well, he may think that you are the one.

Not only do some men run away when things get tough, but a lot of them also shut down and want to be left alone. If he supports you through the bad stuff and then opens up to you and leans on you for support when things get complicated for him, then marriage is probably in the future for the two of you.

18. Business, personal, family- he’s included you in all aspects of his life

Some guys just do not like to open up about family or work. Often, they keep these things separate from their relationship, especially if the relationship is more casual than serious.

If he is keeping you in the loop about what’s going on with his career and at his workplace, and he is filling you in on all the family gossip, he is serious about you, and a proposal could very well be the next step in your relationship.

19. He wants to open a joint account with you

This is a huge sign that wedding bells are probably in your near future. Get a joint account or a couples credit card is a really serious step, and he would not suggest opening a joint account or sharing his financial information with you unless he was confident that you were the one.

20. He is genuinely interested in your interests

If he asks you about work, your friends, and your hobbies, that shows that what you are interested in matters because you matter to him. It is even better if he shows a genuine interest in your hobbies, especially if it really does not interest him.

Maybe he sits down to watch that true-crime documentary with you instead of going into another room and turning something else on. Or, he might ask questions about the book you are reading even though he has no clue what it is about and does not plan to read it.

He is showing you that he truly cares about what is going on in your life because he is serious about the future of your relationship.

does he want to marry me

21. You take vacations together

A vacation is a way to get away from the stress of work and life. It is possible for some couples who are only casually dating to take fun vacations together. However, if your relationship is healthy and mature and your man wants to take a getaway with you, he may be getting pretty serious.

If he is excited about planning a vacation with you to a place he has wanted to visit for a long time, or if he takes you to areas that are significant to him or hold sentimental value, you hold a special place in his life.

22. He plans future vacations with you

If he’s planning important or romantic getaways with you in the present, that’s notable.

But if he starts planning vacations for next year, or even the following year, that is a sure sign that he considers you a part of his future and is probably thinking about asking you to marry him.

23. He is not jealous at all

Some guys have jealous tendencies, but some don’t get bothered. However, if a man feels insecure in his relationship, he may be more likely to be jealous.

However, if he does not ever get jealous, shows you complete trust, and little things especially do not set him off, then he is secure in his relationship with you and possibly one of the biggest signs he wants to marry you.

24. He shares family secrets with you

If he is telling you stuff that he does not tell anyone else, this means that he trusts you enough to open up to you, and he knows that you will not judge him.

If he is not afraid to open up to you about family matters and tell you family secrets, then it’s because he knows you will not judge that either. He probably already considers you part of the family.


25. He has admitted that you’re the only one

This does not mean that he has told you that you are the only woman he is seeing (although that should also be true!) If you know that he confides in his buddies or family members, and he says things like “you’re the only who I feel comfortable talking to about this,” or if he says something like “you’re the only one who understands how I feel about this,” then he probably considers you wife material.

26. He doesn’t laugh when you or someone else brings up marriage

Most people do not consider marriage a laughing matter, but they will laugh off or avoid topics that they are not comfortable talking about.

If your man does not avoid the topic of marriage or laugh it off, that means that he is mature enough to handle a conversation about it, at least. Better yet, if someone makes a comment or sees someone post something about a wedding and makes comments alluding to his own wedding, he might just be throwing a hint your way!

27. He has started saving money-more than usual

If your partner is more concerned with saving money than he has been in the past, he may be saving up for something big, like an engagement ring.

Or, he may just be setting some money aside to plan for his and your future. Either way, he is looking ahead to the future, and likely sees you as a part of it.

28. He has mentioned something to his friends or family

Has one of his friends let something slip, like saying something wedding or ring-related around you? Or maybe a family member refers to you as a daughter or sister-in-law instead of his girlfriend.

They could be coincidences, but chances are he is planning to propose, and he has already let them in on it.

29. He is talking about wedding venues

If he is looking into wedding venues or has mentioned that a particular place would be ideal for a wedding, he is probably planning a proposal really soon.

30. He has taken you window shopping for rings

If you have noticed some of your rings missing, or he has steered you in the direction of a jewelry store to at least do some window shopping, then he is probably planning on asking you to marry him. He may have borrowed your rings to get the correct size.

And if he asks your opinion on rings when you’re window shopping, then he is taking your likes and preferences into consideration.


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