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30 Signs Your Ex Is Over You: How to know He’s Not Pretending!

Looking for signs your ex is over you? You have come to the right place! 

It can seriously be hard to know whether your ex is over you (and not pretending) but there some crucial signs you can look out for which might give you a clue!

One of the big obvious ones is that they are dating someone else but there are some less obvious subtle clues we will consider too.

How to know if your ex boyfriend or girlfriend is over you – keep reading as we present you the signs!

30 Signs Your Ex Is Over You and Not Pretending!

1. They don’t call you anymore.

If they don’t call you anymore, it is probably because they are over you. It means you are no longer a priority to them and they have moved on.

If they were not over you, they would still have the desire to talk to you. They would still think about you often and call just to hear your voice.

If your ex went from calling you often to not calling you at all, they are over you.

2. They send short text messages as a response.

When people send short text messages, it is because they don’t have any interest in talking to you. They will be neutral texts free of flirty emojis with very little energy put into them. This is because they don’t want to be rude by ignoring you, but they don’t want to send the wrong message.

Whatever you do, don’t push them into giving you more attention. This will drive them away and ruin any chance you have of having a friendship in the future.

If they send back short text messages, this is a sign they are over you.


3. They are seeing someone new.

If they are seeing someone new, it is not always an indicator that they have moved on, but it is likely.

There are some situations where they only start seeing someone else to make you jealous, so it is important to look at the individual situation. Do they seem truly interested in this person? If you answered yes, they have probably moved on.

The best thing to do in either scenario is to let things unfold and don’t interfere with their new relationship. They will respect you for it.

If they are seeing someone new, your ex is likely over you.

4. They don’t want to hang out.

It seems like just yesterday it was the two of you against the world. You couldn’t wait to see each other and you were inseparable. But, now things have changed.

Even though you broke up, you may crave the familiarity of your same routines. You just want to chill out on the couch with your favorite junk food and binge-watch crime dramas with them. However, your ex may not feel the same way.

If they don’t want to hang out with you, it’s time to move on because your ex is over you.


5. They can be in the same room with you without feeling sad.

Breakups can be excruciatingly tough, especially if you were together for a long time. It will take a while to get over the grief of your lost relationship and move on with your life.

Being in the same room with someone you want to be with, but can’t, can bring on a lot of emotions. It’s too painful to be around their ex and they can’t bear it.

On the flip side, if you are in the room with someone you no longer want to be with, it doesn’t affect you. So, if your ex can be in the same room with you without feeling sad, they are over you.

6. They stop flirting.

Next up on the list of 30 signs your ex is over you, is when they stop flirting with you. We flirt to form a bond with another person, normally romantically.

After a relationship has ended, one or both of you may still hold on hope that you will get back together and flirt to gauge the possibility. If your ex flirts with you, they still want to be with you.

However, if they have stopped flirting with you completely, this is an enormous sign your ex is over you.

7. It doesn’t bother them you are dating.

When we carry feelings for someone, we don’t want them to be with anyone except for us. It’s awful to see their pictures on social media or see them out on a date because we want that to be us.

When you don’t carry feelings for someone anymore, it doesn’t bother you to see them with someone else. They don’t care who you are with because they no longer see you as theirs.

If you started seeing someone new after a breakup, and it doesn’t bother your ex, they are over you.

8. They try to set you up with someone else.

This is an enormous indicator that your ex has moved on. When your ex tries to set you up with someone, this sends an obvious message they have released you and want to see you happy.

Not only does it not bother them to see you with someone else, but it also doesn’t bother them if that “someone else” is a friend of theirs or a co-worker. Even if they try to set you up with an acquaintance, it still means they have moved on.

They know you better than anyone and they want to find you someone else to be with because they know it will never be them. If your ex tries to set you up with someone else, they are over you.


9. They return your stuff.

Returning your stuff is an ultimate close to the relationship. They have no reason to hang on to your favorite sweatshirt or extra toothbrush because they know the relationship is over, for good.

They don’t want to keep it around to be reminded of you because they are ready to move forward with their life, and their life doesn’t include you or your stuff.

It is possible they are ready to date and don’t want their ex’s stuff lying around sending the message they are not over you.

If your ex returns your stuff, they are completely and really over you.

10. They ask for their stuff back.

Just like returning your stuff to you after the breakup, if they ask for their stuff back, then it is probably over.

Letting you hang on to things of theirs signals they still care about you and hold on to hope of the two of you getting back together. They will also leave their stuff with you so they can think about you. When they think about something they left with you, they think about your relationship.

When they ask for their stuff back, they know there isn’t a chance of reuniting in the future and they can’t risk losing their belongings forever.

If your ex wants their stuff back, give it to them. No need to ask is he over me? He is.

11. They don’t get excited when they see you.

In the past, it thrilled them to run into you wherever they were. If they saw you at the grocery store or in the coffee shop getting a latte, they couldn’t wait to run to you.

Now that you broke up, things are completely different in this kind of situation. Of course, in the beginning, it will be extremely awkward, but after some time everything settles down. This is where the truth lies. If they run into you while you are out running errands and they look excited to see you, there’s a chance you could rekindle things. However, if they lock eyes with you and they don’t seem affected at all, they have moved on.

If your ex doesn’t get excited when they see you, they are over you.

12. They look happy.

When you break up with your SO, there is a grieving period. During this time, both of you are heartbroken and need time to heal.

If they still had feelings for you, it would affect their life enough for you to notice. You are all they can think about and they will do whatever they can to win you back.

After the grieving period, if they look truly happy, it’s probably really over. They have moved on and they are no longer affected by the two of you not being together anymore.

If they look happy, it’s one of the 30 signs your ex is over you

13. They don’t want to argue.

When you are still in love with someone, you hang on to that passion. Without passion, relationships are rather dull.

When you talk to your ex after a breakup and you bring up a topic the two fought about often, when he doesn’t argue with you, they have moved on. They don’t care enough to take the energy to defend themselves and they stopped caring what you think about them, or what they have to say.

If your ex doesn’t want to argue, they are over you.


14. They change their appearance.

It could be a haircut, a change in hair color, or a new wardrobe; when they change their appearance after a breakup, it signals they want to move on to the future and leave the past behind them.

It is also a form of them taking control back over their lives. Even if your relationship was amazing, they lost certain parts of themselves while you were together. Changing their looks lets them take a big step in moving on and gaining confidence.

If your ex changes their look, they are over you.


15. Their friends stop talking to you.

You may have been close with your ex’s friends, but your ex will always trump you because they were friends before you and they will be long after you.

Sometimes, their friends will keep in touch with you after the two of you break up because they think it is probably temporary. Their friends may tell you your ex is miserable and that the two of you need to get back together. They only do this when they see the potential for the two of you to reunite.

When your ex’s friends stop talking to you completely, it’s because they know your relationship is truly over. They know remaining friends with you would make things awkward, so, unfortunately; they cut you off.

If your ex’s friends stop talking to you, your ex is over you.

16. They open communication with a partner they had before you.

This one may be tough. That is why it’s next on the list of 30 signs your ex is over you.

When your ex talks to someone they dated before you, chances are, they were never really over that person. That can be an enormous slap in the face because that means the whole time you were together, your ex had feelings for someone else. They may have still loved you, but not as much as they do their lost love.

If your ex opens up communication with a past partner, he is definitely over you.

17. They want you to be happy apart from them.

Friendship is a huge part of a relationship. It serves as a foundation if romantic feelings sway, which is bound to happen at a point.

If you were best friends in your relationship, your ex will always hold that friendship dear to him, even if you can’t be friends anymore. When all the feelings fade away for good, he genuinely cares about your happiness because of the friendship between the two of you.

If they still had romantic feelings, they would want you to be happy in their arms.

If your ex wants you to be happy apart from them, they are over you.

18. They tell you they don’t want to start things back up.

This should go without saying, but if they tell you they don’t want to get back together, they mean it.

Pushing them to give you two another chance or calling them constantly will not change their minds. Telling you there is no chance for the future means he is trying to be honest and not play with your emotions.

If your ex tells you they don’t want to start things back up, they are over you.

19. They unfollowed you on social media.

If they unfollow you on social media, they don’t care about what is going on in your life anymore.

They used to look forward to seeing what you were up to and laughing at the funny memes you post, but now it doesn’t matter to them. They no longer feel the need to stay caught up with your life and they want to move on with theirs.

If your ex unfollows you on social media, they are over you

20. They don’t flaunt their new relationship.

If they flaunt a new relationship in front of you, it’s because they want to make you jealous.

They want you to know they have other people who want to be with them.

On the opposite end, if they are in a new relationship, and they don’t flaunt it in front of you, they moved on.

When your ex doesn’t flaunt their new relationship, it is because they don’t care how you feel about it. They like the person they are with and they don’t feel they need to prove anything to you.

If your ex doesn’t flaunt their new relationship, they are over you.


21. They move out of town.

Moving out of town is a big deal, especially after a breakup.

When your ex moves out of town, it means they want to start a new chapter in life. One that doesn’t include you. They feel like they are no longer held back by anything, so they are free to fly and explore everything the world offers.

Alternatively, if your ex moves out of town, it could be to get away from you. That isn’t a pleasant scenario to be in either.

If your ex moves out of town, they are over you or they is a chance they are still trying to get over you. This could also be a sign your ex is pretending to be over you.

22. They change their number.

When your ex changes their number, it’s one of the 30 signs your ex is over you. This means they have no interest in talking to you anymore and they don’t want you to contact them.

This normally happens if the breakup was bad or you call them too much. Calling your ex too many times after a breakup could ruin your chances of ever being friends in the future, so you should avoid doing this.

If your ex gets a new number, they are over you.

23. They don’t reminisce about your relationship.

When your ex is pining for you, they will bring up your relationship constantly. They want you to remember how happy you were together, so you consider starting things back up.

Once your ex has moved on, however, they won’t reminisce about your relationship. They don’t want to bring up the past because they know it is not relevant to their future.

If they don’t reminisce about the relationship, your ex is over you.

24. They say you are better off apart.

When your ex says you are better off apart, they truly are done with the relationship.

They recognize how much better they feel now that you are not together anymore and they have no intention of going back to the place that didn’t bring out their best self.

This does not necessarily mean you did anything wrong, it just means the two of you didn’t work well together and there is nothing wrong with that.

If your ex says you are better off apart, they are over you.

25. They tell you to move on.

I know this is pretty obvious, but it is important to remember. If your ex tells you to move on, they mean it.

They are being honest with you and telling you there is no chance of a future together. This may hurt… a lot. But it is better that you know now so that you can move on and find the person you are supposed to spend your life with

When your ex tells you to move on, they are over you.

26. They tell you they don’t love you.

When your ex tells you they don’t love you, there is a high likelihood they mean it. They know by telling you this, you can move on with your life and find someone else.

If they still had feelings for you, they wouldn’t tell you they didn’t love you. They would not want to say anything that would harm the possibility of getting back together with you.

If your ex tells you they don’t love you anymore, they are over you.


27. They block you.

Blocking someone is an enormous deal, so it is definitely one of the 30 signs your ex is over you.

When your ex blocks you, it means they are no longer interested in having contact with you. They know blocking you is a sure way to keep you out of their life as long as they want.

This could be because the relationship ended badly or you were harassing them.

If your ex blocks you, they are over you.

28. They are in a serious relationship.

If your ex has been with someone for a while, and things are getting serious, this is a good sign he has moved on.

You are just a part of their past and they no longer see any kind of future with you unless it is just friendship, so you need to move on

If your ex is in a serious relationship, they are over you.

29. They get engaged.

If your ex gets engaged to someone, no matter how long they have been with them, they have moved on.

This means they started planning a future with someone else and they consider you out of their life for good.

In some rare situations, they could get engaged to someone else because they only think they are over you. If this happens, they will probably acknowledge those feelings before they seal the deal. But don’t hold your breath. You need to let things play out the way they are supposed to and whatever you do, don’t interfere with their relationship.

It is safe to say, when your ex gets engaged, just assume they are over you.

30. They get married.

This is the last of 30 signs your ex is over you because it is the endgame. If your ex gets married, all bets are off.

You need to respect their new marriage and learn to be happy for them finding someone to spend the rest of their life with, even if it isn’t you

If your ex gets married, He is 100% over you and you need to move on. He is truly done with you.



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