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Popayan Colombia – 8 Interesting Things to do in 1 Day (which don’t suck)

Popoyan Colombia is a town famous for its white colonial buildings in the city centre. Popoyan is a great place to stop for a few nights if you are on your way to or from Ecuador. While there is not a whole lot to do in the town itself & you could see all the attractions in one day, one could easily spend several days here to soak up the atmosphere.

We found 8 things to do in Popayan in a day which made our time there really enjoyable.

Things to Do in Popayan Colombia

There is not that much to see in the town of Popayan itself. However, there is definitely enough to fill a full day without getting bored.

Visit Torre del Reloj

In the very centre of Popayan, there is a gorgeous historic white church. Adjacent to the church is Parque Caldas.

Popoyan Colombia White City

Torre del Reloj

Walk through Parque Caldas

After visiting Torre del Reloj, take a stroll through Parque Caldas. This park is particularly popular with locals and street vendors. BYO an umbrella as there are a lot of pigeons flying overhead.

Parque Caldas

Parque Caldas

Take a stroll over Puente del Humilladero

This bridge is significant in the city due to its historical link to slavery. In the past, this site was a place where slaves could be bought and sold.

Puente del Humilladero

Check out the gorgeous Iglesia de San Fransisco

Another beautiful church to check out in town is the Iglesia de San Fransisco. What you will notice about this church is it just may be one of the only things in the city that isn’t white!


Iglesia de San Fransisco

What to Eat & Drink

As Popayan was the first town that we visited in Columbia, we wondered what all the fuss about Columbia was about. We soon realised that Columbia is a foodies paradise. We found the food to be much tastier than their South American neighbours. It also helped that the prices were very affordable! Here are our favourite food & drink finds:

Pignick, near Exito Supermarket and Terminal Popayan

The shredded pork meal we had near Exito Supermarket and Terminal Popayan was absolutely mouthwatering and a total bargain at 7000 pesos. Highly recommended!

Pignick Pork

Solado Smoothies & Coffee

We can highly recommend the coffee & ice creams from Solado Smoothies & Coffee. The ice-cream is not only delicious but a total bargain at 2000 pesos per scoop or on Tuesday and Thursday you get 2 for 1!

Solado Smoothies & Coffee

Ricoleta Cafe

We spent a few hours in Ricoleta Cafe before taking a night bus to Cali then onward to Armenia to visit the coffee region of Salento. The coffee was good and only cost around 3500 pesos for a latte. The wifi was also strong which was a big plus!

Mango ice drink from Terminal Popayan

If you are heading to the terminal for any reason, be sure to pick up a delicious frozen mango drink from the vendor inside. A medium sized beverage costs only 2000 pesos.

Mango ice drink from Terminal Popayan

Where to Stay?

We stayed at Hostal Marruecos. It’s a newly opened backpackers paradise but also currently a work in progress as they are still performing renovations. The wi-fi was mostly solid. However, you are only able to get an in-room connection in the ground floor rooms. Beers cost only 2000 pesos at the hostel. The Hostel also had friendly and accommodating staff who held our bags and allowed us to stay until 11pm before our night bus. Overall, a good budget option.

How to get to Popayan?

There are easy bus connections from Cali to Popayan (3 hour journey). We paid 12,000 pesos to reach Cali, where you can travel onward through Armenia to Salento – the amazing colonial town featuring saloons, horses, gun powder and drinking – pretty much all at the same time. We loved it!

Find how to head south to Ecuador on the Ipiales – Quito route (or from Quito – Tulcan – Ipiales – Popayan which is what we did. Don’t miss the incredible day trip in Ipiales too!


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