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30 Clear Signs He Will Never Come Back!

Looking for Signs He Will Never Come Back? You have come to the right place!

You might have just gone through a tough, messy breakup. Or you were seeing a great guy you really liked and all of the sudden you just stopped hearing from him?! You’re feeling hurt, confused, and you want to know if he’s moved on or if there’s a chance he’ll come back to you.

Nobody wants to play the guessing game. Or spend time harboring feelings over a guy who has already moved on. Read on for 30 signs that he will never come back to you so you can decide if there’s still a chance for the two of you. Or if he’s most likely moved on and it would be in your best interest to do the same.

Hate to break it but he’s not coming back!

30 Signs He Will Never Come Back

He’s stopped responding to your texts or calls:

This is a pretty obvious one, unfortunately. You’ve sent him text after text, left plenty of voicemails, and have called him several times.

And all of that communication has gone completely unanswered. That’s a flashing neon sign that he has already moved on. If he were at all interested in reconnecting with you, he wouldn’t dare miss your texts or calls. And if he did, he’d be sure to get back with you ASAP. Leaving them unanswered is a sure sign he’s not coming back.

He is seeing someone new or has a new girlfriend:

This is most likely another pretty obvious one, but definitely a sign that he won’t be coming back. If he’s started seeing someone else (and seems to be happy with his new girlfriend) then he has moved on and it’s likely time for you to move on as well, hard as it may be.

When a guy is happily seeing someone else the odds of him leaving her to come back to you are not good. It’s time to cut your losses and start moving on.

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He won’t agree to see you or meet up:

If you’ve asked to see him several times, even as just a friend, and he continuously refuses then it’s time to start making peace with the idea that he isn’t coming back.

If he were still harboring any romantic feelings for you he certainly wouldn’t be able to resist wanting to reconnect. In fact he would be jumping at the opportunity to meet up with you. A flat out refusal indicates he’s moved on from what you had and it’s time for you to do the same.

He takes all of your pictures off of social media:

He’s changed his profile picture, removed the photos you tagged him in, and there’s not a trace of your pictures anywhere to be found on any of his profiles.

He’s announcing to all of social media that you are no longer present in his life and openly declaring for all of the world that he’s moved on. And unfortunately this is a pretty sure sign that he won’t be coming back to you.

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He doesn’t care that you’ve started seeing someone else:

You may still be harboring feelings for him but you have started seeing a new guy to try and forget your heartache.

Or perhaps even with the intent to make him a little jealous. Does he show any signs that he cares? If he doesn’t, sorry to say he’s likely not coming back. A guy who still has feelings for you will definitely not be okay seeing you with someone else. It would spark some serious jealousy and if it doesn’t? That’s a big, bold sign he will never come back.

You cheated on him:

Wondering will he come back to him? Well, sister, you cheated on him.

You strayed for a bit and started seeing someone else behind his back. You regret it and wish more than anything you could take it back but it’s too late.

He found out and was heartbroken. Being cheated on can be a difficult thing for anyone to overcome. Even if he is able to forgive you for cheating, there’s a chance he won’t feel like he can trust you again. If he doesn’t feel he can trust you, he won’t want to continue with a relationship.

He gave you all of your things back:

If a guy is harboring continued feelings for you after a breakup, he will likely be reluctant to return your things to you.

He’s going to  want to hold on to any part of you he can. And snuggling with that sweater you left over at his place is a way to feel connected to you even after a break up. If he had no reservations about returning your stuff to you, that’s a pretty big sign he’s moved on and won’t be coming back around.

Signs he is hurting after the break up

He told you to keep all of his things:

If he would rather let you keep his favorite hoodie, toothbrush, and cologne than see you when coming to pick them up.. it’s a solid sign he won’t be coming back to you. A guy who is still interested would use any excuse he could to see you.

Collecting his things would be an easy excuse to use to stop by your place and reconnect. If he doesn’t want to make the effort, consider moving on because he likely already has.

He flat out tells you it’s time to move on:

You’ve shown your continued interest in him and rather than returning it, he’s expressed to you that it’s time for you to move on.

As hard as it may be it is time to do just that. If a guy has feelings for you he won’t be sending any sort of mixed signals. Him telling you to move on means that he’s already moved on and he wants to see you do the same. This is a definite sign he will never come back.

He says the two of you should just be friends:

We all know being friendzoned is never a good thing. And if you’ve made it clear you still have feelings for him but he continues to insist on just staying friends, you’re likely wasting your efforts continuing to pine for him.

If a guy is interested in being more than friends for you, he’ll make his intentions clear. Letting you know he wants only friendship is a sure sign that he’s not going to be viewing you as anything more than a friend from here on out.

He deleted you from all of his social media accounts:

You’re stalking his Facebook for the 5th time this week and suddenly you notice you’re no longer friends?! Quick check of Insta and it’s the same thing..His profile is now private!

Sadly, this means he’s deleted you from his social media accounts and that’s a BIG sign he’s moving on. If he doesn’t want to see your profiles anymore it’s because he’s no longer interested and he won’t be coming back to you.

This is a big sign that he is hurting after the break up!

His body language has drastically changed:

He used to greet you with open arms, a big hug, and a kiss. He was always brushing up against you and his body language was warm and friendly. Now, he refuses to give you a hug, crosses his arms, and in general seems very closed off when the two of you interact.

His demeanor is colder and he might even show signs of displeasure when around you. If he’s made a big shift in his body language, take it to heart. This is a sign he’s no longer interested.

He goes out of his way to avoid you:

You saw him while you were out with friends the other night and were making your way over to him. He looked up and as soon as he noticed you he quickly changed directions.

He even acted like he never saw you at all! This is not a fun experience and it’s definitely not an enjoyable feeling. But if he’s avoiding you then it’s likely he’s moved on. Any time a guy is going out of his way to avoid seeing or speaking with you it’s time to accept that he will never come back.

He cheated on you:

You found out he’s been seeing another woman for months now. Or maybe it was even just a one night fling. Either way, if a guy isn’t staying faithful to you and only you, there’s a good chance it’s because he doesn’t truly care for you.

If he cheated and he hasn’t been groveling for your forgiveness, showering you with gifts, or blowing up your phone with apologies, take the hint and move on. He’s likely not going to be coming back (and you honestly shouldn’t want him to).

signs he is not the one

He’s stopped flirting with you:

He used to send you the cute winky emojis, his texts were fun and flirty, and he was always showering you with compliments. Now all of the sudden his texts are short and to the point, he hasn’t called you beautiful in ages, and he feels more and more like just a friend.

If he’s moved on from flirting to you to acting more like a best bud then most likely he’s not coming back to be anything more than a friend moving forward.

He chooses to spend time with others over you:

He used to prioritize spending time with you on the weekends or after work and now you’re lucky if you see him at all. He’s started spending all his time with friends, co-workers, or maybe even a new girl.

If he’s stopped prioritizing spending time with you and is instead making it a big priority to spend time with other people, take it as a big sign that he’s not coming back.

He’s not putting any effort into getting you back:

You’ve checked your phone for the tenth time today and nothing. No texts, no missed calls, no Facebook messages. It’s been weeks and you thought surely you would have heard from him by now!

If you haven’t, that’s a flashing neon sign that it’s time to move on. If he was still interested in you, he would be sending you texts, flowers, a parade if that’s what it took to get you back. If he hasn’t put forth even the slightest effort to win you back, let him go. He’s not planning on coming back.


He’s told you he no longer loves you:

As hard as this is to hear, it’s a sure sign that it’s time for you to move on. If a guy has been brutally honest with you and let you know he’s no longer in love with you, he’s not coming back to you.

Whether it’s because he’s moved on with someone else or he simply doesn’t feel the same way anymore, don’t extend your heartache any longer. Accept that he isn’t coming back and begin moving on yourself.

You want completely different things:

Maybe you want to travel the world and he’s perfectly content to stay in his hometown forever. Or he wants as many kids as the two of you can handle and you don’t want any.

Whatever the difference is, if he’s decided it’s something that the two of you aren’t able to compromise on, it’s a sign he won’t be coming back to you. Wanting completely different things in a relationship makes it hard. And if his mind is completely made up on whatever it is the two of you can’t agree on, it’s a good idea to accept that he won’t be reconnecting with you.

He never texts or calls you first anymore:

Maybe he hasn’t stopped responding to your texts altogether but he is never the one to initiate contact at this point. If you hear from him, it’s only because you’ve made the first move and texted or called him.

A guy who is still harboring feelings for you won’t be able to resist being the one to call or text you first. He’ll want to hear your voice and see your name on his phone. If he’s stopped making any effort to contact you, there’s a pretty solid chance he’s already moved on.

He’s not at all bothered over your break up:

You’ve shed countless tears, lost sleep, and can’t think about anything but the break up. On the other hand, he hasn’t missed a beat. If he seems just fine even though you just went through a messy, hurtful breakup, you can be pretty certain he’s not coming back.

A lack of emotion over something most would consider emotionally painful indicates he’s moved past his feelings for you and is okay with moving on without you. Don’t wait around on this guy, he will never come back.

He has relocated:

Moving is a very solid sign a guy is not going to be coming back to you. If he moves to another town, city, or state that puts him a long distance away from you, it’s likely because he no longer has any interest in being close to you. If he had any interest in reconnecting at some point he would want to remain close by.

Moving away indicates he has moved on and is no longer toying with the idea of reconnecting. Moving away is a solid sign he has no interest in getting back together in the future.

He avoids your family members or your friends:

Your sister mentions she saw him at the gym but he definitely avoided her. Your bestie said she ran into him at the store but he made eye contact and headed in the opposite direction. If he’s avoiding your family or friends it’s not a good sign.

If he’s decided he’s not coming back to you he won’t have any further interest in maintaining a decent relationship with your friends or family. And may even avoid them altogether to skirt any feelings of discomfort for himself.

He seems like a completely different person around you:

He used to be warm, caring, and affectionate towards you. Just being around him made you happy. Now he seems aloof and distant.

Maybe he even acts cold or indifferent when he’s around you and you don’t feel even a hint of that previous warmth. This is a sign that he has moved on and his feelings of affection for you have as well. If he’s a drastically different person now as compared to when you were seeing each other, he’s not coming back.

He avoids all eye contact with you – one of the big signs he will never come back

He’s agreed to meet up with you or you’ve just happened to run into him somewhere. You’re making conversation with him but you can’t help but notice that he won’t seem to make eye contact with you. He looks everywhere but at you and maybe even seems like he’d rather be anywhere but here.

If he’s refusing to make eye contact and shows very little interest in even being around you it’s a sign he’s no longer interested in you. His feelings for you are no longer romantic and he’s not going to be coming back to you for a relationship.

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He says he just can’t trust you anymore:

This is a really big one. In any kind of relationship, trust is key. Whether it’s because you cheated on him, lied to him, or hid something from him, if he tells you he flat out can’t trust you it’s probably time for you to move on.

Trust is invaluable in any relationship and if it’s no longer there for him he’s probably already decided he’s moving on. Take his lack of trust as a sign that he won’t be coming back to you.

He’s gotten back with an old flame:

Things seemed to be going well between the two of you then suddenly he ghosted you and you’ve seen on his Instagram he’s back with his ex! (So much for his promises that you didn’t have to worry about her, huh?)

If he’s gotten back with someone he used to date you may not want to hold your breath on him coming back to you. Getting back with an old flame is a sure sign he’s moved on with her and he won’t be getting back together with you.

He avoids places the two of you used to frequent:

Have you been visiting all of your old hangouts in the hopes of catching a glimpse of him but with no luck? If you’re visiting all your previous favorite places and you have yet to see him there’s probably a good reason for that.

He’s likely avoiding those spots for the exact same reason you’re going- they’re your old hangouts. If he’s moved on and decided he’s not coming back, he won’t want to run into you. And will be actively avoiding places the two of you could possibly bump into each other. Take this as a sign he’s not coming back.

He seems really happy:

This is a tough one to take but it’s a pretty obvious sign he’s not coming back. If a guy seems just as happy (or even happier) without you in his life it’s a sign he’s moved on and that you should too.

A guy who misses you may try to hide it for a while but signs of his distress will eventually begin to show. If it’s obvious he’s genuinely happy, then he’s likely decided the two of you weren’t right for each other. And unfortunately he won’t be coming back to you.

His family and/or his friends avoid you:

If the two of you spent enough time together, you likely met many of his friends and family members. And you probably even developed relationships with some of them. If you’ve noticed that they’re suddenly dodging your calls or avoiding your texts after the breakup, he’s probably let them know the two of you are no longer an item.

He may have even asked his friends and family members to avoid any conversation or further relationship with you. If this is the case you can pretty much bet this guy is not going to be coming back to you.


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