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Car rental at the Cozumel cruise port – Everything you Need to Know

Looking for car rental at the Cozumel cruise port?

Cozumel is a great place to have a car. We’ve been to Cozumel a few times without a car and honestly, it’s pretty hard to get around.

We actually got stuck at the Money Bar after having happy hour drinks without a car and honestly, it wasn’t a nice experience. We actually had to hitch hike with a local, which I was pretty worried about. Had we had a car in Cozumel, it would have made the whole experience, nicer and easier.

Plus if you are on a cruise and are subject to strict time constraints the last thing you want to have to worry about in Cozumel is not making it back to the ship!

So here is everything you need to know about renting a car at the Cozumel cruise port.

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Car rental Cozumel Cruise Port

Here is everything that you will need to know:

Is driving in Cozumel safe?

The first time we rented a car in Mexico was Cancun. And we were pretty apprehensive to get a car. But we felt very safe. We felt just as safe driving in Mexico than we did in the US, UK or any other developed country. Actually, sometimes even more safe. 

That is not to say you shouldn’t take usual precautions you would when driving such as generally driving safe and not being a total idiot.

The only thing to be-aware of if you are going to rent a car in Mexico is the petrol scam. The petrol scam goes something like this: After you fill up fuel, the attendant will let you know that they only accept cash. Say your bill comes to 730 pesos and you hand over a 500, 200 and 30 pesos plus a tip. The attendant comes back to you and says you gave a 50 rather than a 500. 

Just make sure you are super aware of what you hand over at the petrol station because they will seriously argue the point with you 😉

Other than that, you’ll be fine. And since you are coming into Cozumel by cruise it means you won’t be driving at night. Driving at night can potentially be a bit sketchy in Mexico. In saying that, we drove at night all the time in Cancun and never ran into any issues whatsoever!


Where to book your car?

If you think you would like to rent a car during your day in Cozumel we would highly recommend booking a car rental in advance as rentals can be limited. We came into Cozumel by cruise one day and there was no cars left – it certainly is best in best dressed!

We would highly recommend as they find the most affordable rate possible for you. If you wait until you dock, providers just charge you whatever rates comes to mind. We personally love them as we can search for the cheapest rate possible across all providers.

The other thing is if you have a preferred provider you can search by that provider. There is also a section for reviews which we found particularly helpful.

Another great thing about is that there is a free cancellation option on most cars a few days before your rental. We LOVE this as our plans are always changing and it gives us freedom and flexibility.

You don’t want any miscommunication in Mexico, especially if you have limited time on your cruise day. On this site it clearly displays what’s included and what’s not. Unlimited milage is a big one and you can see this clearly stated.

Here are the prices of additional add ons:

Additional Driver:

If you would like an additional driver, it is only $3.99 USD per day.

Renting a GPS

To avoid overpaying in Mexico, if you need a GPS, we would suggest renting one in advance.

The cost is $21.99 USD per day for a GPS. Alternatively, you can bring your own from home or if you are traveling with others, download maps for free on your phone.

You really will want a GPS in Cozumel.

Renting a Baby Seat

It is best to book essentials like a baby seat in advance as you don’t want the provider to say they have run out or quote you a crazy price at the counter.

It is $5.99 per day for a baby seat, booster seat or child seat. You can select which one you require easily online.

FAQ & Car Rental Tips

Make sure you check which cruise port you are coming into. There are actually 3 in Cozumel – Punta Langosta (downtown), International Pier/SSA Mexico (3 miles south of downtown), and Puerta Maya (5 miles south of downtown). You will ideally want to book your car rental in the port you are coming into.

If you cannot find a car rental in that port it’s not a huge deal as you can easily get a taxi from the cruise port to your rental. Of course, it’s better if you do not have to do this!

As a general rule, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, and Norwegian dock at International Pier/SSA Mexico and Carnival ships dock at Puerta Maya. It is always best to check with your cruise as to where exactly they are going to dock. 

Things to do in a car from Cozumel

You can see everything we would recommend in our Cozumel honeymoon guide, it’s a great place for a romantic getaway!

If you have a car it’s awesome because you can explore all the untouched beaches in Cozumel that are difficult to access. Another place we would highly recommend is the Money Bar, which is great for snorkeling and affordable priced drinks. As we stated above, we got stuck at the Money Bar without a car before so we won’t be making that mistake again anytime soon!


If you decide to go with Car rental at the Cozumel Cruise Port, let us know how you get on and if you’d recommend it!