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How To Text A Guy And Keep Him Interested [20 Examples!]

So you like a guy and you want to know how to text a guy and keep him interested?

There were days where you would only talk to just one guy over phone that you were dating. But now those days are gone. Since texting has become a norm now, getting to know someone new and developing that relationship has become much easier.

This can be both good thing and bad thing. While texting a guy that you are interested in will give you time to think about what you want to say to him, there could also be situation where his text can be misunderstood or make you worry if you don’t hear back from him.

A recent study has shown that both a girl and a guy will be more likely to be satisfied in a relationship if they have same texting habits. For example, if you are the kind of person who writes lengthy texts and he does the same then you both are likely to hooked into each other quickly.

Online Dating And Texting

Online dating is one of the important areas especially when it comes to texting. Almost all of the dating apps and sites have a messaging feature which is basically what you use for texting.

This is where you will most likely find the guy you are interested in and discover whether you like each other or not. So if you new to the world of online dating, you might want to take some notes on how to text a guy and keep him interested.

Right from the first text inside the dating app to directly texting each other, knowing what to text can be very beneficial.

How To Text A Guy And Keep Him Interested

In the world of dating online, you have to admit that there is no getting away from texting. Let’s take a look at some of the best tips that will help you how to text a guy and keep him interested.

The ‘Hi!’

We have to admit that humans have become lazy. And when it comes to texting a guy, just saying hi is by far the laziest possible. You might be just be trying to check whether he is around, but there are so many other creative ways where you can start the conversation.

Instead of just saying hi, send him a text that will give him a reason to respond. Below are some examples.

  • Hey good lookin’. What’s cookin’?
  • Hi cutie. How’s your morning going?
  • Hey handsome. Been thinking of you all morning…

What the above examples does is that it will give him a reason to text you back. It will let him know that you are thinking of him. The point that you have to keep in mind is that the entire goal of texting is to engage in a conversation.

Whether you are making plans with him tonight or just want to catch up with him or engage in a hearty conversation, always keep the goal in your mind before that start a conversation.

Have A Life

Many girls have this silly idea that men like it when they are always available for a conversation. But the power of a chase should never be underestimated.

It might turn him off if you make yourself available all the time.

He might think that you are a boring person and doesn’t have a life. Show him you are a busy person and that there are a lot of things happening in your life. This will make him more interested in you.

If you want to how to text a guy to keep him interested, first thing you want is to let him know you are not always available. If you are going out with your friends, respond to his message but also let him know that you are out and that you will check in later.

Do not think that you are being rude. You are just being courteous. When someone sends you a message and you don’t respond for hours you will start getting nervous and start thinking that the other person might not be interested. By responding to his text you are politely letting him know that you are not available at that time.

You can also let him know what you are up to. You can send him a photo of the movie you are watching or the place you are visiting. This will make him more connected with you and also let him know that you are not just lying around waiting for his message. There are also chances that he might want to know how your day was once you are free.

Some examples:

  • Hey, so good to hear from you. I’m actually out with my friends. Can I get back to you later?
  • Just had the most amazing food at this restaurant. I’m sure you will love it too.

Ask Questions

Girls love it when the guy they are dating asks questions about their life and their interests. If your guy is asking you questions, then why cant’t you reciprocate and ask him back?

A very good strategy on how to text a guy and keep him interested is to ask him about his hobbies, his interest, his family, job, etc. By asking him questions about his life you are making him sure that you interested in him and he will respond to you kindly.

Some examples:

  • Hey how was your job interview today? I was crossing my fingers for you.
  • Your brother is coming to visit you, right? What have you planned for the day?

Or ask about his likes and dislikes. Such sessions of questions would help you both understand each other better.

Plus, you can always send gifts to your dating partner via courier to keep the spark burning. If he answers the gesture with a return gift, you can be certain that he is ready to take the relationship to the next level.


Responding Immediately Is A No, No

Some might think this is similar to playing games in dating, but it is not.

I would like to say it is more of a strategy which will be helpful to you down the road.

If you respond to all his texts immediately now and after few months if you lose interest and take time to respond between each text, he will catch on to it immediately.

You should also keep in mind the chase factor. If you reply to all his messages immediately then he will feel you are always available, and this takes away the excitement of being is a relationship.

Another thing you should pay attention to is how much time he is taking to respond to your messages.

If he taking all day to reply to your texts, then there is certainly no need for you to respond to his texts immediately. If he is responding within seconds, then you should do it too.

There is no such example here to tell you how to text a guy and keep him interested. Just take twice the time than you naturally take to respond. If you are the kind of person who likes to respond immediately, you can keep your phone across the room so that you won’t know that he has texted you.

Send Him Your Photo

Communication doesn’t always have to be limited to text messages. You can also communicate with him by sending a photo every once in a while. But do not go overboard with sending too many photos as it may come off as you being too much self-involved.

A good way to do this is to mix it up. Send a funny photo which you might think he’d laugh at or a cute selfie of you with your friends

And don’t just send photos to him. Instead ask him to share his photos too. Whether he is out for hiking or visiting the local band, sharing photos with each other is a great way to keep him engaged and take your relationship to another level.


  • Just finished preparing this food. Wish you were here to try it. [photo]
  • This photo made me laugh out loud. What do you think? [photo]

Stop Complaining

It is normal to start getting more comfortable with your guy once you start spending more time with him. What this means is that you will open up more with him which is a good thing.

However, do not use this as an excuse to vent on your frustrations.

An occasional vent on the hot weather is okay, but complaining about your life, your boss and his dog is what you should avoid doing. There is a thin line between the things that is bothering you and things that you just need someone to simply complain. This will only have a negative effect on your relationship.

Using Emojis In Your Texts

Texting has evolved a lot over the past few years. Along with that, the usage of emojis has evolved too. Emojis are not just restricted to teens anymore.

Emojis have become a part of better expressing the intention of your words, which is very important since using just words has more chances of interpreting in a wrong way.

But keep in mind how often you use emojis in your texts. If the guy hardly uses any emojis in his text, you might come off as a juvenile teen peppering him with emoji texts. What you need to do is match his style of texting.

Some examples:

  • Without emojis: I’m not missing you.
  • With emojis: I’m not missing you.😛 

Gets your point across so much easier.

You must be super excited about this new guy, but don’t be the kind of person who is always the first to initiate a conversation, Wait for him to come to you.

And when he texts you first, let him know how much you like getting texts from him. For example, if he texts you every morning to wish you a good day, let him know how happy you are getting a good day text from him. By doing this he is more likely to initiate a conversation with you more often.

But don’t always wait for him to initiate a conversation and make it one-sided. For every few texts that he initiates, you too reciprocate the same by initiating first. This will make him feel that you too like him.

If you want to know how to text a guy and keep him interested, you need to pay attention to his texting patterns. Observe if he is texting you at the same time everyday and surprise him by sending a text first.

Avoid Pointless Conversations

I had stressed on this point at the beginning of the article on how to text a guy and keep him interested. You need to have a purpose or goal before you initiate any conversation.

Whether you are planning to catch up with him on the weekend or want to know him better on a deeper level or want to let him know that you are thinking of him, you need to have a purpose before you start a conversation. This will also not make him feel that are wasting his time. 

  • Hi honey! I just read this awesome article which reminded me of our conversation that we were discussing yesterday. Read this and let me know your thoughts….
  • Hey babe! Just confirming our plans to watch the movie tomorrow.

Don’t Text Again Until He Responds

If you want to know how to text a guy and keep him interest, here is an awesome tip. Once you have sent him a text, wait until he responds before you text again.

It is a common worry to be insecure during the early days of your dating and if he takes time to reply to your message, it might make you worry that he is not interested in you.

But have a little patience. You don’t know what he is in the middle of. He might be out with his friends. He might be sleeping. His phone battery could be dead. Texting him repeatedly if he is not responding might turn him off.

Avoid Txtn Lyk A Child

This is another common problem among teens. Using shortcuts may help you in life, but making every word into an abbreviation will only do more bad for you than good. Do not text like a school teenager.

It takes just a few more seconds to fully type that word and if you are so much lazy then you can always use the voice to text feature in your phone. Avoid using words like:

  • CU (See you)
  • IDK (I don’t know
  • TTYL (Talk to you later)

Now don’t misunderstand what I’m trying to say here. You can use words like LOL occasionally, but do not go overboard and turn your entire conversation filled with abbreviation and emojis.


Use Humor

If your conversations have turned into a serious one (like, what do you do for a living? what are your views about marriage?) then using humor will balance out that conversation. It is also a good way to building a stronger bond with him.

A recent psychology research has found out that men like women when they are funny especially during the beginning of their relationship. It will show that you are flirty and have a good sense of humor.

Some examples:

  • You think you can beat me in this game? Get ready to lose.
  • I will show you mine if you show me yours….I was talking about my tattoo, naughty!

Know When To Take You Conversation To The Next Level

While texting is a good way of communication during the beginning of a relationship, it isn’t always the best. If your text conversations are getting lengthy or a heavy subject (his dog has died), you need to change your channel of communication during such situations.

Talking with him on phone or having a face to face talk allows you to have better conversations.

Katherine Hertlein, one of the psychologists at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, describes conversations into 2 types, synchronous and asynchronous methods.

Asynchronous method which is texting, should be used only as a way to problem solving, since it gives you enough time to digest the information and think about what you want to respond back

Synchronous method like face to face conversation, phone call or video chat should be used to for better and deeper conversations. So it is important to know which method to chose before you start a conversation.

  • Example: I’m bad at typing. Can we continue this conversation over phone?

Avoid Gossip

It is okay to talk about celebrity gossip once in a while but making up gossip about people you know or spreading gossip about each and everyone will only put him off and greatly affect your relationship.

  • Hey did you know Julie actually has three boyfriends? Man, what a bit*h she is – don’t do this!

Do Not Text When Drunk

We do some stupid things when we are drunk and later regret that the next morning.

And if you are in the beginning of your relationship and you text your guy when you are drunk, it can get a whole lot embarrassing

It is all fine and good if your guy is okay with you drinking and all, but to avoid any embarrassing encounters switch off your phone whenever you are in the mood for a drink. 

Do Not Lie

Lying in a relationship is a big NO.

If you are making up lies whenever you are texting a man, then it is not worth the effort. There is no point in starting a relationship built with lies.

Even though if it was worked for you, getting caught for just one lie is enough to break apart the whole relationship. You do get caught sooner or later.

Ask How His Day Was

You know you love it when he asks you how you day was. So why not ask him how is day was too?

Asking how his day was is a great way to start a conversation. If his day was good, then you can let him know yours too. But if he is having a bad day, then you can be there to listen to his problems. Give attention to how he is responding and ask him more questions accordingly.

But do not start your conversation like this everyday. It will get repetitive and boring. Always remember, you want to keep things fresh and not repetitive.

  • You:Hey babe! How’s your day?
  • Him: Not great. I just had a punctured tire. Need to visit the tire shop and get it fixed.
  • You: That’s bad. Shall I give you a ride? We can get a coffee till it gets fixed.

Keep It Short

Text messages are designed to be short and sweet. If your conversations are lengthy it is better to talk on phone or video chat.

Also make sure that you create the opportunity to have a two sided conversation. If the texts are lengthy, it is better to break it up into separate lines so that he gets enough time to read it and respond.

That does not mean you have to restrict every text to 3 words or less. If you have to say something, respond in full sentences.

Ask Him For Advice

If you are looking for advice and wondering ‘should i text him’, then you should. Whether you are looking for solution to a problem or which Netflix series to watch or the best pizza in town, ask him for his advice.

It will make him feel good that you consider him whenever you need advice. And if he cares about you, he will give you the best possible solution.


Using text messages for communication is a great platform when you want to know the guy you are dating. But instead of just focusing on what to text a guy and keep him interested, you need to pay attention to his behavior also.

Does he also initiate a conversation with you? How long he is taking to reply back? Does he ask question to you? Are his replies in-depth?

Apart from analyzing his texts you also need to see if he is making same efforts that you are doing to talk to you and meet you. If you are just texting with no plans ahead, then be confident and ask him out. If he is just making excuses to avoid you, then you must know that he has no intention of meeting you.

Use flirty texts only to make your conversations interesting but do not entirely rely on them. The longer you are in a relationship, the more you should make phone calls and meet each other.

So if you are interested in someone, should you text him? Of course you should. I hope this in-depth post will give a clear understanding of what to text a guy. Do you have any tips on how to text a guy and keep him interested? Let us know in the comments below.


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