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The Best Nightlife in Lviv – 6 Interesting Bars you Can’t Miss!

We love Lviv. It is one of our favourite cities in Europe. We have traveled to Lviv overland from Krakow and have also arrived to the city by flight.

With plenty of new cheap flights, there is no better time to come to Lviv and if you are wondering about the nightlife in Lviv, it is very interesting indeed! You will see what I mean after you read this!

Nightlife in Lviv

Lviv has some of the best (and quite frankly weirdest) nightlife we have ever experienced.

You would be missing out if you came to Lviv and didn’t experience the nightlife.

Here are our top picks for Lviv nightlife.

1. Pyana Vishnya

Pyana Vishya is a very unique bar in Lviv and simply one you can’t miss on a Lviv trip.

Come to Pyana Vishya and enjoy their signature cherry wine. We had never previously tried cherry wine so this was quite an interesting experience for us.

This little bar is also open during the day but it comes alive at night.

It is a local hotspot due to its unique wine and cool atmosphere. We love that the cherry wine is served in stunning crystal glasses.

In winter, you can choose either hot or cold wine. We opted for the cold.

We aren’t ourselves fans of the taste of cherry wine. However, we still found the experience to be well worthwhile.

If you would like to visit Pyana Vishya it is located here: 3, Arsenalna St Lviv.

Pyana Vishnya, lviv nightlife

2. Gasova Lampa

Another very cool bar in Lviv and definitely one not to be missed is Gasova Lampa.

The place has a very interesting history. It is based in the factory of the man who invented the advanced oil lamp.

In the style of an old alchemist, you can enjoy your beverage in test tubes at this bar! Very weird indeed but we aren’t complaining!

Test tubes aside, we would highly recommend a visit to this bar as it has a very interesting interior including alfresco dining areas.

If you are feeling hungry, you can also order bar food here.

If you would like to visit Gasova Lampa it is located here: Virmenska vul. 20, Lviv
Gasova Lampa, best nightlife in Lviv

3. Kryivka

This is possibly one of the most interesting bars we have ever come across in our lives.

Kryivka is an underground bunker. You cannot get into this bar without a password, which if you are wondering is: “Glory to the Ukraine!” 

This bar is a very very interesting and unique experience. As you enter, military staff will interrogate you, like you are entering a real bunker.

At the back of the bar, there is a shooting range where you can take a shot at Putin’s head – yes really. Don’t come to this bar if you are a fan of Putin – ha ha.

If you are feeling hungry food is also served at the bar.

If you would like to visit Kryivka, it is located here: пл. Ринок, 14 (підвал), Lviv

4. Pravda Beer Theatre

For possibly the most popular place for a beer in Lviv, don’t miss trip to the Pravda Beer Theatre.

If you love craft beer, you cant miss a stop at this place – you will be in craft beer heaven. Mmmmm

It also comes alive at night as it pumps out live music. It is famous for having a FULL orchestra.

The orchestra plays a variety of styles of music including AC/DC, Metallica, Frank Sinatra, Adele, Maroon 5, and popular film soundtracks so it is sure to play something for everyone.

If you would like to visit Pravda Beer Theatre, it is located: Torhovyy Dim Tsipperiv, Rynok Square, Lviv.

If you can score an nice apartment or hotel here, it’s one of the best areas to stay in Lviv.

Pravda Beer Theatre, best bars in lviv

5. Masoch cafe

Ever wanted to go to a bar where the staff whip you? No, I can’t say I have either but there is a first time in life for everything.

This is a erotic themed bar for the mainstream market – something very unusual and unique indeed.

If you feel like a good whipping on a night out head to Masoch. It is located at: Serbska St, 7, Lviv.

6. Malevich Night Club

Rounding up the list with a night club, if you are a night club fan, don’t miss Malevich Night Club in Lviv.

It is one of the biggest night clubs in Eastern Europe and definitely where you need to head if you are looking for the most happening night club in Lviv.

It is conveniently located too, just 300 metres from the Lviv opera (which as a side note is a great night out!)


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