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LVIV OPERA – Visit for $2 USD & how to book tickets

The Lviv Opera was something we had been pondering doing for while in Lviv.

We had already done many of the other attractions the city had to offer and of course visited all the funky Lviv nightlife and cafes but were yet to see a show at the Lviv opera.

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Lviv Opera – Why you Should Visit?

Going to the Opera is usually an expensive treat. In most capital cities around the world a night at the opera will set you back $60 USD +.

The Lviv Opera is an exception to that rule – you can get tickets for 50 UAH which is about $2 USD.

Now if that is not a bargain I’ll never know what is!

The price is one reason you should visit (even if you don’t like opera or ballet) $2 just is see inside this beautiful building is well worth it.

However, the performances are world class so you also will not regret going for a night of entertainment.

Lviv Opera

Lviv Opera Schedule – What is playing?

We didn’t expect much from the opera calendar at the Lviv Opera House  – a few Ukrainian style musicals that we have never heard of is all we ever expected.

However, we were pleasantly surprised to discover that a wide range of well known Opera and Musicals were playing at the Opera House.

We decided to see Swan Lake, a well known international ballet.

If you prefer an Opera, at the time we were in Lviv, there were well known Operas playing as well such as Aida.

Lviv Opera Tickets – Which ones to book?

We purchased the cheapest possible tickets as we were a little skeptical if we would enjoy ourselves.

We were curious how bad the seats were for 50 UAH or $2 USD.

The answer to this question is that they weren’t horrible but we would spend more if we went again.

The view of the $2 USD seats was largely blocked while seating. However, you are allowed to stand up and you can see everything perfectly if you do so.

If we went again, we would at least spend 80 UAH on tickets.

Keep in mind, these 80 UAH tickets are quite popular so book in advance. We couldnt get two 80 UAH seats together at the time we booked.

Lviv Opera tickets

Lviv Opera – How to book tickets?

It is super easy to book directly on the opera website.

You can pay on the website by international credit card so it is super convenient and easy to do!

There are two choices after you pay – 1. print your tickets or 2. pick them up in person.

We opted for the online version being unaware you had to print them yourself. We probably would have opted to pick them up in person had we have known.

In saying this, printing is very cheap and easy to do in Lviv.

Is there a dress code?

The Lviv opera didn’t have a dress code stated but most people dressed smart casual.

If you went in jeans and a t-shirt I don’t think it would be a problem but you may feel a little out of place.

Is there food and drink sold?

At intermission, there is drinks and snacks sold. You are not allowed to bring them back into the opera seating with you.

Tip: If you would like to have a drink, hurry at admission to the drink stand as there quickly becomes a very long line of people.

Lviv Opera – Should I go?

If we haven’t made it clear yet – yes absolutely!

Lviv Opera was probably the best $2 we spent in Lviv!


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