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6 Amazing Lviv Cafes you can’t miss | Coffee & Melted Chocolate

There is no Starbucks in Lviv. Don’t worry, there are plenty of far more exciting options to get your caffeine fix in the city.

Lviv is renowned for its coffee culture. There are lots of cafes with fast wifi too.

Digital nomads who prefer to work in a cafe environment will fall in love with Lviv, Ukraine.

We list (in our view) the 6 best Lviv cafes for regular travelers and digital nomads alike.

Best Cafe for Working: Kredens Cafe

There are two Kredens Cafes in Lviv. Both are popular with digital nomads and university students working on laptops. Each cafe has an upstairs area with seats with power plugs.

Foot tip: The croissants are very good.

Wifi: 2Mps when tested. If I hadn’t performed a Speedtest I would have said Kredens Cafe has good wifi – it was stable.

The Lviv Starbucks: Lviv Coffee Manufacture

The Starbucks of Lviv – at least in terms of market saturation. There is one on most corners.

The chain is also trying to capture the late night drinks crowd. You can order a glass of Malbec wine from Argentina for 61 UAH which is cheaper than we paid when touring Mendoza wineries where the wine comes from.

Foot tip: The Lviv cheesecake is really nice

Wifi: Useable wifi

Most Indulgent cafe: Lviv handmade Chocolate

This place is maybe too busy to be a viable place to get work do but any excuse to include our favourite chocolate shop! There are lots of seats and good wifi but very few plugs.

We are regulars at Lviv Handmade chocolate (and by regulars we mean every day-ers). The chocolate is so so good it keeps us coming back for more and more.

Eat: A melted cup of milk chocolate of course!

Wifi: Fast wifi

Most Instagrammable Cafe: Black Honey

This cafe is InstaFamous in Lviv. Apart from taking good photos the coffee is excellent too. It is a little small, so you are not always guaranteed a seat. Some plugs.

Eat: the snow-capped chocolate macaroons are yum

Wifi: Good wifi – 10 Mbps

Directions: Google Maps

Best Jazz Cafe: Glory Cafe

Although it has modern decor the old school cool granduer is inescapable. The front dining room is often busy with diners but there is lots of seating in a large second room. There was a live saxaphone player jamming some modern covers when we were there.

Wifi: 40 Mbps

Eat: They do Turkish hot sand coffee.

Directions: Google Maps

Best Cheap Cafe:

This is a very trendy little cafe. There is a good amount of space to work on a laptop + electricity plugs.

Wifi: 48 – 1 mbps. Wifi was super fast or almost unusable.

Eat: Try the grilled chicken and cheese panini for 39 UAH.

Directions: Google Maps

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