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12 BEST RESTAURANTS IN LVIV – Quirky Restaurants you can’t miss!

We think of Lviv as the foodie city. We spent the majority of our time here eating and drinking.

The restaurants we have included in this guide are our absolute favourites in Lviv and ones you must try.

Restaurants in Lviv

Here are Restaurants in Lviv that you cannot miss!!

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1. Ribs Restaurant: “At Arsenal”

We are a huge fan of ribs.

Going to At Arsenal is quite a ribs experience. It is decorated in a medieval dining hall theme with long wooden tables and wrought iron chandeliers.

In true Lviv style, the restaurant is also a little quirky. You wear rib bibs and if you wear a tie into At Arsenal, it is unlikely you will be leaving with it. A mural of previous victims ties hangs from one of the chandeliers on the ceiling.

Oh, and the ribs are totally delicious. It is so good there is usually a line up to get in, including on week nights.

Tip: If you are a carnivore you don’t really need a side. If you want one, opt for the grilled vegetables over the ungrilled (unless you are a rabbit).

Price: $$ (Main meal of ribs around 140 UAH + sides)

2. Pizza Restaurant: Celentano Ristorante

This pizza restaurant on one corner of Ryonok square is packed all day and night.

The alfresco dining option is particularly popular because you have the chance to relax and people watch while waiting for your pizza.

Celentano pizzas don’t disappoint either.

The large size pizza is one of the biggest pizzas we have ever seen. The pizza takes up the entire table.

Our favourite pizza which you must try is the chicken and pesto.

While we aren’t usually fans of pesto pizza, the drizzle of pesto and balsamic vinegar with chicken, mozzarella and tomatoes topped with baby spinach leaves certainly hits the spot.

Price: $ (200 UAH for a pizza for 2)

3. Lviv Post Office “Poshta”: For handmade pasta & beer

This is why we love Lviv so much – it has so many quirky and interesting cafes.

Poshta is one of them being the largest collection of postcards in Lviv.

This restaurant is so fun and interesting.

Aside from the myriad of postcards and post boxes around the store, you can also see the chefs hand making the pasta so you know it is super fresh.

The restaurant is known for handmade pasta and craft beer.

Price: $ (Pasta meal around 75 UAH)

4. Tarta Cafe by Mrs Greenwhich

If you are feeling a little homesick head to Mrs Greenwhich. This cafe/restaurant has a very Westie vibe.

It has good prices and good pizza. Nothing too special but a good, cheap, easy meal out in Lviv.

This is a safe option for those not too adventurous.

Price: $ (Main meal around 100 UAH, 200 UAH for a pizza for 2)

5. Puzata Hata: A cheap lunchtime cafetera

For a super cheap traditional Ukrainian lunch head to Puzata Hata.

This cafeteria style lunch is super popular among locals for its wide variety of Ukrainian cuisine, buffet style.

Essentially, this is Lviv’s traditional McDonald’s or high school lunch.

The food is not the best but it is not the worst either.

It is a good opportunity to try some traditional Borscht, this is a traditional Ukrainian soup, it is beetroot flavour and has meat and potatoes inside. Not usually a fan of beetroot but this soup is surprisingly yummy.

Price: $ (Price depends on how much you put on your plate!)

6. Baczewski Restaurant: A cheap, fancy restaurant for breakfast

A beautiful, fancy restaurant in Lviv which is famous for cheap fine dining.

We think of it as the green restaurant due to its pretty interior colour.

It is particularly popular for breakfast each morning due to its super cheap price.

A buffet breakfast will set you back only 150 UAH per person and includes one glass of champagne or vodka and one coffee.

Restricting patrons to one champagne or vodka seems fair but one coffee?

Nevertheless, it is well worthwhile visiting this stunning place. A piano plays and birds sing as you eat breakfast – if this isn’t cool I don’t know what is.

Price: $ (150 UAH pp for buffet breakfast)

7. Eat some Georgian cuisine: Khinkalʹnya Na Fedorova & Georgian Pastry

Lviv offers some very tasty Georgian cuisine.

For dinner we would recommend Khinkalʹnya Na Fedorova. At this restaurant we would recommend the giant sized dumplings.

The trick is to put the entire dumpling into your mouth at once. Don’t make the same mistake as us and take tiny bites, the entire thing crumbles.

During the day, visit the Georgian Pastry for the most delicious Kubdari, Georgian bread snack – basically a baked bread with meat, vegetables and cheese inside.

Price: $ (100 UAH for a main meal at Khinkalʹnya Na Fedorova, 20 UAH for a Kubdari )

8. Lviv’s Best Pub: Medok Cafe

We love pubs and this one does not disappoint.

Here you can try a really delicious meat pan complete with meat, cheese, potato and mayo for only 50 UAH – a true bargain.

They also serve pizzas at this pub but they are hit and miss. Save the pizza eating for the restaurants mentioned above.

Price: $ (Main meal around 50 UAH)

9. Vegan Restaurant Lviv: Om Nom Nom

One for the Vegan’s out there – Om Nom Nom is the place to go.

The restaurant essentially serves Vegan burgers, salads and wraps.

For smoothie bowl fans out there, they serve berry smoothie bowls for 60 UAH – even in Bali you can’t buy a smoothie bowl for $2!

Price: $ (Main meal around 120 UAH)

10. Most Expensive Galacian Restaurant

Yet another of Lviv’s quirky restaurants.

The Most Expensive Galacian Restaurant could in fact be the most expensive Galacian restaurant if you don’t know a trick.

We don’t want to ruin the fun for you but here’s the tip – don’t pay full price!

Price: $ – $$$$ (Up to you )

11. Meat & Justice

Another quirky Lviv Restaurant for you – meat & justice.

The quirky thing about Meat and Justice is that the restaurant was once owned by a Lviv executioner who didn’t find a job executing people.

In this theme, the restaurant is themed like a medieval torture chamber.

Meat dishes are carved with the assistance of tools of the executioner.

Price: $$ (Main meal around 150 UAH)

12. Kryivka Restaurant

Possibly our favourite restaurant in Lviv due to it’s quirky edge.

Essentially Kryivka is an underground bunker.

You cannot enter the bar/restaurant without a password. In case you need it, it is: “Glory to the Ukraine!” 

It serves fabulous food here. We would highly recommend the pork belly with apple. They hand carve the pork belly in front of you with a heavy cleaver.

Also recommended is the dumplings and borscht.

Price: $$ (Main meal around 150 UAH)

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