Flights, Cruises & Getting Around Town

We use all of these providers because they each serve their own purpose when finding the best flight deals. We prefer booking with CruiseDirect because booking is instant and they often give you $20 additional free credit!

Skyscanner is the best for comparing airlines. The search flights from XYZ to Everywhere is a really useful brainstorming tool.

Kiwi searches for airline combinations you won’t find elsewhere. We were hooked after finding flights from Puerto Vallarta to Costa Rica via Mexico City including 2 x 25kg bags for $25 USD! Logo CTTW (1)

Cruise Direct consistently finds the best cruise deals and when booking we usually receive an extra $20 on board credit. We also received $50 off as a birthday special.

Expedia Logo CTTW (1)

The search engine behemoth.

Adioso Logo CTTW

Adioso allows you to search for flights to everywhere or to a continent or region (e.g. Central America). The save fare alert is useful if you are planning ahead.

Uber Logo CTTW

Uber is cheaper than a taxi, allows you to track your whereabouts and you know the price up front. Our preferred transport mode around town. Get $20 off if you sign up using the code mikes48767ue.


Our go to site for great accommodation is because we trust their review system more than other sites. We found Hotwire to be very useful for finding affordable higher-end accommodation in the USA and Canada. Logo CTTW (1) has a very complete section of hotel options. We trust their review scores over any other site. Rates a hotel’s wifi too, which usually prevents a lot of disappointment.

Hotwire Logo CTTW

Hotwire offers really good last minute accommodation, particularly in big cities like Las Vegas, New York or Seattle. They offer mystery deals on branded hotels who can’t openly advertise their heavily discounted rates. Logo CTTW (1)

Like, Hotels offers a broad selection. Booking’s review scores are more accurate but sometimes Hotels has a better rate, particularly in Costa Rica and Argentina.

Airbnb Logo CTTW (1)

Airbnb is great, particularly in more expensive cities or if you have a larger group. Sign up through this link to get $40 free credit on the first stay with a new account.

LoveHolidays Logo

Weekend breaks fantastic for anyone looking to escape the humdrum of daily life. If you can relate, then Loveholidays is a great resource for you.

Car Hire

We prefer to search using car rental search engines. We find AutoEurope works best for most destinations in North America, Australia and Europe. When we’ve found better ways of renting a car we always let you know, like in Costa Rica we prefer Adobe Car Rental or when taking a cruise in Miami we use Sixt because of its close proximity to the port. Read more about how to find cheap car rental here.

AutoEurope Logo CTTW (1)

AutoEurope searches hundreds of car rental agencies. On AutoEurope UK the results normally include insurance which is far cheaper than if you pre-purchase it rather than purchasing insurance at the counter.

Adobe Rent-a-Car Logo CTTW (1)

In Costa Rica we found traditional search engines to be of limited use because most car rental agencies required huge deposits. The exception was Adobe Rent A Car. We wrote about Adobe here. Adobe has given us a discount code so make sure you use it by clicking here!

Sixt Logo CTTW (1)

Sixt operate predominantly in the USA. Reserve a car without payment or credit card details and free cancellation. Lock in your car (and rate) today and no problems if you have to change plans. Convenient for Miami Cruise pickup/dropoffs.


You never know when you’re gonna need it, so why not get the worry out of your mind by getting covered?

Holidaysafe Travel Insurance

It’s wrong to assume being pregnant prevents you from jetting off on the holiday of a lifetime. Regardless of the stage of pregnancy, this resource by Holidaysafe will provide travellers with the confidence to head abroad, safe in the knowledge they’re doing no harm to themselves or their baby.

Blogging Resources

We use BlueHost for our site it works great. Starting this blog was one of the best things we have ever done. We wish we had started sooner! We created a super simple 4 step plan to start your own blog because starting a proper blog only takes 10 minutes and is so easy when you know what to do!

We back up some of our files to dropbox to keep them safe. If you don’t already have a dropbox account, they’re free and if you sign up here we’ll both receive 500mb extra space free.

Blue Host is one of the biggest providers in the business. The price includes a free domain name. This site is hosted by Blue Host – we’ve never had any downtime, malicious viruses or security threats. The one-click WordPress installation makes it perfect for bloggers.

Simply put, Elegant Themes has some of the best themes in the business. This blog uses the Divi theme. Within minutes you make your blog look super-professional. They have a money-back guarantee so try it today totally risk-free.

Back up your website, photos and files forever with Dropbox. Get free storage by using this link.