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30 Pieces Of Marriage Advice For Newlyweds for a Thriving Relationship

When you are just recently tied the knot, getting some great marriage advice for newlyweds is necessary to get your relationship off to a great start.   

From here, you can develop your own set of relationship goals to work towards together as a couple over time.

All relationships require continual work, as they say teamwork makes the dream work! I’d be lying if I told you anything else.

So with that in mind, here is some of the very best advice for newlyweds. These 30 pieces of words of wisdom for newlyweds are sure to get your relationship off to a great start.

30 Pieces Of Marriage Advice For Newlyweds

1. Respect each other.

Respect is essential in every relationship, romantic, friendly, and professional. It is especially critical in a marriage. It would be best to show that you value each other’s opinions and hold your relationship in high regard.

Talk to your partner before making plans with friends or making big decisions, not because you’re asking permission, but because you have respect for their input. You are consulting your teammate before making a decision that affects them.

If you always respect each other, your marriage will thrive.

2. Encourage each other.

To have a happy marriage, you must encourage each other often. Encouragement makes your spouse feel good about themselves; always give compliments and lift them up. This is one of the best pieces of marriage advice.

Encourage your spouse always to strive to be the best version of themselves. In return, your spouse should encourage you to be the best version of yourself. You want to encourage each other with everything they set out to do, even small things. Just a tiny bit of encouragement can go a long way.

Encouraging each other is the foundation for every happy marriage and some great marital advice for newlyweds.


3. Don’t let yourself go.

Many married couples misunderstand that there’s no need to worry about your appearance once you are married. After all, you have already attracted your ideal partner, so why should you keep trying? This misunderstanding has caused many problems in marriages.

The fact is you don’t want ever to stop trying. If you ate healthily, exercised, and had a perfect skincare routine before marriage, it’s essential to keep up those habits even after you are married.

This is because you need to take care of yourself and treat yourself well. How can you expect to take care of your spouse the way they deserve if you can’t take care of yourself? One of the most important marriage tips for newlyweds.


4. Pay attention to each other’s needs.

Paying attention to your partner’s needs is one of the essential pieces of advice for newlyweds; always pay attention to each other’s needs.

Couples get so caught up worrying about what the other person is not doing right we forget that we are not perfect either, which can lead to arguments over who didn’t do what.

The more energy you put into worrying about how the other person isn’t meeting your needs, the less energy you can put into meeting their needs. It takes a balance of you and your spouse committing to focus more on each other’s needs than your own.

5. Support each other.

Always support your spouse, and they should support you. Whether it’s a new job that requires a move or just a new hobby they want to try that you think is a little off, you need to support them.

Supporting your spouse shows you are there for them and lets them know you consider yourself a team. Being a team is especially important in a marriage.

Also, when you show your spouse support, they will support you when you need it.


6. Be willing to communicate.

Communication is vital in every relationship, but it’s more important in a marriage.

Marriages, especially new ones, are fragile. Because they are fragile, simply lack of communication can cause mounds of issues in your marriage.

Lack of communication could be how clear you are when you want a task done within a specific time frame or not letting them know when something hurts your feelings.

These little things can add up, and eventually, you will blow up on each other. That is the last thing you want to happen.

Always communicate with each other.

7. Don’t try to control each other.

You and your spouse are a team composed of two individuals coming together to form a unit or a team. They are not your property, and they are not your child.

Married couples often make this mistake and have to deal with the consequences.

Let your spouse go out with friends or do their hobby on a Saturday, and you can take that time for yourself. It is crucial in marriage to still have your hobbies and spend time with your friends, and both of you should respect that.

If you start trying to control each other and make each other do what you want all the time, you will both end up feeling emotionally drained.

8. Take up for each other.

Your spouse needs to be your highest priority, even over your family. You shouldn’t let family or friends talk negatively about your spouse, ever!

You need to protect your spouse and tell those that talk negatively about them that you will not tolerate it. Even if you disagree with your spouse, you need to clarify that you have his back. It would help if you always took each other’s side because you are a team.

It’s ok to disagree with your spouse when alone, but always let friends and family know that you are a strong couple and will always stand up for each other.


9. Respect your marriage.

It can be tempting to give into harmless flirting and entertaining someone you know is into you, but don’t give into it. Marriages take work and consistency, and it also needs to be protected.

It requires both partners to put their marriage on a pedestal and not leave the door open to let someone else sabotage it accidentally. Flirting is never harmless when you are married.

Respect your marriage by setting boundaries with friends and co-workers that could cause problems within your marriage. Most affairs happen without the intention of having one; they were just the result of getting too close to someone else.

10. Show affection often.

Showing affection shouldn’t stop after the honeymoon. You should continue to try to show each other love for the rest of your lives together.

Make sure you continue to kiss each other and show each other how you feel through affection. Even embracing with a warm hug is a way to show each other how important you are to each other.

Another way you can show affection is by surprising them with their favorite drink or candy. Remembering to pick up their favorites shows affection by demonstrating you want to make them happy.

Other ways to show affection are writing cute notes for them to find on the fridge or leaving something special in their lunch box.

11. Make time for each other.

Making time for each other is another critical piece of advice for newlyweds. It can become more and more complex the longer you are together and the busier your lives get to make time for each other.

You can call each other during the day to say hi or take the time to send a thoughtful text when you have a minute. Plan things to do together, even if it’s just an indoor movie night; this demonstrates that you prioritize each other.

Making each other a priority will keep both of you feeling happy and fulfilled, and this is a good foundation for your marriage.


12. Appreciate each other.

Always show appreciation for your spouse, and they should show appreciation for you. Showing appreciation for each other lets each other know that you notice what you do for one another. It also lets your spouse know you are not taking them for granted.

You can show each other your appreciation by cooking an extra special meal you know they like or going out of your way to do a chore that is usually their responsibility.

You can also show your appreciation by verbally expressing your feelings; just make sure your actions back it up.

Remember always to show genuine appreciation and never be fake with your spouse.

13. Communicate without arguing.

So many marriages end because they never learned how to communicate effectively with each other. Effective communication allows room for growth within your marriage. It will enable you to understand what your spouse needs from you and what you need from your spouse.

It sounds simple, but it can prove challenging. Effective communication requires both of you to put your ego aside and focus entirely on the matter at hand. You can’t get upset with your spouse when they respectfully ask something of you. You need to be willing to listen and come to a compromise if you disagree.

Communicating without arguing will ensure a long and peaceful life together. Some of the best words of wisdom for newlyweds.

14. Continue to pursue each other.

Many married couples seem to stop pursuing their spouse after they get married, which leads to confusion.

It would help if you didn’t stop seeking their attention and trying to make them fall for you. Yes, your spouse already fell for you, but this doesn’t mean you stop doing what you did before you were married.

If you change your behavior after you are married and stop showing your spouse how much you want to be with them, they may assume you lost interest in them now that you are married.

15. Go on dates.

Always make time for dates! Dates are ways to continue to pursue your spouse and keep the relationship alive.

Dates give you quality time together and give you a chance to talk about things going on in your lives that you may be too busy to talk about usually. This communication and pursuit of one another are healthy for your marriage.

Going on dates also opens up the opportunity to try new things together, strengthening the bond you have with each other. Seriously good advice for newlyweds.

date ideas

16. Have realistic expectations.

People tend to jump into a marriage with unrealistic expectations of marriage. It would be best if you didn’t create unachievable ideas about what you expect out of your spouse. Your spouse is their person, just like you are.

A marriage is never perfect, and you shouldn’t treat it as such. Marriages take a lot of work from both partners to build your foundation and grow together to form an unbreakable bond.

If you want your marriage to succeed, try not to have any expectations, and if you do, let them be realistic.

17. Find a hobby together.

There are so many hobbies you can pick up to enjoy together. Finding a hobby together is vital in bonding with your spouse and building on your friendship.

It could be going to the gym or an art class. If you are outdoorsy, you could start hiking together or traveling to places with beautiful scenery to explore.

Doing things like this together gives you opportunities to express yourselves as a partnership.

It also enables you to have fun together, and fun is essential in a happy, long-lasting marriage.

18. Have your hobbies.

While it’s important to find hobbies to enjoy together, it’s equally essential finding hobbies to enjoy yourself.

Staying true to who you are and being yourself will allow you to appreciate your alone time with each other that much more.

If you do everything together and don’t take the time to do things separately, both of you risk feeling suffocated; this is the last thing you want. You also don’t want to morph together and lose your identities in each other because this is very unhealthy. Having your hobbies is one of the best pieces of marriage advice for newlyweds.


19. Focus on making each other happy

If both of you focus on making each other happy over yourselves, you will reap the benefits of a strong, fulfilled, selfless marriage.

Couples make the mistake of only focusing on their happiness while neglecting their spouse’s happiness. When both spouses do this, you end up with a marriage filled with unhappiness and resentment because you can’t get your mind past how the other person isn’t fulfilling you.

Focus on fulfilling your spouse’s needs and making them happy above your own needs and happiness.

20. Try new things together.

Trying new things together is something couples forget to do, but it’s important.

Trying new things with your spouse creates memories and allows you to bond over new experiences. It’s necessary for the health of your relationship.

On top of that, new experiences open us up emotionally and allow us to feel things on a deeper level.

Make sure you can spend your five-year anniversary talking about the new things you tried and how you can’t wait to try more.

21. Don’t stop being friends.

Never stop being friends with your spouse. Your spouse should always be your best friend.

They need to be the person you confide in when you are going through a personal issue and the person you celebrate with when you achieve things in life. Tell them secrets your friends share with you and open up about your past.

Being best friends means you will always maintain a foundation of love, trust, and respect. If your marriage starts to crumble, you can rely on that foundation to build back on if you have this foundation.

22. Don’t put each other down.

When you put your spouse down, you discourage them instead of encouraging them. In a marriage, it’s essential to lift your spouse up and always let them know what a fantastic person you think they are.

Constant belittling can be fatal to your marriage and your relationship. Making your spouse feel as if they are not enough will cause insecurities and diminish trust, which is toxic.

Make your concern concentrating on the beautiful things they do and remember why you are married to them. Nobody is perfect, and it is essential to remember.

23. Don’t talk negatively about each other.

Just like you shouldn’t belittle your spouse and make them feel small, remember not to talk badly about them to other people, including your friends and family.

Whether they know you are or not, talking negatively about your spouse means you are still focusing on the wrong traits instead of the good. It also means you aren’t respecting your marriage and holding high regard for it.


24. Seek advice from happily married couples.

When your marriage isn’t going well, don’t turn your single or divorced friends for advice. These people are not in your situation and could give you the wrong direction.

There may be a reason they are divorced or single, and you can’t trust that they will steer you in the right direction. They may advise you based on how they feel and their current situation, which could prove a considerable disadvantage to you.

You can still hang out with your divorced/single friends; just think twice before seeking council.

25. Trust each other.

Whatever you do, always trust each other. Trust is an essential part of a marriage, and without it, your marriage is likely not to be what you thought it would be.

Jealousy can make it hard to trust your partner. Whether it’s an attractive new co-worker or that hottie that just liked their profile picture, you need to keep in mind that they are with you. It can be easy to let your imagination run wild and begin accusing them of unfaithfulness, but this means you don’t trust them, and it could cause a loss of respect and resentment.

This is one of the most significant pieces of marriage advice to remember.

26. Compromise with each other.

Everybody wants to do things the way they want to, but it isn’t just about your wants and needs anymore when you get married.

Being willing to compromise lets your spouse know that even if you wanted things done your way, you could implement their ideas, making them feel appreciated.

If you and your spouse can’t agree on a compromise right away, try taking a step back to reevaluate both of your thoughts and reassess it at another time.

27. Be a team.

Being a team means if one of you is falling, the other will help them up.

Marriage brings about a lot of new responsibilities, and it can be challenging for both of you always to fulfill your part. When this happens, you need to be understanding with your spouse and help them out where they are struggling. This shows that you care not just about your spouse but also about the well-being of your family unit.

Recognizing when your spouse needs help instead of knocking them when they struggle will keep your marriage healthy.

28. Always kiss each other goodnight.

It’s ok to accidentally forget to kiss each other goodnight on occasion, but you should not make a habit of it.

Along with kissing each other goodnight, make sure to never go to bed angry. You should resolve your conflict the best you can for the night and agree to think it would over and pick it up the next day.

After you agree, tell your spouse you love them and kiss them goodnight. You never know what tomorrow holds.

29. Don’t keep secrets.

Do not keep secrets, even little ones. Secrets are a form of betrayal, and you always want to prove you are trustworthy to your spouse.

It may seem harmless not to mention that your ex sent you a message, but if your spouse finds out and knows you didn’t tell them, it could lead them to wonder what else you are keeping from them.

I’m not talking about when you buy your spouse a gift, and you don’t want them to know what it is. Keeping gifts a secret is ok.

30. Set goals together – some of the best marriage advice for newlyweds

Finally, on the list of marriage advice for newlyweds is setting goals together and dreaming big! The sky is the limit.

Sit down with your partner and discuss things you would like to achieve together and why. Write down whatever you two think of and make them your “together goals.”

When you set couple goals together, you ensure you are constantly growing together. Marriages that fail to set goals together sometimes only focus on their own goals individually, making it easier to grow apart.



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