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30 Signs He’s Losing Interest In Your Relationship + What to do Next

Looking for Signs He’s losing interest? You have come to the right place.

So you’ve been dating your man for a while now and you are wondering based on his actions whether he is losing interest in you.

If you’re thinking this behaviour is unusual and different to how he normally acts, it could be that he is losing interest and your relationship is fizzling. You have 2 choices from here, you can work hard to rebuild the spark or just let him go.

If you are wondering HOW to know he’s losing interest – read our 30 key telltale signs how to tell if your boyfriend is losing interest.

30 Signs He’s Losing Interest In Your Relationship

He stops asking you out on dates:

You were seeing each other on a regular basis, going out a few times per week, and things seemed to be going well. But you’ve noticed in the last few weeks it seems you’ve been going out less and less.

And you can’t seem to remember the last time he actually asked you out on a date. A guy that’s interested in you will definitely want to take you out on a regular basis. If he’s stopped asking you out on dates, there’s a good chance he’s losing interest.

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He responds to texts slower than he used to:

You sent him a text telling him good morning and wishing him a good day and it’s the afternoon before you hear back from him. You text him right back and again it’s several hours before he responds. And when you think about it, that’s been happening more and more often lately.

Wondering why the delay with his texts? He may be losing interest in you. We all forget to respond to a text occasionally and send a delayed response. But if it’s happening on a regular basis, he’s simply not prioritizing responding to you and that’s a sign of lost interest.

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He flirts less often:

Whether you notice he’s stopped using as many flirty emojis in his texts or even in person he seems to be a bit more formal and less flirtatious.

If his flirting habits have cooled off, there’s a good chance he’s lost interest. Even after dating for a while, a guy who is still interested will regularly send you flirty texts and will put some effort into flirting with you when the two of you spend time together. If he’s stopped flirting, he’s viewing you as more of a friend now.

He makes less effort to spend time with you:

When a guy is interested in you, he’s going to prioritize spending time with you. But if it’s starting to seem like he’d much rather hang out with his friends, go to the ball game, or even just hang around his place over spending time with you?

Unfortunately, this is a pretty big sign that he’s lost interest in you. Everyone enjoys a bit of alone time but if it’s become obvious he’d rather be alone than spend time with you, it might be time to consider moving on.

You don’t seem to be a priority:

He doesn’t seem to care if the two of you talk throughout the day, he’s not overly interested in spending time with you, and he seems to choose almost anything else over you.

A guy who is interested in you will always want to talk to you and will definitely want to spend time with you regularly. If he not longer cares about either, there’s a good chance that he’s losing interest in you and continuing your relationship.

He doesn’t seem very excited to see you:

When you first start dating, seeing each other after a long day is typically filled with excitement, hugs, and kisses. If you’ve noticed that recently he doesn’t seem to be all that excited to see you, or greets you in a way that’s much more casual than it once was, there’s a good chance that he’s losing interest.

A guy that is interested in you will be quick to greet you with a hug and kiss as soon as he lays eyes on you.

He seems to be picking fights with you:

Have you noticed he seems to be picking fights over even the smallest of issues here lately? Maybe he’s giving you a hard time over the way you organized the living room or he’s quick to argue over a small miscommunication between the two of you.

If you’re noticing he’s regularly starting fights over seemingly nothing, he may be losing interest. He’s giving you a hard time because he no longer cares so much about hurting your feelings or maintaining the happy relationship you once had.


He gets annoyed with you easily:

Along with picking fights over seemingly nothing, if he seems to be getting annoyed with you really easily it’s a sign he’s losing interest.

He might get annoyed over you humming along to your favorite song, the way you chew, or any other number of seemingly silly things. Because he’s no longer seeing you in the loving light he once did, the little eccentricities you have that he may have overlooked previously he’s having a hard time ignoring now.

He doesn’t try to progress your relationship:

Have you been stuck in that “kind of friends, kind of something more” phase for what seems like months now? Or maybe you’ve been dating for a couple of years but he doesn’t seem to be at all interested in popping the question.

If he’s not progressing your relationship, there’s a chance it’s due to a loss of interest on his part. A guy who’s super into you won’t want to chance you finding someone else.

He’ll be sure to make your relationship official. If you’ve been on just a few dates, he’ll be sure to give you the title of girlfriend. If you’ve been dating for a while, he’ll want to upgrade that title to wife.

Is my boyfriend losing interest? He won’t make any future plans with you:

Can’t seem to get him to give you a definite answer on that vacation you’re looking to plan this summer? Or maybe he just won’t commit to being your date at your sister’s wedding in a few months.

If he shows very little interest in committing to any sort of future plans with you, it may be due to a loss of interest. He’s not sure he even sees himself with you in a month’s time, much less 3 months down the road.

He seems less protective of you:

When a guy cares about you, he’ll show subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) signs that he’s protective of you. He’ll walk you to your car at night, ask you to text him and let him know you made it home, and tries to ease your fears for you.

A guy that’s interested in you can’t help but be protective of you, it’s instinctive! But if lately, he seems more than content to let you take care of those things on your own, he might be losing interest in you.

He spends a lot of time on his phone around you:

A guy who is into you will be in tune with you when the two of you spend time together. He won’t want to be distracted by phones, tv, or other interruptions.

If you’ve noticed that recently every time the two of you are around each other he seems to be playing on his phone, he might not be as into you as he once was. If he’s content to spend time on his phone rather than with you, he doesn’t care all that much about giving you the attention he once did.

He gives you the minimal effort:

He used to send you flowers on a regular basis, bring you your favorite takeout, and surprise you with sweet texts. But lately, he’s stopped doing any of the thoughtful things you used to love.

If he’s losing interest in you or continuing your relationship, you may notice a decrease in the amount of effort he puts forward. If he no longer feels the same way he once did about you, he won’t be as concerned with impressing you and the sweet things he once did will gradually decrease.

He avoids spending time with you:

Lately, it seems every time you ask him to hang out, he’s busy or he’s already made other plans. As tough as this one is, he’s subtly blowing you off.

He may not have made up his mind to fully break things off or maybe he still wants you around to hang out on occasion but he’s lost interest in spending any significant amount of time with you. A guy who still cares about you will be sure to spend time with you on a regular basis and you’ll feel like a priority rather than someone being blown off.

He’s less affectionate than he once was:

He used to always greet you with a big hug, he’d snuggle up with you on the couch when you settled in for a movie, and he was always quick to take your hand when you’re riding in the car together.

Now his greetings have become much colder and you don’t really remember the last time he gave you a passionate kiss or held your hand on a long drive. If you’ve noticed a decrease in the amount of affection he shows you, there’s a good chance it’s due to a loss of interest on his part.

His texts have become short and vague:

You used to have pretty good chats via text but as of late those conversations have reduced to short answers and seemingly a lack of interest on his part in keeping the conversation going.

If his texts have become increasingly vague or short and to the point, there’s a chance he’s losing interest. A guy who cares for you will be interested in what you have to say, even via text. You won’t feel like your texts are a burden to him or as if he’s bored with your conversations if he still has feelings for you.

You just have a feeling he’s lost interest:

There may not be one specific thing that’s leading to this feeling but you’ve just got a gut feeling he’s lost interest. Maybe his texts have become vaguer, he doesn’t want to hang out as often, or he just generally seems to not be as into you.

Your instincts might just be right. A guy who loses interest may not necessarily throw up all the typical red flags. He may prefer to try to fade into the distance slowly. If you have a gut feeling that he’s lost interest, trust your instincts. You just might be right.

He no longer asks you personal questions:

He used to want to seem to want to know every little detail about you. He constantly asked how your day was, what your favorite hobbies are, and what goals you’ve set for the future.

But as of late, he doesn’t even take the time to ask you if you had a good day or not. If a guy has lost interest in you, he won’t be particularly interested in asking you personal questions or spending time getting to know you further.

He gets defensive really easily:

He’s quick to get frustrated when all you’ve asked are what his plans are for the weekend. Or you notice he’s been liking a lot of one certain girl’s social posts and when you bring it up he’s immediately on defense.

If you’ve picked up on an increased level of defensiveness at even the smallest little issues, this is a sign he doesn’t care as much about you as he once did. He’s no longer concerned with placating you or ensuring the two of you are on good terms and this will become evident in how quickly he gets defensive.

Things don’t feel very romantic anymore:

Has the relationship started to feel more like you’re hanging out with a friend or roommate than a date or boyfriend? If he’s losing interest in you, he may have decreased the amount of effort he’s putting into romancing you.

He’s no longer asking you out on dates, paying you compliments, or putting forth effort into making sure the relationship is fun. If you’ve started feeling that the romance is dead, there’s a chance it is because he’s no longer feeling the way he once did.

He flirts with other girls even when you’re around:

This can be a really tough one to watch, especially if you care a lot for him. But if a guy is no longer interested in you, he’s not going to be concerned about his actions around other girls even when you’re around.

In fact, he may not think twice about flirting with other girls in front of you. As hurtful as this is, it means he no longer cares for you the way you care for him and it might be best to move on from him.

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Has he lost interest? He’s not interested in getting to know your friends or family:

A guy who cares for you and is interested in you will definitely be interested in getting to know your friends and family. If you notice he says no every time you invite him out to do something with your friend group or a family member, it might just be a sign he’s losing interest.

Your friends and family are important to you and if you’re important to him they will be important to him as well. If they’re not, it’s a sign he’s not as interested in you as he once was.

He stops noticing the little things about you:

You got a new outfit and wore it, especially for date night but he didn’t even seem to notice. You got a drastically different haircut and he doesn’t say a word about it.

If he’s stopped noticing little (or big) things about you, it’s a pretty solid sign he’s losing interest. A guy who cares for you will be in tune with you and he’s going to pick up on almost all the small things that make you, you. If he doesn’t, there’s a reason for it. And it’s likely that he’s not as interested as he once was.

There feels like a loss of intimacy:

Your conversations have gotten pretty boring, you rarely share physical contact, and there just seems to be a genuine lack of spark these days. If you’ve noticed recently there seems to be a pretty big lack of intimacy between the two of you, there’s a good chance he’s lost interest.

A guy who cares for you will want to feel connected to you on as many levels as he can. If he doesn’t seem to be interested in making that deeper connection with you anymore, he likely doesn’t feel the way he once did.

He doesn’t support you:

A guy who cares about you will always want to support you in any way he can. If a guy has a lack of interest in supporting your goals, future plans, or even seems to provide less support at the end of a long day than he once did, it’s a sign he no longer feels the same.

Caring about someone generally means supporting them in any way you can. If he’s losing interest in you or the relationship, he may become more apathetic and the level of support he’s providing is going to decrease.

He’s started acting rude or disrespectful towards you:

A guy who has lost interest in you may even become just flat-out rude or disrespectful towards you. His responses are short, he’s less than polite, and he’s stopped treating you with any respect at all.

If a guy no longer cares about you, he won’t be concerned with hurting your feelings. Some guys also use being rude and disrespectful as a way to get you to end things so he doesn’t have to. Either way, if he’s stopped respecting you he’s no longer interested in you.

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He seems to be bored in the relationship:

Has it started to feel like the two of you are in a rut? You don’t go on dates anymore, rarely spend time doing anything fun, and it seems like Netflix and chill makes up the majority of your time together.

He doesn’t put forth any effort into planning dates or putting the spark back into what the two of you had. If you get the feeling he’s bored with your relationship, there’s a good chance he’s losing interest in continuing it.

He doesn’t want to spend one-on-one time with you:

The two of you are still spending time together but recently it’s only been in a group setting. You’ve noticed he has no problem being around you when it’s with mutual friends.

But anytime you suggest spending one-on-one time together, he declines or comes up with some excuse to avoid spending time just with you. If he’s lost interest, this might just be his subtle way of letting you know he no longer sees you as someone he’s interested in dating. He might still think you’re a cool person and is fine with seeing you, but he no longer wants it to be as anything more than friends.

Is he losing interest? He doesn’t initiate conversations:

Have you noticed that recently you always seem to be the one who calls or texts him first? In fact, you can’t remember the last time he sent you a text wishing you a good day first, or when he called to see how your day went.

A guy who cares for you will always be interested in talking to you, and he’ll regularly initiate conversation. Occasionally on a really busy day, you may be the first one to reach out but it won’t occur on a regular basis. If you’ve realized it seems to be you initiating all of the conversations nowadays, there’s a good chance he’s losing interest.


Is he losing feelings? His friends hint he might be moving on:

This is a pretty low blow but if a guy is afraid of hurting you or is too scared to let you down on his own, his friends might start hinting to you that he’s lost interest.

There will likely be other signs he’s not as interested as he once was, fewer calls/texts, not wanting to spend as much time with you, etc. But if his friends have started dropping hints as well, maybe that he’s seeing someone else too or that he’s interested in doing his own thing, take this as a sign that he just might be losing interest.


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