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50+ Texas Quotes for Instagram Captions

Texas should be on the very top of your USA bucket list. Here are 50+ Texas Quotes to (hopefully) inspire you to visit Texas or if you have already been use as awesome Instagram captions!

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50+ Texas Quotes for Instagram Captions

Texas Instagram Captions

Don’t mess with Texas.

Texas is calling and I must go.

You may all go to Hell and I will go to Texas.

No matter where I go, I always leave my heart in Texas.

Texas is my happy place.

“I guess deep in my heart I’ll always be a Texas girl.” – Spongebob Squarepants

You can take the girl out of Texas, but you can’t take the Texas out of the girl.

There’s Texas and then there’s everything else.

Where the tea is sweet.

“Of all the places I’ve ever been, Austin is the only place that has felt like home.” – Martha Kelly

Dallas Quotes

“[The people] are open, honest and supportive — proud of themselves and proud of our city, but they don’t take it too seriously.” — Brian Bolke

“I’d probably throw a wrench into the gossip-moving wheel. I want Dallasites to be more open and less chatty.” — Todd Fiscus

“Roads and highways: I’d make them better. They merge badly, a lane is always disappearing, there’s no shoulders you have to cross. From an engineering standpoint, they’re a hazard.” — Jeremy Strick

“I think someone genuine; it’s what I’ve always loved about Dallas. Even people that move here get it really quick, the attitude of being courteous and genuine.” — Dean Fearing

“There are a lot of things: vision, humor, flexibility, grit or pluck. The accessory for a true Dallasite would be bright red lipstick.” — Catherine Cuellar

“The underground tunnels downtown. I’d shut those things down. There are thousands of people in this city, but it’s dead because people are walking those tunnels; they’re not on the streets.” — Jackson

“Charisma and camaraderie. There are big personalities here, and an even bigger desire to achieve common goals for the good of the city.” — Radha Arora

“A generous person who makes a mark in his or her own world, but also gives time and resources to helping others. There are so many amazing men and women doing just that.” — Renee Rouleau

“I moved to Dallas, and I started making music.” – Post Malone

“Dallas is a huge city. Great shopping, great restaurants, great museums.” – Julie Gonzalo

Houston Quotes

“Houston is a place where you have to be the best. Everybody gotta be flashy, flashy. It’s not like a gaudy thing, but people definitely put on their best dressed even if they go into Wal-Mart.” – Megan Thee Stallion

“Houston is kind of a melting pot. There are many different cultures and ethnicities represented out there, even on my team. It’s really cool: you’ll see so many different things.” – J. J. Watt

“One of the things, one of the things that really got to me was the thing in Houston where you had the government, the mayor actually, trying to get the sermons of ministers. When the government tries to invade the church to enforce its own opinion on marriage, that’s when it’s time to resist.” – Rand Paul

“New York is fast paced, with enthusiastic fans and lots of media attention. Houston’s slower paced, and there’s more of a southern culture to the city. But both cities have unbelievable food.” – Jeremy Lin

“Houston is a dynamic, international city shaped by leaders who dreamed big and acted with an eye firmly focused on the long term.” – Kevin Brady

“Houston is just where the whole swag comes from, the culture. We have some of the most legendary groups and people coming out the city. I know I have big shoes to fill because these people are legends. I don’t want to disappoint the city.” – Megan Thee Stallion

“If we look at Houston, which is a very environmentally toxic place, we find that it has one of the highest levels of young men going to prison and also among the highest levels of illiteracy in the country.” – Danny Glover

“Houston is undoubtedly my showcase city. I saved all my best buildings for Houston.” – Philip Johnson

Short Texas Quotes

“Texas has yet to learn submission to any oppression, come from what source it may.” – Sam Houston

“That’s the thing about East Texas. Red dirt never quite washes out, and pine pollen is tenacious as original sin.” – Markham Shaw Pyle

“Always marry a woman from Texas. No matter how tough things get, she’s seen tougher.” – Dan Rather

“Texas is the finest portion of the globe that has blessed my vision.” – Sam Houston

“In Texas, we have the death penalty, and we use it. That’s right. If you come to Texas and kill somebody, we will kill you back.” – Ron White

“I’ve traveled all over the world, but I don’t think there is any place better than Texas.” – Red Adair

“I thought I knew Texas pretty well, but I had no notion of it’s size until I campaigned it.” – Ann Richards

“News events are like Texas weather. If you don’t like it, wait a minute.” – Jessica Savitch

“Being from Texas, I would say I favor a pair of jeans you can wear some boots with.” – Jensen Ackles

“Makes me want to go to leave the United States and go to a more sensible place, like Texas.” – Greg Gutfeld

Famous Texas Quotes

“I highly enjoy the people down in that area. A genuine authenticity comes to mind… ya’ll have such vibrant silly energy, the culture is rich and everyone from locals to winter Texans always seems to be in good spirits.” – Pat Green

“No place like Texas would i ever roam. No place like Texas, my home, sweet home.” – Willie Nelson

“I like Texas and Texans. In Texas, everything is bigger. When Texans win, they win big. And when they lose, it’s spectacular. If you really want to learn the attitude of how to handle risk, losing, and failure, go to San Antonio and visit the Alamo.” – Robert Kiyosaki

“The sky in Texas is the most amazing in the whole country. You can see more sky in Texas than you see anywhere else in the world.” – Idina Menzel

“I’d heard about Texas football and how much of a religion it is, but to go to Odessa and experience it first-hand is something different than just hearing about it.” – Jay Hernandez

“Big bend national park is intensely wild and extraordinarily beautiful – tucked away at the end of a couple of roads in southwest Texas.” – Stefanie Payne

“It’s fun telling you tall Texas tales. You always look like a little girl who’s hearing Cinderella for the first time.” – Edna Ferber

“Texas does not, like any other region, simply have indigenous dishes. It proclaims them. It congratulates you, on your arrival, at having escaped from the slop pails of the other 49 states.” – Alistair Cooke

“Some folks look at me and see a certain swagger, which in Texas is called ‘walking.” – George W. Bush

“Texas has long been known as the nation’s largest energy producer, but we are equally proud of our distinction as the nation’s leading energy innovator.” – Rick Perry

Funny Texas Quotes

“If a man’s from Texas he’ll tell ya. If he’s not, why embarrass him by asking?” – John Gunther

“You’re not a real Texan till you’ve been kicked out of every decent state in America.” – Joe Bob Briggs

“You’re bullshitting. Don’t they call it horses hitting down here?” – Abigail Roux

“I felt a little guilty about jangling the poor bugger’s brains with that evil fantasy. But what the hell? Anybody who wanders around the world saying, “hell yes, I’m from Texas,” deserves whatever happens to him.” – Hunter S Thomson

“In Austin, we don’t have such high expectations of Chihuahuas.” – Lawrence Wright

“This is America. We are entitled to our opinions. Wrong. This is Texas. And my opinion is the only one that counts.” – Susan Elizabeth Phillips

“I done drew the line. Just like the Alamo. You’re either on one side of the line or the other. I don’t want to ever leave Texas again!” – Bum Phillips

“The Texan turned out to be good-natured, generous, and likable. In three days no one could stand him.” – Joseph Heller

“How erotic Texas must be!’ she said. I was sure she had meant ‘exotic,’ but I followed through: ‘maybe, if you find cactus and deserts erotic, sensual.’ ” – John Rechy

“There are parts of Texas where a fly lives ten thousand years and a man can’t die soon enough.” – Katherine Dunn

“Texas is like an attractive, troublesome, and immature person who gets an inheritance – ranching – and then gets a second one — oil — and now has to grow up and get to work.” – joe b. Frantz

San Antonio Quotes

“San Antonio is like a military town. It’s like literally – when I was growing up there, there were five Air Force bases, plus Fort Sam Houston. I was always sort of near the military.” – Steve Earle

“I came to San Antonio, and it’s known for the River Walk. So I was just doing some sightseeing, I looked at the bridge and I thought, ‘Man, if I do a flip off this bridge, that would be super-cool.’ I don’t recommend anybody jump off that bridge.” – Steve-O

“I feel like I’ve made some good memories in San Antonio. I feel like I’m in a really good family in San Antonio. They understand me. I understand them.” – LaMarcus Aldridge

“This is pool. This is setting up your next shot, and I always want to make sure when we’re setting up San Antonio’s next shot we have a good shot at making sure that we continue to build our infrastructure in such a way that San Antonio will be a player for years to come in national defense issues.” – Pete Gallego

“It’s impossible to walk a block in Miami, in Los Angeles, San Antonio without running into someone who is being deeply impacted by a broken legal immigration system.” – Marco Rubio

“San Antonio drives me crazy, but Chicago drives me crazy in a different way.” – Sandra Cisneros

Texas Sayings

Y’all: “Y’all”, a short version of “you all”. If you want to address more than one person, don’t say “you guys,” just say “y’all” and y’all conquer all the Texans’ hearts. 

Don’t mess with Texas Meaning: You’ve no doubt seen this phrase everywhere in Texas. That’s because it has been the unofficial slogan of the Lone Star State since 1985.

Howdy:  In place of saying hello, say “howdy.” It’s casual, and is good complied with a “y’all” at the end — howdy, y’all!

Everything’s bigger in Texas:  It’s true. Everything is bigger in Texas, from people’s hair to Maccas burgers. 

Fixin’ to: While there is never anything to fix, Texas are always fixin’ to something. Example: “I’m fixin’ to leave.”

Coke: While in other states you might have a soda, soft drink, or pop in Texas you would only ever have a coke.

This ain’t my first rodeo: When you’ve been there and done that.

All git-out: This means to a great degree or as much as possible. 

Hissy fit: You don’t want to mess with a Texan who’s throwing a hissy fit aka a tantrum.

Cute Texas Quotes

“Big bend national park is intensely wild and extraordinarily beautiful – tucked away at the end of a couple of roads in southwest Texas.” – Stefanie Payne

“Texas history is a varied, tempestuous, and vast as the state itself. Texas yesterday is unbelievable, but no more incredible than Texas today. Today’s Texas is exhilarating, exasperating, violent, charming, horrible, delightful, and alive.” – Edna Ferber

“To me, it’s really the heart of Texas. You don’t know the lone star state until you’ve experienced Gruene hall.” – Miranda Lambert

“Only Texas could turn defeat into a legend–and a song, and a tourist attraction, and a major motion picture.” – Rosemary Kent

“Texans ignored ‘better,’ long ago forgot the useless word ‘good.’ Everything in Texas is ‘best.’ – Edward Smith

“I am forced to conclude that god made Texas on his day off, for pure entertainment, just to prove that all that diversity could be crammed into one section of earth by a really top hand.” – Mary Lasswell

“I love Texas because Texas is future-orientated because Texans think anything is possible. Texans think big.” – Senator Phil Gramm

“Texas…was evidently the only place in the known universe, including Louisiana that actually got hotter after the sun went down.” – Kathleen Kent

“That’s right, you’re not from Texas. But Texas wants you anyways.” – Lyle Lovett

“Next time I tell you someone from Texas should not be president of the United States, please pay attention.” – Molly Ivins

Austin Texas Quotes

“People don’t live in Austin to work; they work there to live.” – Robert Rodriguez

“There’s so much music in Austin, and it’s all so different.” – Gary Clark, Jr.

“It’s Never Never Land. People don’t grow up there.” – Andrew Knowlton

“Austin’s the first place I’ve ever lived where there’s a real sense of community.” – Ian McLagen

“The main thing in measuring integrity is someone’s motive and intent, not how many records they sell. Our intent in Ministry was never to be big. We just wanted to make enough money to live and to buy a studio, which we have done in Austin.” – Al Jourgensen

“I’ve been surprised by Austin. I had a cowboy image of the place. It’s a pretty sophisticated city – in some ways, more sophisticated than Boston. And there’s a lighter feel to the place. It’s very good for my spirits.” Tim O’Brien

“I do think Austin is a great town for writers; we have a lot of them here. But I grew up in Austin, and so I didn’t move here because it was a creative mecca; I was just lucky to live here.” – Jeff Abbott

“There’s a freedom you begin to feel the closer you get to Austin, Texas.” – Willie Nelson

“I like the fact that Austin’s the first place I’ve ever lived where there’s a real sense of community. People care about their neighbors.” – Ian McLagan

Texas Girl Quotes

“Deep down, I’m a Texas girl looking for that big romance every girl dreams about. Biologically, I look forward to being a cornerstone of a family.” – Renee Zellweger

“I’m a Texas girl, with a California soul.” – Crystal Woods

“Lainie, of course, would never turn gray. No respectable woman from Texas ever would.” – Kellie Coates Gilbert

“You can take the girl out of Texas, but you can’t take the Texas out the girl.” – Janine Turner

“If you are a Texas woman, say ‘oh hell no!’ it’s already too late.” – Unknown

“I have a good friend who’s a Texas girl: Texas girls are a whole different breed.” – John Cusack

“I am a Cajun Baby in a Texas girl, an all-American woman and a global goddess.” – Erin Cummings

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