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6 Fun Autumn Date Ideas in Wiltshire

Autumn is probably the most romantic time of year for dates due to the myriad of autumn orange and red colours.

Wiltshire in the UK is an Autumn wonderland and therefore the PERFECT place to enjoy amazing Autumn dates.

Fun Autumn Date Ideas in Wiltshire

Here are 5 Fun Autumn Date Ideas in Wiltshire that you should try this fall.

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1. Stourhead Gardens

This is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Wiltshire in Autumn and therefore the ideal place for a fun fall date!

Stourhead Gardens is particularly romantic in autumn due to the amazing vibrant red and rustic oranges colours that line the ground.

It is very popular with photographers in the area and with good reason. It is just so romantic!

Take your date to Stourhead Gardens and you will be sure to fell the autumn love vibes.

We recommend bringing a basket and having a picnic with your favourite fall goodies!

Interesting Fact for the romantics among us: Stourhead Gardens were used for the filming of Pride & Prejudice.


2. Longleat Estate

Longleat estate is another great place to go for a fun, romantic autumn date in Wiltshire.

The estate is absolutely stunning with the beautiful Shearwater Lake. If you are looking for an incredible view to wow your date – there are fabulous views of the estate from Heaven’s gate.

Heat up the date with a flask of warm hot chocolate or coffee. Put down a rug and really soak up the beauty and ambience of this beautiful estate.


3. Cotswold Water Park

Winter is coming and there’s plenty of time for stay at home date nights when it’s colder. 

If your date is an animal lover head to the Cotswold Water Park this autumn.

Autumn is the perfect time of year for the wildlife to start reappearing in the park. Expect to see wildfowl like Shovelor, Pochard, Goldeneye and Smew. You might also see waders like Curlew and Snipe.

The Water Park is a great place in Wiltshire for long romantic Autumn walks due to the pretty colours. It is actually a hot choice for first dates amoung Wiltshire Singles.

4. Visit the Lover Village

If you are looking for a totally adorable date idea in Wiltshire this fall, visit the village named Lover.

A village actually named Lover? It doesn’t get much cuter than that!

Afterwards go for a fall food specialty like apple pie or pumpkin spiced anything in one of the nearby cafes.

Make sure to save the moment with an Insta snap. Check out this post packed full of cute couple photo captions.

5. Lydiard Park

If you want a more traditional fall experience with amazing fall colours head to Lydiard Park.

The colours at the park are absolutely sensational from greens to yellows and reds to brown. They are sure to impress even the pickiest of dates.

See if you can bring something fall based to enjoy make your date at the park extra special. Ideas could include: pumpkin spiced lattes, apple or pumpkin pie or some delicious seasonal berries.

6. Savernake Forest

There is nothing more romantic and that screams fall more than a forest and Savernake Forest is certainly no exception.

This forest is very romantic and perfect for a romantic stroll in Autumn with your sweetheart.

The forest is filled with oak and beech trees which make it smell amazing especially after the rain.

So don’t let a little bad weather scare you either. Taking a romantic walk in the forest is one the best places to go on rainy days.


Any awesome Wiltshire Autumn date ideas that we are missing? We love Autumn AND dates. Let us know in the comments below and we will add them to our list!

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