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Love Messages For Him: 100+ Loving Texts to Send Your Boyfriend or Husband

Looking for love messages for him? Sweet loving texts to send your boyfriend or husband.

Aww aren’t you so sweet and thoughtful! 💕 That’s the first step. Now the hard part – what on earth to send??! We’ve all been there, where we want to send a nice text message that is sweet and cute and loving without looking totally creepy and corny – IAmRight?  If you S.O. feel love by words of affirmation they will love these messages.

Well we have done the hard work for you and made a list of 100+ totally adorable loving texts for him. 

Love Messages For Him: 100+ Loving Texts to Send Your Boyfriend or Husband

In the past it might have seemed a bit weird to send loving messages to your spouse by text but now it is completely normal and kinda expected. In a digital age, our significant other expects love both physically and digitally LOL. Kinda bizarre but true. And it’s nice to make someones day right?!

So, whether you want to share with your partner something sexy, dirty or even a flirty text or two ( see – flirty questions for him and flirty questions for her for more inspo there) – we have you covered with the ideal cute, sweet and loving text messages for him.

Sweet Messages for Him

Want innocent and sweet message for him. We have you covered with the Sweetest Messages for Him EVER! Disclaimer: Your Boyfriend might melt when he reads these:

One look from you makes me go weak in the knees.

Thanks for being the man of my dreams.

You’re the cheese to my macaroni

Our love is a promise, our love is a souvenir, once given never forgotten, never let it disappear.

You and Me. Forever and Always.

In a sea of people, my eyes will always be searching for you.

I absolutely adore you. Just FYI.

I love our little moments.

I crown you the King of my heart.

Roses are red, violets are blue, baby I love you.

“True love stories never have endings.” – Richard Bach

You’re not an option. You’re my priority

No Christmas gift is greater than the gift of love.

I love you to the moon and back again.

I could spend forever in your arms.

True love has no expiration date.

Ever since I met you, no one else is worth thinking about.

“I want you. All of you. Your flaws. Your mistakes. Your imperfections. I want you, and only you.” – John Legend

Romantic Words for Him

If you are hunting out some super romantic words for him, we have thought of a few goodies for ya. Thank me later.

“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.” – Oscar Wilde

Your voice is my favorite sound.

You’re all I dreamed of and more.

Just say the word and I’ll instantly teleport to your side.

“It is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.” – Samuel Butler

I had to pinch myself this morning that I wasn’t still dreaming and it was reality that I had you in my life. 💕

“To be your friend was all I ever wanted; to be your lover was all I ever dreamed.” – Valerie Lombardo

You’re my paradise and I’d happily get stranded on you for a lifetime.

Can I borrow a kiss? I promise to give it back 😘

You are everything I dreamed of and more.

Come to my dreams if you can. I’ll kiss you there.

I love you with everything that I am.

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” – Dr. Seuss

You do a million little things that bring to joy to my life.

Me and You. Forever and Always.

“I would rather spend one lifetime with you, than face all the ages of this world alone.” – J.R.R. Tolkien

Romantic Morning Text Messages for Him

Who doesn’t love waking up to a good message? It is almost like the old feeling of getting a letter in the mailbox – so exciting. Make his day extra special with a romantic good morning text message for him. Put a smile on his face first thing today!

Good morning, Sweetie!

It may be raining outside but it’s a beautiful morning because you are in my life.

Morning lover – you’re going to kill it today!

Good morning to my person.

Good morning to the man who stole my heart!

It is magical to fall asleep in your arms, but it is even better to wake up next to you.

Good morning handsome! Did you sleep well? Or were you too busy dreaming about me?

Nothing is better than waking up to see your beautiful face each day.

I don’t like mornings… or people… But I love you!

Me + You = 💕. I can’t wait to see you later! Have an amazing day!

Good morning kisses from you are the best part of my day.

I need you more than I need my coffee this morning! And you know, I LOVE coffee  ☕️

Good morning to my fav.

Thank you for giving me a million reasons to smile today.

Good morning! Another day of thinking about you.

Short Love Messages for Your Boyfriend

Short and sweet usually does the trick in most situations. Here are some short love messages for your boyfriend which will totally make him melt!

Being around you is the definition of pure love, joy and happiness.

You make my heart melt! 💕

If I talk about you I’d go on and on and on.

You’re all that I want.

You make me complete.

My favorite place is inside your hug.

You’re everything to me.

You make me want to be a better person, each and every day.

The only thing I want to be an expert at is loving you!

My life is more fulfilled because of you.

Hey, sweet cheeks!

How have I been so lucky to have met you.

My sheets still smell like you….😉

I only saw you for a second, but it made my day.

You’ve turned my life 🔄⬆⬇

You + Me = Perfection

You’re everything I’ve ever wanted and everything I need.

I am better just by knowing you.

You are the best part of my life.

Hurry home from work – I can’t wait to see you again.

Cute Messages for him

Ok, I think it’s rime for some seriously cute (and maybe a bit cheesy) messages for him. If you’re a bit of a cutie, you will totally love these cringey texts.

What on earth did I think about all the time before you?

My life is better with you in it 🙂

Darling, be mine.

Ever since I met you, no one else is worth thinking about.

I love our little moments.

Kiss me if I’m wrong, but the world is flat, right?

Being around you is the definition of pure love, joy and happiness.

“I knew the second I met you that there was something about you I needed. Turns out it wasn’t something about you at all. It was just you.” — Jamie McGuire

You carry the key to my heart and absolutely no one else can open it.

I love holding your hand.

“We are made of particles that have existed since the since the moment the universe began. I like to think those atoms traveled 14 billion years through time and space to create us so that we could be together and make each other whole.” — Leonard Hofstadter, The Big Bang Theory

I’m addicted to the way I feel when I’m thinking about you.

If kisses were raindrops, I would send you a flood.

I would rather spend one moment holding you than a lifetime knowing I never could.

“The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don’t go back to sleep.” – Marcus Aurelius

“I have late night conversation with the moon. He tells me about the sun and I tell him about you.” – S.L. Gray

I was destined to be with you. Being around you always feels so right.

Your smile is literally the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

If someone asked me to describe you in just one words, I’d say “Incredible”


Loving Texts for Your Husband

Now, to finish off with some loving texts for your husband, who is always there for you but probably rarely appreciated. Send him some love to show him you care with a cute text today!

Thank you for loving me the way you do.

You’re my number one priority in life. I put you above anything and everything else.

I thank God you’re my husband, each and every day.

Every night I love coming back home. Because home is being in your arms.

It’s you and me against the universe. We’re the strongest team there is.

You’re God’s finest creation on Earth.

It’s been a while. Thought I’d say hello.

“I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.” – John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

Thank you for making my life complete.

I love you more than I did on our wedding day.

If I have a bad day, talking to you makes life 100000% more manageable.

You’re my everything. Now and always.

I feel a lucky girl just to know you.

Darling, you have my whole heart, forever and always.

You are my happy ending.

You’ve made our house, our home and turned our relationship into a beautiful family!

Being your wife is the greatest honour of my life.

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